May 14th: Thursday Art Date With Rain - Historical Events

The Historical Event in my life was the day I met Alex in 2013!!

Hello Friends! 😊

May 14th's theme for our art date is: Historical Events (please visit Rain's Garden on Thursday May 14th to post your link!).

There are so many possibilities for this theme:

- You can go for personal historical events, like a family milestone or an important personal accomplishment. For Alex and I, a very important personal milestone was adopting our dogs and adding so much fun and love to our family!

- You can recreate an actual historical event like the Raising of the Flag on Iwo Jima.

- You can create a piece of art based on a Nature-related historical event, like the Ice Age.

- Or even a great scientific historical event such as the invention of electricity.

- It could be a historical event that created shock, sadness and grief among many people like the death of John Lennon.

- Or you can create a heartwarming piece of art based on the Moon landing of 1969 where Neil Armstrong was in tears at his great accomplishment!

Think about what history means to you and bring it to life in your art!

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