April 23rd: Thursday Art Date With Rain - What a Mess!

Jack always makes a mess of the covers when he wants to snuggle in bed with us!
Hello Friends! 😊

April 23rd's theme for our art date is: What a Mess! (please visit Rain's Garden on Thursday April 23rd to post your link!).

I think I came up with this theme as I gazed into the kitchen one night and saw all of the dishes that needed washing! Here are a mess of definitions and examples taken from Merriam Websters dictionary:

A quantity of food being served. (usually used along with mess hall): The officers headed for the mess hall to eat.

A large quantity of food: I ate a whole mess of chocolates before dinner.

A state of confusion: My mind is a mess right now!

A state of untidiness: This kitchen is a mess.

Sloppy because of blundering: That movie was a mess.

To interfere: Don't mess with the process.

To rough someone up: I'm gonna mess you up!!!

To experiment and putter with: I love to mess around with new paints.

To take an interest in: Maybe I'll mess around with this program.

To meddle: He's messing with my relationship.

And of course, anything can be messy! There are LOTS of possibilities!!! Here are some internet images to inspire you!

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