August 27th: Thursday Art Date With Rain - Still Life

Hello Friends! 😊😊

August 27th's theme for our art date is: Still Life (please visit Rain's Garden on Thursday August 27th to post your link!).

Sometimes I wonder what went through my head that winter night in 2019 when I came up with these weekly themes. Honestly I've never been interested at all in still life! This coloured pencil drawing is the closest I've come to it lol! I remember that month in 2018, I was spring-cleaning and I made drawings every day of the rooms I was cleaning. On March 6th, I got sick so I drew a can of chicken soup.

I suppose that still life can be anything. It's just creating a piece of art based on objects that are still. I know most people associate still life with fruit and flowers, but it can be so much more. Just put an object on a table, get yourself some good lighting and go for it!

Here are some internet images to inspire you (AND me!!):

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