March 19th: Thursday Art Date With Rain - Light and Dark

"Red Riding Hood" (Acrylics)

Hello Friends! 😊

March 19th's theme for our art date is: Light and Dark (please visit Rain's Garden on Thursday March 19th to post your link!).

With the seasons changing, days are getting longer and lighter - I LOVE THAT. Dark nights have their place in my heart too, I love the winter skies. This theme can take you in any direction, I can't wait to see what you create!

I thought I'd post a LIGHT version of countless definitions I found on Merriam Websters dictionary:

- something that makes vision possible
- daylight or dawn
- a source of light (a candle)
- light or pale in colour
- spiritual awakening (seeing the light)
- enlightenment, truth
- information (shedding light on the truth)
- an animated expression (she had a fiery light burning in her eyes, her smile lit up the room)
- a beacon (lighthouse)
- a flame (lighting up a pipe)
- airy (she had a light attitude)

- devoid of light
- transmitting only a portion of light
- wholly or partially black
- a shade of colour (she loves dark blue jeans)
- evil, grim (he has a dark side to him)
- unexplored ( the darkest recesses of the ocean)
- secret (he kept his plans in the dark)
- depth and richness (a dark voice)
- disappearing (the secret agent went dark)

Here are some internet images to inspire you!

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