November 28th: Thursday Art Date With Rain - Grays and Browns

Hello Friends! :)

November 28th's theme for our art date is: Grays and Browns (please visit Rain's Garden on Thursday November 28th to post your link!)

These two photos of the North Cape Lighthouse are ones I took when I lived on Prince Edward Island in 2010. There are 65 lighthouses on P.E.I, 35 of which are still active. My photo was originally in colour, but for this week's theme, I used my photo software to make them gray and brown!

I originally thought of this theme because the end of November is always quite a dull time for me visually. The vibrant colours of the seasons are gone...all I see out my window is gray and brown (with a sprinkling of white from the snow!!).

But these colours don't necessarily have to be dull and depressing! They can be just as beautiful as a bright green or a brilliant yellow! The mood of your piece is up to you!

Here are some internet images to inspire you!

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