June 6th: Thursday Art Date With Rain - Trees

Three-Colour Trees (Watercolour) - June 2018
Hello Friends :)

June 6th's theme for our art date is: Trees
(please visit Rain's Garden on Thursday June 6th to post your link!)

Trees In Reflection (Orford Qc June 2009)

I am a BIG tree fan! Back in the day when I found more time for wandering through forests, I took a lot of photos of the trees. I saw faces and shapes in them -day and night! There is nothing like a dark night in the woods when you see a crooked, creepy tree...talk about getting the adrenaline going! (My wild imagination is at it again!)

In fact, I wrote a poem about trees coming to life in an apple orchard. This was based on an incident that happened to me - I got lost in an orchard at dusk and I got very scared! Though I can't prove the trees came to life, my imagination definitely believes they did lol! I actually submitted my poem, The Apple Orchard, as part of the Scribble Picnic's "Pajama" theme. (Click on the link to see that post)

Wizard of Oz Trees (source ... the interweb)

How will you depict a tree, or trees? A forest? A critter in the woods? A lone tree in a desert? A tree coming to life? A scene from a movie? A couple sitting under a tree watching the sunset? Will you draw, paint, take a photo, write a poem? I can't wait to see your creation!!

Here are photos I've taken of trees, I titled them according to what I saw in them. I hope they inspire you!!

Ballerina Tree

Bear-Face Tree

Whistling Tree

Evil Laughing Tree

Kissing Trees

Pterodactyl Tree

Very Grumpy One-Eyed Tree

Tree Hands

Windy Trees

"The Scream" Tree

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