December 5th: Thursday Art Date With Rain - Flavours and Aroma

Dried Orange Decorations for Yule - they smell so nice!

Hello Friends! :)

December 5th's theme for our art date is: Flavours and Aroma (please visit Rain's Garden on Thursday December 5th to post your link!)

This idea came to me one night when I lit a nice strawberry-scented candle. I thought it smelled so good I could eat it! I just recently pulled out the dried oranges I made in 2017. I often drip a little bit of orange essential oil on them and as the Sun warms them up, they smell divine. How will you create flavours and aromas this week? 

Here are some internet images to inspire you!


  1. beautiful sharing dear Rain !

    how amazing that strawberry candle boost your wonderful mind and idea that is so lovely dropped in your head :)

    inspiring indeed !!!

    each image is provoking and absorbing ,my most favorite is lady smelling in jungle the aroma of rain :)))

    i love smell of fresh orange leaves though never dried them to grab their divine aroma ,great thought ,i will for sure

  2. Thanks Baili :)) The smell of rain falling on trees...I LOVE that smell, lots of people don't even notice things like that! That strawberry candle really was a great inspiration!! :)

  3. Lovely art, have a good weekend. I tried linking up today and did some wrong turns. The last link is correct



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