Thursday Art Date: August 4th: August Drawing - Lines and Contours

"Bird On A Wire" - photo I took in 2018

Hello Friends! 😊😊

August 4th's theme for our art date is "Lines and Contours" (please visit my blog, Rain's Kitchen and Garden, on Thursday August 4th to post your link!).

"Line art is defined as the act of creating an illustration using basic strokes of varying weights and angles that demonstrate form and depth. It does not include shading or gradient, and instead, focuses solely on lines." ( - the lines don't have to be straight by the way! They can be curved!

"A contour drawing does not include details in it such as shading, it is an outline or defined outline of the form only." ( You can also try blind contour drawing, which is drawing by keeping your pencil on your paper but focusing on your object and not looking down until it's done. I'm not very good at that!

Here are some internet images to inspire you!

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