September 10th: Thursday Art Date With Rain - Eyes and Ears

"Eye" (Oil Pastels)

Hello Friends! 😊😊

September 10th's theme for our art date is: Eyes and Ears (please visit Rain's Garden on Thursday September 10th to post your link!).

You could go literal and draw an eye or eyes. They can be human, animal, fantasy or alien!! 

Or you can create something you see from your eye (or from your mind's eye for that matter). Or you can create something according to the other meanings of "eye":

- an eye for fine art (perception)
- having a good eye for bargains (skill)
- the evil eye (a "look")
- in the public eye (scrutiny)
- beauty is in the eye of the beholder (judgment)
- an eye for an eye (retribution)
- "You invented the question mark? MY EYE!!" (surprise and disagreement)

The same goes for "ear"! How about drawing something you hear? Oh that might be interesting! Here are some other meanings of "ear":

- playing by ear (memorizing)
- all ears (alert)
- in one ear and out the other (not really paying attention)
- ears of corn

Here are some internet images to inspire you!

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