April 30-Day Meal Plan

(I've added links to recipes I might try or those I could find that would be similar, but when I make the meals, I'll make sure to include the recipe I used or how I made it my own!)

1. Chicken souvlakis
2. Taco night
3. Chicken and basil "roulades" (rolled chicken) with mashed carrots and asparagus
4. Pizza night: Hawaiin pizza; Asparagus and goat cheese pizza
5. Mixed green salad with bacon, chicken, Parm bread
6. Cannelloni with Besciamella sauce, garlic bread
7. Greek chicken on rice pilaf (recipe is Greek Shrimp, I'm using chicken instead)
8. Chicken drumsticks, fries and corn salad
9. London broil with red wine sauce, Teryaki fish, with mashed potatoes and green beans/salad
10. Appetizer night: pork saltimboca, mini Croques Monsieurs, Bruschetta
11. Grilled cheese with Cheddar and bacon, salad and fries
12. Cherry cheese blintzes, with apple cream cheese "roses" for dessert (for May 1st)
13. Chicago deep dish pizza (dough): Pizza is simply a layer of sliced Mozz, canned tomatoes (sans le sauce); chopped garlic and Parm.
14. Leftover pizza and salad
15. Balsamic braised chicken with Delmonico potatoes
16. Breakfast for dinner: homemade egg McMuffins and hash browns
17. Burger night
18. Bucatini Pasta (pictured above!) with garlic bread
19. Ham and Swiss stromboli
20. Pulled pork sandwiches with fries
21. Leftovers with coleslaw
22. Pizza-ghetti
23. Leftovers
24. Chicken in mustard with salad, asparagus and carrots
25. Cuban chicken sandwiches, side Cesar salad
26. Chicken scampi on rice pilaf with salad
27. Welsh Rabbit Fondue with homemade bread (for May 14th)
28. Chicken Cesar salad, Parm bread
29. Bonus meal or more leftovers
30. Bonus meal or more leftovers

Bonus Meals Just In Case
1. Chicken Fricassee
2. Spaghetti with meatballs
3. Crepes and bacon
4. Egg scramble with hash potatoes
5. Chicken burgers and fries


  1. Hi Rain!

    This is a great plan! I like the "just in case" meals to for well, just in case! I think the trouble I am having is trying to wrap my head around how to get started. Do I start batch cooking first? Make a pantry list? Assess what I have and what I need? Then my anxiety kicks in and I get overwhelmed. Then I get mad at myself for allowing me to get anxious over meal planning. :)

    Could you share with me how you got started? I need a base to start from clearly!

    :) Dianna

  2. Hi Dianna :))
    I'd love to share what I do!

    It might be too long for the comments, so I'll write a separate page about it which I will post today! :)

  3. Thank you for all the inspiration and motivation! You're awesome my friend!


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