Thursday, January 20, 2022

Thursday Art Date: Winter Sports

Welcome to Thursday's Art Date! 😊😊 Today our theme is Winter Sports. This little character's name is Playboy Penguin, he's doing a little ice fishing by the Full Wolf Moon. He only made 2 appearances on The Looney Tunes - you might remember him as a silent, sensitive little fella who cried ice cubes! He always looks on the verge of tears doesn't he?

Some people (including me) confuse his name with the character "Chilly Willy" from the Woody Woodpecker show.

←←He was the first Looney Tune I drew back in January of 2018. In fact...I think he was the first drawing I ever did! I used Dollar Store coloring pencils and paper. I was determined to start drawing - even though I kept telling myself I didn't have the talent for it. Bad bad inner voice! Four years later, I'm so glad I pursued this!

I pulled out the watercolors again! I thought about ice skating as a winter sport. I used to love watching the winter Olympics and the 1984 ice dancing finals came to mind where England's Torvill and Dean skated their gold-medal performance to Bolero and it brought back so many memories! I wanted to capture movement in the paint.

Here's the video of Torvill and Dean skating to "Bolero" at the 1994 Olympics. They didn't compete, this was an exhibition. It's so moving!! Do you remember this? Are you a fan of ice skating and ice dancing? I just loved this!!

Here is my latest "#Shorts" video for my art channel! Drawing Daffy Duck. One of my cats (lousy varmint!!!) chewed on my microphone so I'm publishing short videos with musical backgrounds until I can replace it!

I also have a short video for my spiritual channel: Daily Message: The Number 6.

Here's a video I took a few weeks ago. The Evening Grosbeaks are back at the feeder - and they are in numbers let me tell you!! For the second year in a row, they've arrived just after the new year. The high count was 56 so far, and I'm sure I missed a few because the ladies don't have that bright yellow like the chaps and at first glance, I was confusing them with other birds! 

"By The Fire" - courtesy of Leigh

Today's featured artist is my friend Leigh from 5 Acres & A Dream blog; and Leigh's Photography Journal blog. Her blogs not only showcase her lovely photography, but Leigh is a homesteader and self-sufficient expert (yes you are!)! She shares so much valuable and interesting information and stories! AND she makes cheese!!!  Please visit her blogs! 💗 

That's all for now folks! Please check out the link widget below for more "Winter Sports" creations! See you soon!!! 💗 💗 


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  1. I watched that whole video waiting for Bigfoot to appear.

  2. Hello Rain,

    I do not remember the Playboy Penguin, what a cute character. Your ice skating watercolor looks beautiful. Wow, 56 Evening Grosbeaks! What a great sight to see. I wish they were here, they are beautiful birds. Take care, enjoy your day!

  3. It is a sight to behold to see those Evening Grosbeaks raiding your feeder. You are very lucky, Rain.

  4. I always thought that little penguin was named Chilly Willy so I've learned something new today! He was so cute when he cried little ice cubes! And i love your figure skater watercolour -- wonderful! I take a sporadic interest in figure skating. A particular skater has to catch my attention and then I'm an avid viewer!

  5. Ice skating is my favorite Olympic sport to watch. You truly put movement in your watercolor.

  6. I had forgotten the penguin character Rain! Thank you for reminding me. And your watercolor is splendid!

    A hearty second recommendation of Leigh's Photography Journal. It has really opened my eyes to the world of picture taking.

  7. ...Rain, I hope that you are staying warm and well!

  8. Oh, oh, oh! I came over to grab the link for this week's entry and discover that I'm your featured blogger. I'm thrilled! Thank you Rain!

    Before I hit "publish" I have to say that your watercolor ice skater is fantastic!

  9. I've just spent an hour plus watching Torvill & Dean performing, then the interview with them regarding their ice skating careers. Then, last year, saw them skating on TV even though now in their 60's, and was blown away! Amazing duo and lovely people - even though they never had a romantic relationship all those years. Never will forget when they became the Olympic Champs. Thanks for the memories Rain.
    Loved the Grosbeaks - we rarely see them, perhaps once a year, and they are awesome.
    Your art today is great - love the watercolor skater, you captured everything beautifully, and of course being such a penguin lover after having seen so many on my travels, your version is adorable.

    Stay warm dear - we are due another snow/ice storm tonight. Off to buy salad/veggie stew fixings - hope the shelves aren't empty!
    Hugs - Mary

  10. Now THAT is a lot of grosbeaks. I loved the video. (So did Lizzie, who heard the chirping from my computer and was confused, since it's not by "her" window!

    I will never forget seeing "Bolero" for the first time. Ice dancing is one of my favorites of the Olympic sports. I love your painting. It really captures the energy of the skater.

  11. Love yoru scater. It is really good and seem to have motion in itself. :)

  12. No Rain. I definitely counted 61. LoL. Sometimes I really miss an open fire like that one of yours. Central heating just isn't the same is it? We had frost and ice last night but nowhere near cold enough to skate on ice yet, thank goodness.

  13. You have only been painting four years!!!! Colour me awed. And how I love the movement of your ice dancer...

  14. Great post Sis. I love the grosebeaks. I have not seen any here but when we lived in ID. The were a constant. Have a great day.

  15. Happy Thursday and Warm wishes from the sunny Caribbean island of Trinidad

    much love...

  16. Yes, we have it cold too. And we hope so much for springtime. Isn't my season, but I could catch some wonderful captures of ice...

    ...thank you for hosting. Stay healthy and well.

    Much love, Heidrun

  17. Love your ice skater, I do remember Torvill and Dean! It was in the Toller Kranston days. Cute penguin and ice fishing theme. Nice to 'meet' Leigh here.

  18. I was by earlier and your post was not up, so about 4 a.m. I went to bed. Now I'm running late. What else is new. Sorry I haven't been by more, but stress has taken over my life lately.

    I've never heard of that cute little penguin, but he is a real cutie. I'm so glad you didn't llisten to your inner critic and continued painting. You are SO talented.

    I was in grad school in the mid 90s, so didn't get to watch the Olympics. I plan to watch them this year, though. That was a lovely couple, a lovely dance, and an even lovelier skater. I could feel the energy you drew. It is beautiful.

    The only birds we get here in winter are robins and they are few and far between. Lots of squirrels, though! Big cities aren't conducive for migrating birds.

    I was very impressed with Leigh and her take on life in the country. I see she made bio-char, something my friend Scott and his sister made a couple of years ago. They even started a company that makes it.

    I'm freezing and I hope you are not. Stay warm, safe, and sane, dear friend.

  19. Awesome post Rain! I especially love the photo from Leigh…it looks very cozy! Missed your food photos! Have a perfect week!!

  20. It was so worthwhile getting your camera rigged up at the feeder, Rain, it must give you endless pleasure to discover which creatures have visited. I can't believe you only started your art in 2018! you are such a flexible, adventurous artist. I just love the watercolour skater. Betty x

  21. I am so glad that you continue to draw and paint, as you are truly talented! i love your watercolor. You should do more of it.

  22. I absolutely LOVE that study in blue of the dancer. Wow! You just get better all the time. You re very talented.
    I hope you have a good weekend- ox Diana

  23. Love your little penguin and the motion in your watercolor skater is fabulous. I have had to take a break. My daughter got Covid and I was exposed so I am isolating and stressed out to say the least. I will be back, God willing ...


    P.S. I remember Torvill and Dean in the Olympics ... they put together and performed the perfect dance. I don't think anyone has come close since.

  24. Rain,

    I remember the Playboy Penguin. I wish I had thought to draw him in last year's A2Z challenge. I will have to make a note to try my hand at sketching this little adorable guy. I'm trying to figure out what to do for this April blogfest, if I commit to the event. I'm feeling a bit uncertain but I'm 99% certain I will do it because other it will drive me bonkers and of course I will be sketching my way through the alphabet once again.

    I have TAD post up but I have to decline linking up. I'm short on time which seems to be my normal state for weeks now and I don't want to get burned out in Blogosphere, so I have to pull back somewhat. I do appreciate you hosting and inspiring us with your art prompts.

    Stay safe, keep warm, and be well my dear!

  25. 56!!!! That is wonderful! What a brave mourning dove in all that chaos.
    I love watching them!
    So sorry about the chewer. Daisy used to do that to me and my stuff!

  26. Hiho, RAIN! WUUUUT, no food this week? Are you just eating cheese lol? I LOVE your skate watercolor! I don't watch the Olympics anymore. When I was a child like 5, the 3 Stoodges made a movie with an Olympic skater it was called Snow White and the 3 Stoodges. I ate, drank and slept it, even had the soundtrack album, lol. Then, later I was a huge Dorothy Hamil fan. I loved that she was short and chunky and loved that wedge hair style too. I think I lost interest finally after the whole Nancy/Tanya thing. I went with Oxana Byull (sic). That was Ukraine's first gold medal. Have a good week, xxo

  27. The ice skating performance was beautiful. When I watch winter Olympics, this is my favorite event to watch. And the luge, and ski jumping, and freestyle skiing. I honestly don't remember the last Olympics I watched though. I love your watercolor skater, Rain. :)

  28. I do like your figure skater watercolour, and I enjoyed watching Torville and Dean again ... amazing.

    It was also nice to see Dave Ryding wins Britain's first gold in alpine skiing World Cup

    Stay safe and well.

    All the best Jan

  29. Love the ice skater watercolor. I like ice dancing. I used to be a fan of all the ice skating, although I love all the Asian representation this year. I've seen videos on IG of ice skaters practicing on regular ground; their ability to jump up in the air and spin and land is phenomenal.

  30. How did I not know about Playboy Penguin, Rain? He certainly was a dapper little fellow. So glad you listened to your inner voice and continued drawing because we would have missed out on your sharing your talents.


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