Paper Machier Pumpkins

These pumpkins take about 4-5 days to finish so plan ahead!!

1. Blow up some balloons. Shred some newspaper or old paper.

2. Mix your paper machier solution:

2 parts water to 1 part flour

3. Cover your balloons with a layer of shredded paper dipped in the solution.

4. Let dry overnight. If you remember, flip the balloons now and then to even out the drying.

Repeat this so you have at least 3-4 layers. When the balloons are dry, cut out the bottoms. The balloons will pop or just deflate. You can easily pull them out.

5. Next, carefully carve your pumpkin faces using an Exacto knife.

6. Paint as desired and let them dry for a few hours.

Tada!! :)

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