July 18th: Thursday Art Date With Rain - Yellow and Orange

July Sunset Over Bass Lake

Hello Friends! 

July 18th's theme for our art date is: Yellow and Orange (please visit Rain's Garden on Thursday July 18th to post your link!)

For me, July is the month of sunsets. The days are so long, sultry and hot and the sunsets are just gorgeous over the lake!

Laurentian Forest in October
I have some good friends who just hate this type of weather! They long for October and the beautiful yellow and orange foliage!

My Yellow and Orange papier machier pumpkins

And some of my friends, like me, always look forward to Halloween!

Poor Sylvester!!
Whatever the time of year, you can always find some yellow and orange all around you.

Black on yellow and orange is very brilliant! 

What will you create? I'm eager to see your vision!!! I hope this post inspires you! :) The following images are all from an image search on the internet . I hope these images inspire your creativity! :)

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