November 14th: Thursday Art Date With Rain - Forest and Critters

My First Attempt At Pastels!

Hello Friends! :)

November 14th's theme for our art date is: Forest and Critters (please visit Rain's Garden on Thursday November 14th to post your link!)

Remember the three little baby squirrels we found in our basement last May? This is Algie, she is the first one we found and she was definitely the most affectionate! We released them in July and they still come to visit us now and then!

For this theme, you can create a piece that showcases:
- forest animals (air, land and water)
- trees (any type, any season)
- landscape (any four seasons, night or day)
- the forest bounty (wood, wild mushrooms, flowers)
- fairy tales (any one that has a forest scene)
- magic (elves, fairies, gnomes)

The possibilities are endless! I can't wait to see what you create! Here are some internet images to inspire you:

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