August 15th: Thursday Art Date With Rain - Moon Sun and Stars

November Moon 2018

Hello Friends! 

August 15th's theme for our art date is: Moon Sun and Stars. (please visit Rain's Garden on Thursday August 15th to post your link!)

I LOVE the sky!! During the summer, it's so nice to sit out in the dark and just sky watch. Because we live out in the country, we are able to even see satellites passing through the Universe above us - it's really very cool! And of course, the lovely bright colours of the sky during the day are so beautiful. I can even appreciate the colours of the sky when there is a thunderstorm happening!

Snoozing In The Sun

There are so many possibilities for this theme! I hope the following internet images are inspiring for you! I'm looking forward to your creations!!


  1. your theme is beautiful dear Rain !!!!!!!!!

    what a powerful shot of November moon :)

    i loved all the ideas ,they are so creative and provoking actually yellow looks like more compelling to me

  2. Thanks Baili :) Alex got me a really nice camera for my birthday back in 2015 and it takes such beautiful zoom shots, I love photographing the moon! Yes, yellow this time of year is very cheerful!!

  3. I have finally found yuu ... I had to come over from Micheal's and then figure out how to get to your art prompts ... I love Moon, Sun and Stars and will try to post something on the 15th. So glad to find you Rain ... I have always admired your creativity and energy.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  4. Hi Andrea :)) I left you a message on your blog a few months ago about the art date! I guess it never went through! I hope you join in, your art was always so lovely and playful!!


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