Thursday Art Date: July 14th - Scratch Drawing

My Scratch Art Cat from 2018

Hello Friends! 😊😊

July 14th's theme for our art date is "Scratch Drawing" (please visit my blog, Rain Frances, on Thursday July 14th to post your link!).

~ Scratch Drawing is based on the Scratchboard Art technique. In this technique, you paint your white canvas black and scratch out your art with a sharp object. This way, whatever you scratch out, is white and that's how you create your art.

~ You could also use a scratch technique to create your drawing, like I did above - what looks like scratched lines to create the look you want. I used black paper and a white acrylic pen.

~ With a black ink pen on white paper, you can use a variety of dots, strokes and hatching to create a scratch-like object. 

~ You can actually scratch up your artwork if you like to create a scratchy texture!

~ And don't forget, you can also use colours!  

I hope you give it a try!

Here are some internet images to inspire you!

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