Wednesday, July 20, 2022

🎨😋 Thursday Art and Dinner Date: A Poem and a Potato and Gruyère Tart!

Welcome my Friends, to Thursday's Art and Dinner Date! (Posted on Wednesdays!) 😊😊

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🎨For our 🎨 Art Date 🎨, today's optional prompt is "A Poem". Please feel free to share any art you've created, we would love to see it! Since Edgar Allen Poe is my absolute favourite poet, I chose The Raven as the poem I would illustrate today! Bugs Bunny is flipping out a little as he hears a rapping on his chamber door!

I painted this raven with watercolours. I love adding splatter to my paintings!

My Raven! 💜  Abandoned nevermore my sweet doggie! 💜💜 ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️

This is a beautifully sung version of The Raven. The band is called Omnia. There is a folky Celtic sound to this song, I just love it. The singing portion of the video starts at 2:15, so that's where I cued it up for you! I'm joining Cathy this week for her Monday's Music Moves Me post!

This is a painting I did in 2018. I shared this on my blog and in that post, I shared this poem. If you'd like to hear me read it, please click HERE.

The Apple Orchard
(A Rain Frances Nightmare)

In the orchard, dark as night, 
I wander blind, despite my fright.
The wind is still but whispers stir,
A monster lurks, of that I’m sure.

I scan the rows of apple trees,
One by one, then twos and threes,
My footsteps snap the frozen grass,
I’ve reached the edge, the dark impasse.

Shivering from cold and fright,
My breath is taken by the night,
A lonely apple hangs up high,
A creak, a hush, a laboured sigh.

I peer into the hollow blue,
“My dear it’s time to bid adieu”.
Eyes ablaze, the demon grins,
Its prickly skin as sharp as pins.

Its evil voice revives my fear,
Its nasty smile grins ear to ear,
Its fiery eyes seem to ignite,
I cower at its ghastly sight.

“In this orchard you will stay,
And join the rest who came this way.”
It points to rows of lifeless trees,
Imploring branches, silent pleas.

I run, I run, I cannot flee,
The demon catches up to me,
A crash, a screech, its cry of glee.
The last I see, the apple tree.

Here's my face for Nicole's Friday Face Off! I was playing around with online software, this is from the website PhotoMania. I'm also joining Gillena for her Art For Fun Friday post! 

😋For our 😋 Dinner Date 😋, I made a delicious Potato and Gruyère Tart! I've had a wedge of Gruyère cheese in my freezer for months, so it was time to use it up! I'll share my recipe for Homemade Pie Crust as well, it's easy to make and so delicious!

Today's beverage is a wine suggestion, Apothic Rosé. I'm not a fan of their reds and whites, but they do make a nice rosé to enjoy in the hot weather! It's a bit of a dry wine, slightly sweet with a watermelon finish! The label suggests you might also taste strawberry, but my taste buds didn't detect it. This is great with some soft cheese and fruit! Make sure it's icy cold!

I went walking along the river this week, it's so beautiful there.

I love the rock formation, it looks like little dens and caves. The water is signature Maritime red-brown! Louise, I thought you'd enjoy seeing these!

Jack's hound dog nose is always working. During our walk this morning, he found a nice patch of Wild Blueberries To Snack On! Raven doesn't like them so Jack went to town!

On the video front:

For Rain Frances Art, I recorded the Real-Time Painting of my Raven.

For Rain Frances Art For Kids, I have How To Draw An Elephant! So much fun!

That's all for now folks! Please check out the link widget below for more artistic and delicious creations! See you soon!!! 💗 💗 


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  1. You wrote a beautiful poem in 2018..Lovely art and poetry pieces today too. You pie looks so delicious! That is a fabulous photomania piece you did for the face off too.

  2. Good morning Rain, what a beautiful river to explore, your food always sounds and looks so delicious. Nothing better than home canned foods-I used to can allot for the two of us. My farm girl grandma always told me to can enough of everything for two years as some years there could be a bad I always did that when I was preserving most of our food.
    enjoyed the videos and art today too. Happy mid week hugs from the lake

  3. I love your watercolour raven! And yes, spatter is a great way to give some texture and background finish to a painting!

  4. My husband is a big Edgar Allan Poe fan. I grew up in the Bronx and we would pass Poe Cottage (which still stands) on the bus nearly every week. Poe lived in that cottage (which was built in 1812) from 1846 to 1849 but wrote The Raven elsewhere in New York City. That was quite the dramatic reading of "The Raven". Alana

  5. Yet another brilliant (and drool worthy) post.
    Sigh at blogger's tinkerings. They are so rarely improvements.

  6. jack cracks me up! i had a collie when i was little and we went blackberry picking, he would lay on the ground and eat all of the ones on the lower branches. jack is the only other dog i have ever seen do this.

  7. Hello Rain,
    I look forward to your Bugs Bunny and cartoon character sketches. The Raven is cool too. Raven has a happy loving home, I am so happy you rescued her.
    Your Apple Orchard poem reminds me of Poe's work, a little darkness and fear.
    The potato tart looks delicious. Beautiful views of the river! Take care, enjoy your day!

  8. You are a font of creativity. I feel good visiting you!

  9. Hey Sis! It's a potato kind of day for us. LOL The river is so beautiful. Nice that you can walk by it. OMGosh I love "that" face art. Perfect for Friday Face Off. Along with Raven's face too. I have always loved Poe. Well of course I do. LOL My neighbor brought over a bag of Blueberries from her garden. She got squash from me. I really love the art this week. I know you are really busy and I hope your foot is still on the mend.

  10. Ohhh P.S. a beautiful writing by you.

  11. I like your painted Raven. Ofcourse I do, I have been a birder for quite some time :) The river is really nice to watch. :)

  12. Well, hey there! I decided to be early for once and have dedicated an entire post to you and yours. So please be sure to come over and see. Now. love the Bug and also your scary orchard painting. And that poem is fabulous, Brava! I love that you love Poe, so do I. That's so cool that Jack likes wild berries and can eat them. But maybe Raven is the smarter one and letting Jack be his taste tester, heehee. The river looks nice. Is that a tiny little island in it when the water level is low? Or just a swirl in its flow? The pizza sauce looks fabulous. I'm always admiring of peeps who can do that, I'm always afraid I'd give myself botulism, haha. Well, have a great rest of the week and weekend! XOX

  13. Your creativity amazes me. Not only do you do lovely paintings and inspiring dishes in the kitchen, but you also write poems! This is such a beautiful poem and the painting goes so well with it. I will check out your potato and gruyère tart - I love Gruyère. Thank you for this opportunity to link up!

  14. I love all your artistic reference to The Raven! Such versatility on every level. I love the painting especially (and that tart sounds to die for!) Have a wonderful week!

  15. I really like your painting of ravens.
    Also the poem is beautiful and the food looks delicious.
    Greetings Irma

  16. My link this week is a little weak, Rain, but I will work on the poem requirement and come back and comment again. Might even be a limerick!

  17. goes

    A lady named Rain, as you know,
    Lives in New Brunswick, with summer and snow.
    She's prone to make cheese,
    Drink wine if you please,
    And has artwork on You Tube to show.

  18. David!!! I love it! That's so cool!!! Thank you!!! ♥♥

  19. Rain,

    What a delight to have you hit the 4M dance floor! My weekly linky runs from Sunday - Saturday. Any time you want to come to the party, you'er welcome any time!

    A word of advice to Bugs, "DON'T OPEN THAT DOOR!" :D Great sketch! What I really loved is your poem, The Apple Orchard. It's quite wonderful and well-written. You're such a talented lady! I'm making DH home-made jalapeno cheeseburger pizza for his birthday this weekend. :) Have a doodletastic weekend!

  20. I'm late to the party because I wasn't sure I was going to join this week. But when I saw the poetry challenge I had to join in.

    Bugs is a bit scared at the tapping and I love how it led to Poe's The Raven. It is a real beauty and I love it.

    Your poem from 2018 is very well done and I can feel your intensity, too. It is wonderful.

    Your potato and gruyere tart look wonderful and are a joy to any vegetarian's heart. Since I'm not a wine drinker, I will join you with a cup of iced coffee.

    Enjoyed seeing Jack eating the wild blueberries and your lesson on how to paint a raven. Of course, the video on making pizza sauce is wonderful, too. Hope you have agreat week, dear.

  21. Oh I love the face off...that is so amazing! Fun post with all of your interesting things to share! Enjoy your week!

  22. This was a fun topic this week. I loved all the poetry, both yours and what everyone shared. You created a very magical view of being in an orchard in your poem. You could illustrate this and make a wonderful piece, even with a bit of Halloween spookiness. Your tart looks yummy, and that is a cool photo from the Photomania website. I had a dog named Harley who used to like wild blueberries too. I hope you stay cool and have a great rest of your week Rain. hugs-Erika

  23. Thanks so much for visiting my blog Natasha Musing. I'm so happy to have met you. Loved the message you wrote out to me for my post.

    Just like you I soak myself in spirituality and love to mediate and be one with nature.

    Thanks for sharing all the dazzling art, poetry, music and images from your walk.

    Your message on my blog really made me smile.

    Sending you love, light and laughter.

  24. ...Rain, you packed so much neat stuff into this post that I don't know where to start. Perhaps I'll begin with the pizza sauce video. Thanks for hosting the party.

  25. Dearest Rain,
    I know from E.A. Poe not much more than the "Nevermore" raven poem (in our language area Goethe and Schiller are more famous ;-)), but your painted raven looks great and your dog Raven fulfills his Nevermore role perfectly :-) Hopefully Bugs has calmed down in the meantime! I also find your painted picture from 2018 wonderfully atmospheric and mystical. But I'm also very distracted by your food photos :-DD By the way, the day before last at a music event I had a very good rosé wine, that allegedly should have tasted like raspberries - I didn't detect that either, but it was still tasty and refreshing ;-)
    All the best and have a pleasant weekend,

  26. The tart looks delicious and I’m going to look at your easy pie recipe. The water is so brown! I’ve not heard of that before, so I’m off to read up on it. I hope you have a great weekend.

  27. Have a good weekend Rain. Thanks for linking to Art For Fun Friday


  28. I remember Poe's "Raven" poem from grade school. I thought it was so spooky it scared me. LOL.

  29. Clearly you lean toward darkness in your poetry preferences and in your writing. It certainly makes for interesting reading and who hasn't read Poe. Your poetry is wonderful and well read ... it isn't easy to read a poem without getting sing-songy :) Raven is such a beautiful dog and I am happy for her and all of you, including Jack who now has a new friend to share his adventures with (though I note that he is not sharing his blueberries) :P AS for your food ... I love Gruyere and everyone loves potatoes and I will definitely try this recipe ... going to the store today to get the ingredients :)
    Your river looks like it has a lot of iron in it ... is that the case? Beautiful scenery too ... how lucky you are to live amongst it. All in all, Busy Lady, I love your post as always ... and I cheated. I posted your Button without the HTML :0

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  30. You left me all hungry and I have to admit... I forgot to take part, I´m kinda still stuck with the first Wednesday at Kathy´s. But... I only made pizza anyways...

  31. I wanted to tell you I didn't use your computer code. I just changed the image that I had before to the new one and saved. So easy. However, thanks for the code, anyway.

  32. Rain, your poem is very descriptive, and kept me hanging on. And as you called it a nightmare on your video I will say, it is QUITE the nightmare. Now, to take a completely different turn, I'm looking forward to checking out your pizza sauce video. :)

  33. First, Rain, that face-off was amazing! Also, your poem was wonderful and so enjoyed hearing you read it. I have never been a Poe fan having been scared witless when I saw The House of Usher as a child :-(

  34. Wow, Rain, you've been so busy. Everything looks so good! I'm so swamped with the garden right now that I don't seem to have time for any creative pursuits. Oh well, this season shall pass!

  35. Wow Rain! Another post jam packed with good things, thank you.

    I must also add that I did enjoy David's limerick :)

    Hope you are having a good weekend.
    Take care, my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  36. Well, I am back to comment on your Face reflected in the pond. I have used PhotoMania in the past but had sort of forgotten about them. This is a cool picture of you Rain ... love your smiling face :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  37. Hi Aimeslee! Yes, that's a little island in the middle of the river!! ☺

    Hi Andrea! Yes!!! Iron...big issue here. I actually just shocked my well because of iron bacteria. A lot of the Maritime water is due to mud as well!

  38. wow so interesting....all of it. and that poem is wonderful!!


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