July 11th: Thursday Art Date With Rain - Camping/Campfire

"Camping In The Woods" (Oils, 2014)  - A Bob Ross Tutorial

Hello Friends! 

July 11th's theme for our art date is: Camping/Campfire (please visit Rain's Garden on Thursday July 11th to post your link!)

Mid-summer is upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere! I'm happy to report that it's hot and humid and sunny again! It was such a long winter this year, horrifyingly long I have to say. It felt like spring only sprung for maybe a week then the heat waves started.


(The following photos and images all taken from the interwebs.)

Did you go camping as a kid? Do you still go camping?

Or is "glamping" more your style?

If you did go camping, were you a tenter?

A sleep-under-the stars-type?

Or an RV-er?

Did you tell ghost stories?

Scare yourself silly so that you actually believed that Big Foot was RIGHT OUTSIDE YOUR TENT??? (Been there lol!)

Or were you brave and went winter-camping?

Did you build campfires?

Did they get out of hand? :-o

Did you roast marshmallows or S'mores?

Did you cook your freshly-caught fish over the fire?

Or enjoy a few drinks with friends in the backyard?

When you think of camping and campfires, what inspires you? What will you create? I'm eager to see your vision!!! I hope this post inspires you! :)


  1. ah the camping under stars would be my thing for sure :)

    thank you for splendid post dear Rain
    loved it absolutely !


  2. Thank you Baili!! :) I think for me it would be camping in a tent with a BIG campfire nearby to keep the bugs away!! :)


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