August 8th: Thursday Art Date With Rain - Patterns

Hello Friends! 

August 8th's theme for our art date is: Patterns. (please visit Rain's Garden on Thursday August 8th to post your link!)

Patterns are everywhere around us! In fact, look up from your computer right now, I bet you will find a pattern somewhere in your home or outside your window.

When I do a pattern drawing, I actually find it a little bit tedious, but I want to challenge myself this time around and come up with something really fun to do!

I used to do a lot of knitting. I love EASY knitting patterns! I'm not much into the complicated stitches because I get easily distracted. I knitted eight of these Christmas Stockings for the pets back in 2017. Six for ours and we were babysitting two other dogs. It was quite a lot of knitting!

I didn't have the energy to knit out entire names...these stand for: Charlie, Jack, Marlene, Pavlov and Stella - the five dogs...and Dana, Leo, Oscar, our three cats. Pavlov and Stella stayed with us for 9 months and I still miss them a lot!!

Whatever patterns you create, please share them on Thursday's Art Date on August 8th!! Here are some internet images to inspire you!


  1. wow this is very fascinating dear Rain!

    your stocking is so pretty and what an impressive job :)

    i absolutely loved the pattern and ideas !
    most i loved the magnificent peacock :) GORGEOUS!

    your energy and creativity is INSPIRATIONAL !

  2. Thanks Baili :)) I remember doing those was a labour of love! For 8 pets...I had a lot more knitting energy back then lol! The peacock is so cheerful! But I got bored of the patterns, that's why I want to challenge myself!! It's a good exercise to do once in a while! :)


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