May 23rd: Thursday Art Date With Rain - Emotion

My Snowman Scream (pastels)

Hello Friends! :)

The theme for May 23rd's art date is: Emotion

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Christmas dinner 2017: A Full Chinese Take-Out Style Dinner, all homemade, including the labels on the containers and the fortunes in the fortune cookies!!! The emotion for this dinner? was an eight hour event to make this dinner and all of my heart went into it!! :) And if I'm completely honest, there was some fear associated with this meal...I wasn't sure I could pull it off! 

Mama Pea sent me this lovely cross-stitch for Valentine's Day in 2018!!! The emotions I felt when I saw this were happiness, gratitude and love! She's a sweet lady and a very good friend! :) I know she made this for me out of friendship and love. :)

I am emotion-personified...some people are ruled by their logic and heart rules me that's for sure! 

I know that a lot of my emotion comes out in my art as well and I like that! When you think of emotion, what comes to mind?

Or no emotion at all, apathy?

Park Bench (watercolour)

How can you express this creatively? Through paint or pencil? Through your camera? In your sewing needle or the care you take with your pets or the food you make? Do you make jewelry? Do you write poems?

I can't wait to see your creations!!! :)


Here is a little inspiration:
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  1. Dear Rain how can i find words to praise your outstanding talents as all rounder :)

    your card is exquisite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    how lovely this pretty gift is ! friendship is precious and love is most special emotion to stir it within two sweet hearts!

    your ides images are amazing ,i enjoyed looking them specially last one

    i fell in love with you park bench ! so inviting !!!!!!!!!!


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