Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Thursday Art Date: Colourful June - Pink! 🐢 All About Raven!! 🐢

Welcome my Friends, to Thursday's Art Date (posted on Wednesdays)!! 😊😊 Today our theme is PINK! I decided to draw Baby Bugs Bunny today with rosy pink cheeks! I think I captured his innocence before he decided to become a total stinker! I'm joining in with Nicole's FFO (Friday Face-Off) post! I'll also be joining Gillena's Art For Fun Friday post!

Following the prompt is optional! Please feel free to share any of your art, we would love to see it! πŸ˜Š

My friends, meet Raven! She is a 5-year old Mountain Dog/Lab mix as far as we all can figure. Bernese or Swiss Mountain Dog? We think Swiss. Mixed with a Black Lab or a Golden Retriever...she is so sweet, and very timid.

She is the newest addition to our little fur family! I saw Raven's adoption ad in April and applied to adopt her. She'd already been "spoken for" and I was unbelievably  a little crushed. She reminded me SO MUCH of my late Marlene and in my heart I knew she was meant for us. 

Raven has an old leg injury and has developed osteoarthritis in her left hind leg. She needed a brace to help her walk, so the shelter kept her until they could raise the funds to fit her with the brace. She was at the shelter for 4 months.

She went for leg castings at the beginning of May. She received her brace two weeks ago. I've been following her story on FB and calling once in a while to see how she was doing because I truly felt such a connection with her. 

On May 25th I got a call from the shelter asking if I was still interested. Apparently the lady who was going to adopt her opted out - possibly from the knowledge that Raven needed so much care...and that there was a chance her good leg would also fail her one day and she'd need a brace for her right leg. Of course, I accepted!

Jack and I drove the 4 hours to the Grand Falls NB shelter to pick her up and they got along amazingly! Getting the brace on was a challenge at first, but now I've got it down pat! Raven loves to walk and I'm so thankful the shelter was able to raise the funds to help her!

She's been home with us now for 5 days and it's like she was always here! We are thrilled! Here's a little video of her walking with Jack!

And as you can imagine, it's been all about Raven for the last week! But I did find time to sneak in some art, videos and food!

On the way to the shelter, just a few minutes from home, there was a moose on the road. It was the size of a horse but didn't have antlers. It looked like a female. 

I'm sharing my latest gardening video where I am transplanting my seedlings and building hoop houses.

I also have a new video for my Rain Frances Art For Kids YouTube Channel, How To Draw A Hamburger!

I've harvested all of the asparagus I can for the season, and the latest dish is an Asparagus and Fontina Tart. This is very good with Homemade Puff Pastry! (Cheddar works well for this too!)

Speaking of pastry, I made some Homemade Croissants (also called crescent rolls or butterhorns!). These are very easy to make, they just take a commitment of time. They certainly don't stick around long!

Fresh tomato pasta with homemade garlic bread. I used my No Knead Bread and added Parmesan cheese and broiled, then sprinkled with fresh parsley. Very delicious! I'm joining in with Kathy's monthly Food Wednesdays post! The first Wednesday of every month, we join together and share foodie photos, recipes and ideas! Mark your calendars and join in!! ♥

That's all for now folks! Please check out the link widget below for more artistic creations! See you soon!!! πŸ’— πŸ’— 


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  1. Good morning Rain, I enjoyed all of your videos and your new fur baby looks so happy and looks like the two of them will be getting along.
    Your food dishes always look so delicious, thank you for sharing on Food Wednesdays hugs Kathy

  2. Baby Bugs is delightful! Love to see that Jack dog. Raven has found a good home!

  3. certainly have had a wonderful end of May. Raven is so lucky to have landed in your care. I am sure Jack is thrilled to have a new best friend. How interesting to see a moose on the road. But then, you do live in moose country lol. Your croissants look heavenly. I bet they did disappear quickly. Yum. Have a fabulous week

  4. All that bread had me drooling.. We stay away from bread as much as possible except for some whole wheat bread... But bread dripping in butter and garlic can sure have me Never eat noodles either unless they are whole grain.. So your whole post was drool Happy Food Wednesday! Hugs! deb

  5. Lucky, lucky Raven to have found her Forever Home with you and Jack! Enjoy the new addition to your family! And P.S., I love your sweet wee blushing Baby Bugs!

  6. So glad Raven is home with you now. What a beauty. I am so shocked that the shelter would do that for a dog. We do have some no kill shelters but she would have been put down over here. So glad you have her. The food looks amazing. The art always so good and your garden video is excellent. I am putting hoops up today myself. Wish I could have normal raised beds. My back won't allow it and well I rent so my land lord doesn't want it either. I am happy with what I got. LOL Have a great day today, Sis!

  7. I'm so glad I landed on your blog (via Food Wednesday). I really enjoyed all of it. Loved meeting Raven. What a sweetie. Wonderful that you could have her in the end.
    I watched the moose with interest (I have never seen one for real) sand really enjoyed the gardening video. Of course your climate isn't anything like ours but still, there is always something to learn.
    We are in the middle of asparagus season, so your fontina tart is a good idea (although I won't be making my own puff pastry). The croissants are making my mouth water. But they are not so good for the old figure....
    I shall be following you from now on.
    Happy June!

  8. Gorgeous food, and so glad Raven is now a member of your family, she's beautiful! Give her a big from me, hugs, Valerie

  9. raven is walking so well with her brace! do you think jack is walking more now that he has a new buddy?

  10. Raven is gorgeous. How wonderful for her and you that she came to the perfect family.
    Love the baby Bugs Bunny. And your food. And the whole post.

  11. This post made me smile Rain just because of Raven. It makes my heart happy to see a dog find a furever home, especially a dog that is a little difficult for one reason or another. My dog Maddie was like that, not for health reasons but because she was a little strong willed. Well a lot strong willed. She still is but it was great seeing her become domesticated. Raven is such a cutie. You must be thrilled. And your cooking this week looks so yummy. My asparagus is done too, sadly, but those croissants. They look fantastic. AS does the spaghetti and garlic bread. Have a great week. I'll link up tomorrow with my pink. Hugs-Erika

  12. Cute pink bunny ears Rain! So glad you were able to get Raven! Your asparagus tart looks divine, so do all the other dishes!

  13. Hello Rain,
    Welcome Raven, she looks like a real sweetie. I am happy she has a loving home with you now. Cute photo of Jack and Raven. Love the Bugs Bunny sketch and the moose video, great sighting. Your meals look yummy. Take care, enjoy your day!

  14. Welcome to Raven, and she does seem to have found her home and very glad for all of you, Rain. It looks like she manages quite well with the brace and also is very comfortable relaxing. I was wondering if Raven has to wear it all the time and can she manage some mobility when she's inside. Oh and the food =, as always, looked so good especially the crescent rolls and asparagus tart. Also, I shared the link to the kids art channel with our granddaughter's mom, so hope she connects there.

  15. Firstly, I love your baby Bugs! And don't be too shocked but I've actually joined in on TAD....long time coming! lol

    I'm so happy that Raven has found her forever home with you and your hubby. She will be loved so much! Great to see that she has fitted in so well and I'm glad the brace is helping with the walking. Has Dana settled more with Raven being there?

    Cool moose sighting!

    I do love garlic bread. Had some just the other day, in fact.

    Enjoy the rest of your week,
    Serena x

  16. A lovely post.
    Great art and delicious food.
    A special hello to Raven, so pleased she is settling in well.

    Wishing you a happy month of June.

    All the best Jan

  17. I love, love, love the new pup and the pink!!!!!!!! Food also looks sooo good.

  18. Hi Rain. So happy you and Raven found each other, sounds like it truly was meant to be! xoxo

  19. It's great that Raven is with you now.
    The food looks really delicious.
    Greetings Irma

  20. I'm in for TAD!

    Such exciting news about Raven! I'm so happy you all got her. Looks like she's really happy too. That's the best reward in the world.

  21. Are you kidding me, you made your own croissants?!?! Is there anything you can't do?? O.K., now that I've got that out of the way, congratulations on getting your next doggy friend, Raven. She has a happy face. She reminds me of our dog, Velvet, we had growing up. She was black with those tan markings (expressive dots above her eyes). I hope Raven knows how lucky she is to have landed in her forever home with you! Have a great weekend! -Jenn

  22. Good for you for taking in Raven. You can make anything and anyone grow!
    Those blackflies are in your video. They sure are awful.
    Good luck with all your gardens!
    You are an inspiration.
    I cannot remember if I actually asked how you found your 'new' home! Cannot believe it is 2 years!
    You go, girl!

  23. Rain, happy to hear of your new pet Raven. A Happy and Creative month of June to all

    much πŸ’›love

  24. Dear Rain,
    oh, I am so happy for you and for Raven that she has moved in with you and is now an addition to your family. She looks lovely. And if she likes cheese, she's definitely Swiss ;-))) She's doing well on the walk and she definitely looks like a dog who's happy to finally have found a loving family again. She WANTS to belong. It's a good thing that the other prospect was too cowardly after all.
    All the best in June and many hugs,

  25. Such a heartwarming post, Rain! I loved your introduction to Raven. Raven's colors are similar to a little crackie my family had in Newfoundland, but Buddy was much smaller. That video melted my heart. Raven may be timid right now, but with your love and healing, she'll blossom. I have no doubt! My post will go up just after midnight tonight, and I'll be visiting around to everyone tomorrow.

  26. I am so excited about Raven (and a little jealous, since I really can't fill my empty spot with a new dog). Raven looks sweet and he does do well with his brace. Jack looked happy to have a new pal on his walk and in his life. Izzi blew her ACL's on both of her hind legs. She had surgery and was in a cast two different times and she too, managed very well. I can only imagine how happy Raven is and will be with her new family and I am so happy for you as you are the perfect person for her. I can't wipe the smile off of my face!
    So is that the first moose sighting for you? They are so big and what a treat to see one in person (thankfully at a bit of a distance). Love the Asparagus tart ... that is something I could do and in fact may give it a try, though my asparagus is store bought, I am sure it will still be delicious. The pasta looks yum and I love garlic bread. Thankfully it is close to dinner time so I don't have to go through the day craving your food. If I eat dinner and am full I can move on :)So I almost forgot about Baby Bugs ... what a sweet little pink cheeked face. You never disappoint Rain. Stay well and enjoy your wonderful fur family and,of course, your handsome hubby :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  27. great blog post as usual and Bugs is so cute.
    lots of planting you are doing.

  28. Such a good girl! She seems very happy.

    I get the connection with a specific animal. All of our now current rabbits were ones at the shelter that I "connected" with.

  29. I stopped by to tell you I was linking this week, then couldn't find the comment I left on Wednesday. I was so happy you and Raven found each other and I am even more delighted she now has a forever home with you and Alex.

    I enjoyed the video of Raven walking, the video of the moose, and the video of you putting the hoops over the seedlings.

    Your asparagus and fontina tart look wonderful. I almost bought some croissants at the store this week, then changed my mind. Wish I liked to bake! Now pasta I CAN cook!

    I hope this comment doesn't fall into the ether of the internet.

  30. ...moose are an elusive sight for me, I see many warning signs along the road, but never a moose. Thanks Rain for hosting,enjoy your weekend.

  31. Sis, thank you so much for joining FFO. I love your art and how you draw and who doesn't like Buggs but most of all those beautiful dog faces. Have the best Friday.

  32. Have a good weekend Rain. Thanks for linking up at Art For Fun Friday


  33. I love your croissants. I use Pillsbury for mine. Lazy bones. LOL.

  34. You are a kind and generous soul. Raven was meant to be with you. ❤️ I took a look at your recipe for puff pastry. Methinks I’ll give it a try, thanks!

  35. I think you are the most wonderful, generous pet parents in all the world. Your family is growing -- and the love is growing too! Loved all the tasty food. I don't have anything pink on the blog, unfortunately, at least not now and not sure where to dig up my fave pink piece to share, but I'll get inspired by others!

  36. Baby Bugs wears that pink so well Rain, so cute in design but my heart is oh so drawn to Raven, what a beauty she is.. reminds me of our dearly departed black lab Bonita and her eye brows are the spitting image of our Freya's. What a character she is and so lucky to have found such a loving family. Enjoy.
    Hugs Tracey xx

  37. How wonderful for Raven to have found a loving home with you and the whole family!

  38. Since my Friday face has PINK hair -at least part of it anyway- I decided to link it to your linky.
    I love your baby Bugs.

  39. Congrats on your new dog! Looks like she was walking at a pretty good clip so the race must be working well. Wow I had no idea when you dig a well that you had all that stuff come out and coating the ground but I guess that makes sense. Like you said maybe the only thing to do would be remove some of that with a backhoe or if you could get a really heavy duty industrial rototiller that would go really deep and just till it in. We've had such bizarre crazy cold wet weather that we hopefully we'll finally be planting our veggie garden next weekend. Just heavy rain on our heavy clay soil is not a good combo. Good luck on your gardening and your food looks great! I hope when I retire I have more time to do scratch baking like that

  40. Bugs and your doggies are adorable ~ Xo

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  41. So great that Raven came home with you. He will so happy with you. Jack also seems very content too!


  42. Congratulations on your new family member! She's beautiful! she looks like she might have some rottweiller in her. The coloring anyway reminded me of my Nitty girl. Your garden is looking great and I made a tomato pasta dish that was delish but unfortunately it was the seeds evidently in the tomatoes that sent me to the emergency room with diverticulitis. Now, no seeds, nuts or skins! I'm on antibiotics and a very bland, soft diet. Enjoy your food!

  43. "That's all folks!" I always laugh reading the Bugs quote (or was it Elmer Fudd's?) at the end of your posts because you *always* have so much wonderful content. "That's all" seems like what someone like me might put on her short posts ;>). (But keep on using the line because I like it -- that and looking at your cartoon and thinking about watching remind me of watching Loony Tunes a longgg time ago! .... Enjoyed everything here as usual. Yummy food, art, wonderful animals both wild and tame and especially the new one to your family. Sweet puppy, he is lucky to have you and vice-versa. I'll go and look at the video after I send this comment.

  44. Ooh, I can see the flaky layers of your croissants. My oldest got a job at a new eatery at the mall to make croissant waffles. Yay for Raven! She looks so cute and happy in your home; she is in the best place.


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