June 27th: Thursday Art Date With Rain - Beach

Hello Friends! 

June 27th's theme for our art date is: Beach. (please visit Rain's Garden on Thursday June 27th to post your link!)

If you live in my neck of the woods, well summer should be in full swing! We are having some summer days, and some cold autumn-like days, let's hope for more hot weather! I wanted to propose a theme that is summery, warm, watery and fun, so beach came to mind...mind you, beaches may not always be fun places:

Credit: Jaws 1975

Who could forget Roy Scheider's face when he realizes that a great white shark has invaded his once safe beach in the movie Jaws? When you think of "beach", do you think of horror lol? I admit, sometimes I do!!! :)

I hope the following photos I've taken over the years and my words inspire you! :)

Back in the late 2000's I spent a year on Prince Edward Island. It was BEAUTIFUL. The only reason I moved back to the Laurentians was really because I missed the mountains. I was also going through a transition period of healing from burnout and finding myself again! I had two pugs back then, Winston and Spencer - and they actually loved to walk in the red sand on the beaches!

Making my mark in the sand in 2009! :)

Does "beach" make you think of sand castles, bonfires, cookouts, sunburns? Or do you think of your view from the beach, maybe a fishing boat or a lobster trap?

Do you think of a lighthouse? Or maybe a ship in distress in the middle of a storm?

Does "beach" remind you of wildlife like jelly fish? (Eeek! I got stung a few times in my youth!) Or maybe the Great Blue Heron that I saw on the shores of Cavendish Beach?

Or baby ducks keeping warm in the grass by the shore? (These babies were SO cute!!!)

Do you think of a hot summer sunset on the beach? :)

Or maybe a cold snowy beach in winter?

I do miss the sandy beaches of the ocean...but I also love the beaches I have access to here in the Laurentian mountains. Rocky shores near clear lakes. Whatever beach inspires you, I can't wait to see your creations! :)

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