30-Day Dinner Plan (August 18 - September 17)

August 18:  Philly cheese steaks with side salad

August 19:  Chicken wings and twice baked potatoes

August 20:  Fish and steak Fajitas

August 21:  Green pasta with blue cheese sauce, ciabatta

August 22:  Smoked Turkey Reubans with German potato salad

August 23:  Coq au vin

August 24:  Leftovers

August 25:  Rain's chili (with chicken) homemade bread

August 26:  French quarter potatoes

August 27:  Ham and cheese stromboli

August 28:  Swordfish with lime and cilantro, cauliflower

August 29:  Shrimp chowder with homemade bread

August 30:  Pork tenderloin with apricot glaze and baked potatoes

August 31:  Greek shrimp served on rice pilaf

September 1:  European hot dogs with fries

September 2:  Roasted chicken with scalloped potatoes

September 3:  Leftovers

September 4:  Tortellini with 4 cheese sauce

September 5:  Lemon ricotta pancakes with bacon

September 6:  Burger night with fries

September 7:  Cajun Scramble with toast

September 8:  Chicken Spanakopita

September 9:  St-Hubert Style poutine…chicken bites

September 10:  Sausage and tomato frittata

September 11:  Roasted chicken and root veggies

September 12:  Pizza night: Croque cheese sauce with chicken and Prosciutto fig & blue cheese

September 13:  4 years 6 months! Smoky Cheddar and Apple Cider Fondue with fresh bread

September 14:  Chicken Aloha! With rice pilaf and green beans/carrots

September 15:  Jack's Bday: Spoiled Dog Cake! Winter beef stew

September 16:  Spaghetti Night with homemade bread

September 17:  Leftovers

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