Hygge Activities

Hygge activities are simple, old fashioned, and about bringing joy to everyday routines. If we manage to enjoy all the little things, we will be able to look back and realize that they were also the big things. Here is a list of Pia Edberg's hygge things to do, but I changed them up a bit to suit my own needs. This list is just to give you some ideas!

• Plan an intimate, candlelit dinner with your loved one.

• Take a warm bath. Add scented candles and relaxing music.

• Bake your own fresh bread. Savour the smells.

• Watch a movie in bed with your loved one.

• Explore hygge places on your land or a nearby lake or walking trail.

• Go fishing, go boating, go swimming in the lake.

• Have a bonfire and serve hot apple cider.

• At Christmas, decorate your home with your loved ones. Play Christmas music and make your own decorations, drink egg nog and eat homemade cookies.

• Watch a sunset or sunrise.

• Fill the bird feeder and watch the birds and squirrels.

• Snuggle under the blankets when it snows or rains.

• Go apple picking in the fall.

• Have a picnic in the backyard.

• Read a good book. Read physical books instead of eBooks.

• Have a cocktail and cuddle up on the couch with your loved one.

• Relax by the fire with your pets and your loved one.

• Prepare and enjoy afternoon coffee and cake.

• Enjoy a homemade cappuccino by the window on a chilly morning, wear fuzzy slippers and a big warm robe.

• Go for a walk in the woods and take photos.

• Take walks in the snow at night.

• Play with the dogs.

• Take a course about something you've always wanted to try like pottery, painting or weaving.

• Use flannel sheets!

• Make a fondue and have a long dinner with conversation and some wine.

• Light candles instead of using lamps.

• Make a list of everything that makes you happy.

• Turn off technology.

• Play board games or card games.

• Sew something.

• Keep a journal of your thoughts and what makes you grateful.

• Print pictures, and make photo albums.

• Start a book club for yourself, make a list of books to read and go out and get them, review them for others to enjoy.

• Sit on the hammock with your loved one on a warm summer night, look for fireflies, enjoy the quiet.

• Listen to spring peepers chirping in late spring.

• Enjoy a glass of port with some strong blue cheese.

• Do some yard work, plant and nurture your garden. Plant flowers for bees and butterflies.

• Dry fresh flowers and herbs.

• Pick wildflowers, and put them in a vase at home.

• Use a heavy comforter for your bed and have lots of soft pillows.

• Learn to be okay with solitude, meditate or just sit quietly and feel grateful for everything you have.

• Hug your partner, hug your pets. Kiss and cuddle. Express your love.


  1. Great list! Rain, your photographs are exceptional. Have you ever thought of writing a book (with your wonderful photos, of course) . . . . maybe just a compilation of your blog entries? Everything you discuss seems to hit such a chord with me, and I'm sure would be enjoyed by many others.

    1. Thanks Mama Pea!! :) When you get the book, you'll see that I modified some of her ideas and blatantly stole others lol...I left out all the social ones though, since that doesn't suit me, and funny, all of our Blog friends who seemed interested in this concept...like us, none of them are into social either.

      Oh and I really appreciate the compliment! I thought about writing, I actually did start a fiction book, but halfway through I got bad writer's block. It's a thought I've often had though, a book based on what I blog about. That's a project for the future. I'm thinking of a book on gardening too, but I need to gain some real experience first!


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