Thursday Art Date With Rain

Welcome to the Thursday Art Date With Rain. I'm Rain 😊 and I'm happy to welcome you! This art date is open to anyone who wants to participate through:

- painting
- drawing
- photography
- pastels
- jewelry making
- poetry
...basically anything creative from sculpting, to cross-stitching to baking!

There are no requirements at all, you don't need to advertise my blog or this art date, just enjoy! 

I will post every Thursday morning (Eastern Time) with a link gadget so you can share your creations.

Dolphin in Blue (2019)

Here are the prompts/themes/ideas for our weekly Thursday Art Date. I'll add more ideas as time goes by! For more information about the prompt, please click on each link. These will be updated regularly!

May 16th:  Drips Dots and Splatter

May 23rd:  Emotion

May 30th:  Sea Creature

June 6th:  Trees

June 13th: Garden

June 20th:  Lonely

June 27th:  Beach

July 4th:  Flora

July 11th:  Camping/Camp Fire

July 18th: Yellow and Orange

July 25th:  X-Ray/Negative Image

August 1st:

August 8th:

August 15:

August 22nd:

August 29th:

September 5th:

September 12th:

September 19th:

September 26th:

October 3rd:

October 10th:

October 17th:

October 24th:

October 31st:

November 7th:

November 14th:

November 21st:

November 28th:

December 5th:

December 12th:

December 19th:

December 26th:


Pam said...

I love, I love, I love it.....I will do my best to play along each week. It will be easier for me then Michaels was cause you are allowing photography. I have so much that I can share in that group. It has been easier for me to pick up the camera since I am still shooting for weddings then it is for the pencil or brush. Seems that all that has been put aside for a while. Thanks for doing this, I think it is awesome.

Rain said...

Yay Pam! I'm so happy you'll be joining in!!! You have some wonderful photography and maybe the themes will inspire you to take some really creative shots!! I hope so. :)

Cathy Kennedy said...


You can count me in on the launch of your art hop. I'm delighted you decided to carry the torch for those who miss Scribble Picnic. I also like how you have this page dedicated to the upcoming themes so I can check back on from time to time to see what you add. :)

I adore your Bugs sketch and your 'Dolphin in Blue' is beautiful - WOW!

I'll see ya around tomorrow! ;)

Rain said...

That's great Cathy!! :) Thank you! I try to do a Looney Tune or some kind of cartoon along with each painting, it's a lot of fun and gets my imagination going! :)

baili said...

i wish i can paint dear Rain

i will learn s it is in my list to learn painting
all i need is time :(

Rain said...

Hi Baili :) I would love to see your paintings once you find time to start! It's so much fun. And you have such a nice garden, I can imagine you out there with an easel and some watercolour paints, painting your pretty flowers! :)