Lacy Hash Browns

Lacy Hash Browns
Serves: 2 sides

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2 large potatoes, peeled and rinsed
2 tbsp butter


1. With the large side of a cheese shredder, shred the potatoes.

2. Using tea or paper towels, dry the potato shreds as much as possible.

3. Over medium heat in a large pan, melt half the butter.

4. Add the potatoes and spread into an even layer. Season with salt and pepper.

5. Pressing down occasionally, cook the hash brown about 7 minutes until the bottom is brown.

6. Flip the hash brown: we place our pizza peel on top of the frying pan and flip the hash brown onto the peel. This makes it easy to slide back into the pan later.

7. Add the remaining butter, let it melt a little and slide the hash brown back into the pan.

8. Cook it another 7 minutes until the bottom is brown.

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