Rain's Cottage Rental Spring Cleaning List

Main Floor WC

- Empty shelves & cupboards
- Vacuum walls and ceilings, wipe down with clean wet cloth
- Vacuum inside cupboards, clean
- Wash windows and mirrors
- Clean light fixtures
- Wash curtains, towels, area rug
- Dush shelves, clean
- Wash photos and frames
- Dust books and accessories
- Wash toilet and sink
- Vacuum and mop floor
- Clean garbage can
- Organize cupboards, purge useless crap and restock


- Empty all cupboards, shelves, drawers, counters & walls
- Vacuum walls, ceilings and cupbards (if necessary)
- Wipe down walls, clean inside cupboards and drawers
- Clean small appliances, containers, cutlery organizers
- Wash curtains, apron, dishclothes
- Wash windows
- Clean light fixtures
- Organize cupboards, wipe down and dusty bottles & cans, purge, make inventory and shopping list
- Box unused items
- Soak dish rack in CLR
- Move stove, dis-asemble, clean, vacuum behind, mop floor & wash walls behind. Clean oven hood & filters.
- Move fridge, empty and clean, purge items, make inventory and shopping list. Vacuum behind, mop floor & wash walls. Vacuum coils.
- Wash garbage can, recycling bin and composter
- Move appliances back
- Clean counters and sink, replaces sponges, refill soap dispensers.
- Vacuum and mop floor

Lounge/Dining Room and Living Room

- Remove all curtains and sheers, wash.
- Move all lounge/dining room furniture to other side of room
- Empty all shelves, box unused items and purge
- Vacuum and wipe down walls and ceiling
- Wash windows
- Clean light fixtures
- Dust and wipe shelves
- Dust shelf items, replace
- Vacuum and mop floor
- Dust and clean furniture, replace

- Move living room furniture into hallway
- Empty all shelves, box unused items and purge
- Vacuum and wipe down walls and ceiling
- Dust and wipe shelves
- Clean light fixtures
- Wash area rugs, pet linen and couches
- Scrub and wipe down stone wall over fireplace
- Clean up fireplace of ashes, wash fireplace glass doors
- Clean up wood area, restock wood and kindling
- Clean storage trunks, box unused items and purge
- Vacuum and mop floors
- Replace shelf items and furniture
- Cover furniture with dog linen, replace all sheers and curtains

Rain's Office

- Remove curtains and sheers, wash. Wash area rugs & dog pillows.
- Remove everything from walls
- Empty shelves and move furniture to hallway
- Vacuum cat tree and move to hallway
- Vacuum and wipe down walls and ceiling
- Clean light fixtures
- Wash patio door windows and frame, window, plant shelves
- Dust and wipe shelves
- Dust artwork and books, brush hats, dust and clean furniture
- De-pet-hair chair
- Clean popcorn machine
- Clean printer and computer
- Vacuum and mop floor
- Replace wall items, shelf items, furniture, pet stuff, curtains


- Vacuum and wipe down walls
- Organize storage room, box unused items and purge
- Vacuum floors and stairs
- Clean light fixtures
- Spray disinfectant on walls

Hallways (main floor and second floor)

- Remove curtains, wash. Wash area rugs.
- Empty closets and walls
- Vacuum and wipe walls and closets
- Dust stair rails
- Dust and clean closets and boot rack
- Clean light fixtures
- Vacuum stairs
- Wash door and windows
- Replace cat scratchers
- Vacuum and clean dog cage, clean pet linen

Bathroom (upstairs)

- Empty all shelves, cupboards, counters, drawers and walls
- Remove curtains and towels, wash
- Wash area rugs
- Vacuum and wipe walls and ceilings
- Clean all cupboards, drawers, counters
- Wash windows and mirror
- Clean light fixtures
- Soak shower head in vinegar
- Replace cupboard, drawer and wall items
- Purge, restock, make shopping list
- Clean washer, do a quick vinegar cycle. Wash and vacuum dryer, dryer hose and vent.
- Clean tub, walls, toilet and sink
- Replace shower curtain liner
- Clean garbage can, laundry basket and toilet brush
- Replace closet and wall items
- Vacuum and mop floor

Alex's Office

- Same as Rain's Office


- Remove curtains, handwash black-out curtains, hang to dry
- Empty closet, boxed unused or purge
- Vacuum and wipe walls and ceiling, inside closet
- Wash windows, patio door windows and frame
- Clean light fixtures
- Remove shelf and drawer items, boxed unused or purge
- Dust and clean furniture. Vacuum cat tree.
- Remove bed linen, wash, flip mattress, spray disinfectant, vacuum under bed, dust headboard, refresh pillows with spray, fluff. Wash pet blankets and pillows.
- Spring weather: Clean veranda thoroughly, check for holes and fill, check screen and fix if needed
- Move furniture to vacuum behind and mop floor
- Finish vacuuming and mopping floor
- Replace closet, drawers and shelves, bed linen

Car (when weather is good)

- Empty car of stuff and floor rugs
- Wash windows inside and out
- Wipe down doors inside and out
- Vacuum and scrub floor and seats
- Vacuum trunk
- Purge crap and reorganize
- Check emergency kit, restock
- Wash outside of car

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