July 4th: Thursday Art Date With Rain - Flora

The mountains are coming to life!

Hello Friends! 

July 4th's theme for our art date is: Flora (please visit Rain's Garden on Thursday July 4th to post your link!)

The lilac tree

The flora in my region is FLOURISHING! It seems like the world turned green overnight with all sorts of trees, bushes, weeds and wildflowers! I love it. My world is full of colour these days!

Pine cones are starting to bloom on the conifers
The lilies are opening up finally! (These grow like weeds all over this area)

Toadstools are popping up everywhere

The definition of flora is: the plants of a particular region, habitat, or geological period. Will you create flora from your region? From a different era? From fantasy? Will it be a landscape or will something be happening like a picnic or a thunderstorm?

Or you could go the other route, in medicine, the term flora is used to refer to the entire bacterial life of a region of the body.

Do you remember "Flora and Fauna" from the Addams Family movie? :)

The term "Flora and Fauna" are often used to describe local plant and wildlife. Maybe your piece will showcase both plant life and wildlife?

I hope that the following internet photos inspire you, I'm looking forward to your Flora creation! :)

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