June 13th: Thursday Art Date With Rain - Garden

Bugs Bunny's Gardening Hat (Prismacolor Pencils)

Hello Friends!

June 13th's theme for our art date is: Garden
(please visit Rain's Garden on Thursday June 13th to post your link!)

Gardens...there are so many to choose from!

Fairy Gardens
Cottage Gardens
Vegetable Gardens
Flower Gardens
Herb Gardens
Butterfly Gardens
Back to Eden Gardens
Container Gardens
Rock Gardens
Water Gardens

Mr. Frog Cooling Off

When you think of "garden" do you think of tomatoes growing in the sun? Do you think of garden art, garden tools, garden critters? Do you think of seeds and earth...or do you think of fresh produce at harvest time? Worms and bees? Herbs and herbal remedies? Garden therapy? :)

My Garden (2018)

I love having a garden, mine is a container garden for the most part because I'm still renting here. One of these days I will have many different gardens all over my property!

I can't wait to see what ideas you have! Here is some inspiration for you! (All photos taken from interwebs)...


  1. Great prompt ideas...nice pics! Oh how I wish I could be successful with container or veggie gardening. I think our harsh hot and humid climate stands against me. Re. this week's challenge - I might be pushing it to be in time for the 13th, as I have a fair bit going on, but will try. If not, definitely the following week. I'm so happy that you have an art challenge. :)

  2. Hi Serena :) I'm so happy to you will join in!! I hope you can make it for the 13th, if not, next time!! The container garden works for me for most things, though last season my tomatoes were all black in August, it was terrible. I have them all protected now with fingers crossed! Harsh hot for container gardening is really hard on the plants I think. We have a lot of humidity, but it rarely gets over 30-35 here.

  3. You are piquing my interest in trying some container planting. Will let you know if and when I do. Our standard spring/summer/autumn temps are usually 37°C and above. :(

  4. That's really hot Serena, can you plant during your winter? Or does it get too cold? For your summer, you may need some "shade cloth" to drape over your plants if it gets that sunny and hot and make sure you have a really good organic soil with healthy nutrients and compost to help the plants survive! Even here we only got up to 30 today but the plants dried up so quickly in the pots...I've watered them 3 days in a row now to make sure they are okay. Watering is very tricky too. I ended up buying a moisture meter to make sure I don't over-water!

  5. exquisite post and such wonderful ideas for gardening dear Rain!!!

    i found these images sooo charming and fascinating !

    i would love to participate in gardening with hubby but health issues and house chores make me so tired and i find no energy for this special hobby that connects me with my late mom spiritually !

    extremely hot weather does not allow anything to survive and this is why we only plant seasonal flowers in November when weather is mild

    Right now we are suffering with 40 5 to 50c ,hopping for the clouds or some rains


  6. Thank you so much Baili :) That's a shame about you not being able to dive right into gardening. You do have a lovely garden though, and your flowers are so pretty! I do find spirituality in my garden, that is definite...it feeds my soul to be out there! I still can't believe how hot it gets for you but yes, life is very beautiful! :) xx


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