💀 October 22nd: Thursday Art Date With Rain - Urban Legends 💀

The Legend of Bloody Mary (Mixed Media 2018)

Hello Friends! 😊

October 22nd's theme for our art date is: Urban Legends (please visit Rain's Garden on Thursday October 22nd to post your link!).

I'm a big fan of fairy tales, mythical stories and urban legends. I think they're so neat, and a little scary! Basically an urban legend is a folklore tale that's passed on from generation to generation. They are fictional and usually a little creepy or scary!

If you want to read a list of urban legends to inspire you, check out the Urban Legends Wikipedia Page.

Otherwise, here are some internet images to inspire you! All of the drawings are by a lady named Ellen E Hafer:


Donetta Sifford said...

This sounds intriguing. The orginal movie "When A Stranger Calls" scares me unlike any other movie I've seen. Although I'd heard the tale long before renting the movie, it was still scary. lol.

Rain said...

Donetta, when I was a teenager, this urban legend was going around and I used to babysit, I was always on edge whenever the phone rang lol...