October 31st: Thursday Art Date With Rain - Halloween!

My Graveyard Cheesecake from 2014

Hello Friends! :)

October 31st's theme for our art date is of course: Halloween! (please visit Rain's Garden on Thursday October 31st to post your link!) 

What luck did I have for the first year of my art date? Halloween, my favourite of all days, falls on a Thursday! :)

What do you have planned? I have fun food, decorations, cocktails, Jack O' Lantern carving, Poe reading by candlelight, some Tarot card reading, maybe some more paper maché (if time permits) , a bonfire (weather permitting) and a few scary movies! Kids in this area don't trick or treat and nobody decorates. It's too bad, but that won't stop me!! :)

I celebrate Halloween, but to me, this day is Samhain - which is the Celtic festival to celebrate the end of summer and the bountiful harvest. In my spirituality, Samhain is just like new year's eve. November 1st marks a new year for me because I live by the Earth and the seasons. How do you celebrate?

Here is a link to The Origins of Halloween and some internet images to inspire you!

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