November 21st: Thursday Art Date With Rain - Chilling

Old Man Winter's Chilling Breath (watercolour April 2018)

Hello Friends! :)

November 21st's theme for our art date is: Chilling (please visit Rain's Garden on Thursday November 21st to post your link!)

Brrrr...chilling can be interpreted as being cold, feeling cold, cold weather, cold drinks...but it can also be interpreted as:

In The Apple Orchard (watercolour 2018)

...bone chilling! Scary, hair-raising, nightmares!

Jack is chilling out with his favourite ball last summer.

How will you interpret this theme? I'm looking forward to finding out! Here are some internet images to inspire you!


  1. wow, that´s a lot of chilling. Love the little bird. It looks pretty much like a Swedish Robin :)

  2. Thanks Monica! I hope that inspired you for some ideas for the theme! :)

  3. Thanks Rain I have just the piece for this. Will work on it tomorrow.

  4. That's great Nicole! Can't wait to see it!

  5. I am thrilled that's awesome pictures and photos !!!!
    I will think about what I can do with this topic!

  6. Hi Elke! So happy you're joining in!! :)


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