Thursday, January 27, 2022

Thursday Art Date: ❄️ A Winter Night Scene ❄️

Welcome to Thursday's Art Date! 😊😊 Today our theme is A Winter Night Scene. I used my Prismacolor Pencils with solvent to create this scene of Bugs Bunny - cozy warm inside while it's cold and wintry outside! I used acrylic white paint for the snow.

February's themes are all about feelings and emotions! I challenge you my friends to really express emotion in your pieces for next month. I want to feel what you draw, paint, photograph etc!!!

My tribute to the man who started it all for me - Bob Ross! Back in 2013, I watched all 403 The Joy of Painting television shows (by the way they are all free on Bob Ross' YouTube Channel!). After watching the series, I decided I wanted to paint and I started with oils. Here I have Bob painting A Winter Night Scene!!

I recorded my real-time tutorial, How To Draw Bob Ross, if you'd like to follow along! I got my new microphone so I was able to finally record a voiced art lesson!

I also have my latest #SHORTS video up on the channel: Drawing Elmer Fudd.

Aimeslee, you wanted food, you get food! (PS Aimeslee: I'm a HUGE Stooges fan!!) Here's my Penne Alla good!

I've been craving salad so much lately and I did a big frugal-no-no...bought a $6 head of Boston Lettuce just to soothe that craving, sigh...but it was so worth the ridiculous price! I made a Balsamic Vinaigrette with 15 year-old Balsamic. Oh my, the older the vinegar, the sweeter it is! I also topped the salad with Homemade Croutons. These are really good for snacking too! (I used Wonder Bread that I had in the freezer and it worked very well!)

Trying to empty the pantry and fridge, I made Rice Pilaf and mashed potatoes to go with the salad.

Mexican Bean Dip
with tortilla chips - VERY VERY GOOD!!!

I tried making Milles Feuilles again (Napoleans)...they were absolutely delicious! But I added too much whipped cream to the filling and they fell flat. And I added too much milk to the glaze so the chocolate "chevrons" are all loopy...I was rushing too much! But don't worry, we still ate them!

We had a vet emergency this week too...(can you believe it? Another one!). Sweet Charlie-girl hurt her neck somehow. We gave it a few days to see if she'd get better but she was yelping in pain by Tuesday so we brought her to the vet. She has a damaged rotator cuff (the muscle and tendon group that helps rotate the neck, arm and shoulder). She very likely slipped on the ice outside. She's on anti-inflammatory and pain killing meds now. We are hoping it's not too major and she'll recover (with bed rest) in a few weeks. But she likely has early stages of arthritis too, so we are adding Glucosamine and fish oils to her diet from now on. Thanks to my friends on Instagram for sending prayers yesterday, your intentions and love helped a lot! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

We are in quite a cold snap lately, and I'm trying to hibernate and not leave the house! I recorded a video for my Spiritual Rain channel, called "Frozen Hair Day". You know it's cold when you have frozen hair!!! I'm nearly finished my marketing and YouTube program (3 more sessions!) and next week I begin my Tarot 101 course!

Beautiful Jeanie and her husband Rick! (Photo courtesy of Jeanie from The Marmelade Gypsy)

Today's featured artist is the sweet Jeanie from The Marmelade Gypsy blog! Jeanie has so much to offer on her blog - everything from cooking, decorating, book reviews, bird-watching...she always posts such fun-loving photos of her and her family as well! Please visit her blog! πŸ’— 

That's all for now folks! Please check out the link widget below for more "A Winter Night Scene" creations! See you soon!!! πŸ’— πŸ’— 


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  1. What a surprise to pop in for my weekly dose of Bugs and wonderful food and seeing I'm your feature! That really made my morning today, Rain! Thank you so much.

    Poor Charlie-girl. Oh, you've had your share of the vet and I hoe that she doesn't require rotator cuff surgery. It's not fun for people (I know!) but probably even less so for a dog. I know she'll get the best care.

    And your Napoleons look to die for!

    Thank you again!

  2. my favorite today are the fist one. The winter scene with Bugs Bunny :)

    I hope Charlie is doing well. Being hurtful is not fun :(

  3. Poor sweet Charlie. I hope she's doing better!

    Your Bugs Bunny night scene is wonderful! And your food looks wonderful Me thinks it's time to go make lunch.

  4. Bob Ross has influenced us all in so many ways! I still stop and watch if I see him on tv...I am mesmerized! Oh and I love our Jeanie! What a beautiful blog she has...and she's a beautiful lady! Enjoy your day!

  5. So cool that Bob Ross was your inspiration to take up painting! What a truly gentle, beautiful soul he was. Do you need any help eating those Napoleons? I'll catch the next flight, LOL! I hope Charlie recovers from her rotator cuff injury soon. And I'm looking forward to your tarot video series!

  6. ...thank for hosting Rain, I hope that you are staying warm and well.

  7. Glad you found out what is going on with Charlie. Poor baby. Ohhh your art is always so good and I would love some of that food. The pasta is calling my name. I watch a disturbing documentary on Bob Ross and his partners. He was the nicest man, but his partners took him for everything. Cut his son out and stole all the rights to his work, name, and everything else. So, I never buy Bob Ross products because the money doesn't go to the family it all goes to the nasty crooked people who stole the company. the docu is on Netflix.

  8. Poor, poor Charlie girl. I hope she makes a full recovery and her arthritis can be kept at bay.
    As usual (always) I am blown away by your art. Including your culinary art.

  9. Comfort art, comfort food, comfort puppy...and that is a great photo of Jeanie and Rick! πŸ˜ƒ

  10. That blue/yellow piece with Bugs Bunny is lovely. So much food... I don't know what milles feuilles is but if it has chocolate, then I'm all for it and looks delicioius.

    Have a lovely day.

  11. Good that your lovely girl Charlie Fonds help at the vet. I'm glad to hear about, Rain. I know what sorrow there are if one animal is ill.

    Wish all the best further. And I enjoyed seeing you had some fun and delicious food.

    Many hugs to you 😘

  12. I loved seeing that frozen snow scene, Jack in his little hat and the dogs wearing little booties - they are so well prepared. We have no snow here although I painted some today as was in a snowy mood :) So sorry for little Charlie hurting her neck - you need some grit/salt around the house but such an expanse to cover!

  13. Wow, that Bugs Bunny art looked 3-D! I thought it was made of mixed media materials. Glad Charlie saw the vet and got some help.

  14. Lovely night scene Rain. The food looks so good. My adult niece just painted a lovely landscape inspired by Bob Ross, he taught many a high school kid to paint according to my sister. Off to visit Jeanie.

  15. Rain,

    I really like your silhouette of Bugs in a snuggly warm home with the snow falling just outside his window. I thought you painted this but you didn't. This is super cool! Ahhh, you did use a some paint for the snow. Still very cool!

    You did a marvelous job on your sketch of Bob Ross. We used to watch him on PBS when the kids were small. I always admired his ability secretly wishing that I could do what he did. I'm going to have to watch his channel. Thanks for the tip.

    You foodie pix have licking my chops. Yum, does it ever look good! I haven't had Mexican Bean Dip in forever. I might have to fix that soon. I'm not sure what Miles Feuilles are but it delicious. I will be taking a peek at your recipes.

    Poor Charlie! I'm sorry he hurt himself. I know how that feels. Unfortunately, my tummy doesn't handle fish oil well, so I stay away from it.

    Thanks for the inspiration and for hosting the art date, my friend. Keep warm and be well! ;)

  16. Bob Ross is one of those people that is just fun to watch, and I am constantly astounded by his ability in just simple ways to draw things ("What sorcery is this? A tree?").

    Bugs looks sensibly inside instead of out, and I hope Charlie is doing better.

  17. Beautiful art and amazing dishes as always Rain, you always impress me! I'm so sorry you had yet another vet emergency. I hope your sweet baby is feeling much better soon!

  18. Rain - there is something so romantic and heartwarming about seeing a house lit up at winter-time, especially when seen from outside!!! We have been talking about food for the Super Bowl, and we have a similar recipe to your Mexican Bean Dip that is a family favorite!! Ice - dangerous for two-footed and four-footed creatures. Hope Charlie heals quickly!

  19. I thought of something else I wanted to tell you and when I came back to leave another comment, I couldn't find my first one. Not sure if it didn't get approved, or what, but I hope you got it. I actually came back to tell you I finally had time to watch the Bob Ross video and he would be very oroud of your incredible drawing. I was so impressed with the shading and his hair.

  20. Hello,

    I love your winter night scene! The food all looks delicious!
    I hope Charlie feels better soon. Great photo of Jeanie and Rick, she is another talented artist! Take care, enjoy your day! Have a happy weekend!

  21. In Canada we can lay claim to a certain expertise on winter nights, Rain. As for your featured blogger selection this week, it's a great choice. Jeanie and Rick are wonderful people, and both very creative in different ways.

  22. Blogger seems to be having one of its tantrums this morning. I just left a comment, but I think it may have just left on a journey to the ether. I will check back later.

  23. Great artwork, as always. Poor Charlie- I hate when something happens to our pets. I love Jeanie...she's a lovely person. xo Diana

  24. Thanks my friends, Charlie is already doing better today, mind you, it could just be that the painkillers are working, I hope it's not just a bandaid, we'll see in about 2 weeks!

    You're welcome Jeanie! You are a joy to visit and connect with! ♥

    Thanks Monica!

    Thanks Leigh!

    Thanks Diane! I agree, I do love Bob Ross!!

    Thanks Debra! You think I'd let you get your paws on my dessert? Ha! LOL ;)

    Thanks Tom!

    Nicole, that's awful about Bob Ross being taken like that. He was such a beautiful soul!

    Thanks EC!

    Thanks Sandi!

    Thanks Lissa! Mille Feuilles are just pastries with custard, cream and a white/chocolate glaze...addictive and soooo good!!

    Thanks Heidrun! Having pets is wonderful but can be so heart breaking at the same time.

    Thanks Betty! We have salt and sand on the path and parts of the driveway, it's the road unfortunately. Our road is private and I can't afford to sand the entire 400 feet!! But now she wears her boots no matter what when I take her out!!

    Thanks Stefanie! Where have you been??? Are you still blogging? (And IG?)

    Thanks Christine! Yes, Bob Ross was definitely an icon in the art world and still is.

    Thanks Cathy! When you use solvent to blend colored pencils, it looks so much like paint! I love that method of blending!!

    Thanks TB!LOL...he did have such a great way of speaking!

    Thanks Martha (Seaside Martha!)

    Thanks Angie! I'm thinking of Super Bowl food too, though I don't have a tv anymore, I can still celebrate with snacks lol!

    Thanks Elizabeth! I'm touched by your comment! But I didn't see your original comment! And it's not in my spam!

    Thanks Eileen!

    Thanks David! I put comment moderation back on! I took it off for a week then up pops spam, sigh. It's staying on for good now.

    Thanks Diana!

  25. I like the winter night scene. Delicious looking food. Poor Charlie. I hope he heals fast.

  26. Nice art date! I, too, follow Jeanie and always enjoy her blog. So sorry to read about Charlie. Hope he heals quickly.

  27. I do hope your sweet dog recovers and as good as new.
    I just planted some lettuce seed in the house under grow lights, I'm not sure how well it will work but interested to find out if I can do this through the winter.

  28. Hi Rain, I love the winter night with Bugs. It is awesome and a great piece of art. Wishing the best for Sweet Charlie girl, I hope she will recover without surgery, she's a beautiful dog.

  29. Hello Rain. I hope you sent that sketch and a link to You Tube to Bob Ross. He would be chuffed with it.

    Sue would like to know if you do Penne alla Gordons? Milles Feuilles is so special but difficult to do, even for the most skilled of pastry chefs so I think you deserve full marks for your own there.

    And poor old Charlie Girl, I hope she’s feeling a little better and staying warm in the weather you describe. Have a busy weekend.

  30. Thanks Nancy!

    Thanks Gigi!

    Thanks Connie! So nice to see your comment! ♥ Good luck with the lettuce...I need to find a way to have fresh lettuce all winter long too.

    Thanks Bill! Charlie is a sweetie...she's all heart. She's doing better already, hoping it continues that way!

    Thanks Phil! You can tell Sue I think Penne alla Gordons is a FABULOUS idea!!! Actually when we make Bloody Mary's or Bloody Ceasars, we use gin, Gordons in face, instead of Vodka!

  31. I'm glad I checked your comments and now know that blogger hates me even more.

    Bugs looks warm inside, while I am outside looking in at him.

    Goodness, I need to get something to eat after seeing that lovely penne, that really expensive lettuce, rice pilaf (which I love) and those mashed potatoes that look like they are drenched in butter. I would love to make those Napoleans, but I don/t have the patience.

    It's nice to read that Charlie is doing better. She looks so soulful in the photo. I know I wrot more before, but I'm in a bit of a time crunch at the moment, so I just hope you know I didn't flake on you. I'll be back to play again in March. I'm not going anywhere, but I'm doing another project which will take up my time.

  32. OMGosh, thank you, Rain! Yummm, I gain less weight when I just look, Ha! I want that pasta and I'll have it with the dip and of course, the Napoleons, wow! And good for you, Boston lettuce is a treat and looks so delish. and Hey, cheaper than you'd pay at a restaurant for one serving. Love Bob Ross and hope pup recovers quickly. Good weekend to you, xoxo

  33. Hi Rain,
    You make beautiful art.
    The food looks delicious.
    Your dogs are sweethearts.
    It really is winter with you, no winter here at all so far.
    We have daily temperatures of + 10 degrees Celsius.
    Greetings Irma

  34. I always enjoy your art, and your food looks delicious.
    Keep safe and warm.

    All the best Jan

    PS I do hope Charlie is doing ok.

  35. Hi Rain - always love visiting here. Even if I see some things on Instagram I love looking at the blog even more. Your food, art and how is Charlie - hope she is doing better.

  36. I've missed your Thursday posts, Rain! Well, all your posts! And I've missed doing the art. I'll get back soon. I'm feeling so much better! Hugs to you! Thanks for being my friend!

  37. Oh I do love your Bob Ross line art Rain, beautiful work showing how he loved to paint. Takes me back to early Sunday mornings when I was a child and watching him on TV, he was always on the channel that no one really watched.
    I do hope Charlie is recovering now, poor wee babe we forget that they too can slip and fall on the ice. Freya has been for her first groom of the year, her under foot fluff has been all trimmed down so she no longer has hobbits feet and can grip ground much easier. Happy February Hugs Tracey xx

  38. It looks so cold out there -- I didn't have the sound on (small house, using big computer, no earphones.) Later I'll watch it again on the ipad cause I do have earphones for it! I hope to find out if the neckwarmer Charlie is wearing part of the rotator cuff treatment. Your food as always looks wonderful and if you hadn't said anything I certainly wouldn't have seen anything wrong with the Napoleans. (Except that I don't have the real thing on a plate in front of me!)

  39. minus twenty five sounds shivering to me dear Rain i think i can't survive such low temps oh my

    oh i thoroughly loved your art specially your tribute to Bob Ross is truly inspiring wow so lovely !!!!!!!!!

    i am sorry for the Charlie hope she recovers soon !

    what a beautiful place you live in wow i loved the sky they sun and moon Glorious and serene thanks for sharing .
    best wishes for the tarot course ,hugs and blessings!

  40. Hi, Rain, your picture of Bugs is wonderful - you captured the mood of cozy warm inside and wintry outside perfectly. No wonder with this teacher. I always liked Bob Ross a lot, but I've seen comparatively few shows... (Not all of them were broadcasted in Austria and I only watched a part of them...)
    Poor Charlie!!!!!!!! I hope she gets better soon! Her look is so cute in this photo!
    Your food photos look extremely tempting...
    Hugs and all the best in February,


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