Blog Announcement!!!

I am now officially taking over Kathy's Food Wednesdays link party! I'm going to combine this link party with Thursday's Art Date and it will now be called:

Thursday Art and Dinner Date! (TADD)

For the art date, you can follow the weekly prompt or not! And remember, art isn't just painting and drawing! It's photography, handcrafts, baking, planting...anything creative! Please join in every week!

For the dinner date, you can link up as long as you have some kind of food in your post! Let's share recipes, food photos and dinner ideas! And maybe a glass or two of vino? 😊 🍷

If you have art and food in your post - all the better!! 


Just a few rules so that everyone can enjoy the party:

► If you link up, please leave comments - not just on my blog, but with all of the other participants! We are a beautifully supportive community! Of course everyone is busy, and sometimes it takes me a few days to visit and leave comments, but I always do. To be fair, if I see that you are consistently using the link party to just pop by to leave your link and ignore the others, I will wave my magic wand and remove your link! πŸ’œ 

► The link party here is open for 6 days, please do check back so you can visit those who link up later. An easy way to do that is to subscribe to comments to remind yourself to come back and check the link widget!

πŸ’• Sending love to all, see you for the next art and dinner date! πŸ’•

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  1. Thank you Rain-Sounds awesome and lots of fun too

  2. Thanks Kathy and Christine! ♥♥♥♥

  3. Nice to know Carola! I love your foodie posts!!! ☺

  4. What a perfect fit for your blog!

  5. Well, I like food, so this should be lovely!

  6. Sounds like fun, Rain! A good combination of interests. :)

  7. Great tie in and you're right art is more than just sketching or painting. Art happens in the kitchen and through the eye of the camera. Cool idea!

  8. Thanks Becki! My two big passions combined!! ♥♥

    Cool TB!!! ☺

    I agree Leigh! I hope you share your homemade food too! ☺

    Glad you're on board Erika! ☺

    Thanks Cathy! ☺ Nice to see your comment! ☺ Art is's all around us!

    I'm happy about this Sis! ♥

  9. How in the world you have time to do all this and all the other wonderful things I see each week on your blog is beyond me, but three cheers. You'll be a wonderful host!

  10. Thank you so much Jeanie! Sometimes I ask myself how I get it all done too! ♥


❤ Thanks for your comment, I love hearing from everyone! ❤ Why not join me and my fellow artists every Thursday for TADD? That's Thursday Art and Dinner Date! It's a lot of fun!