Thursday, October 14, 2021

Thursday Art Date: October Spooks! - πŸ‘€ Being Watched πŸ‘€

Hello Friends! 😊😊

Welcome to Thursday's Art Date, today our theme is Being Watched! Bugs Bunny has been watching too many "Halloween" movies, he's imagining Michael Myers watching him through the window! Or maybe it's NOT his imagination???

I bought myself a Red Riding Hood cape! I finally had some fun wearing it! For my art videos, I always record a personal introduction and for this week's tutorial, I wore the cape and hinted that I was being watched! It was fun. 

Here is my version of Being Watched in charcoals. I thought about me as Red, being watched by a this case, Benecio del Toro as The Wolfman. He played that character in the 2010 movie called The Wolfman. I thought it was perfectly scary!

Here's the trailer.

Here are my latest YouTube videos. If you'd like to watch them, please click on the images above or these links:

How I Use My Pendulum
Let's Draw Red Riding Hood and The Wolfman (time-lapsed)

I had a great Thanksgiving with all the fixins! I made a mostly vegetarian meal.

Cauliflower Gratin

Chicken Gravy and Cranberry Sauce

Stuffing with Homemade Bread

Mashed Potatoes and Braised Mushrooms and Carrots

Pumpkin Pie!

The mornings are very frosty these days.

But we all try to stay warm and cozy!

This week's highlighted artist/blogger is Elle from Empire of the Cat blog! Elle drops by once in a while and always has something very creative to share! This is her entry for last week's "Alien Worlds"! I just love it, please visit her blog! πŸ’—

(If you do not want to be featured, just let me know in the comments and I'll respect your wishes!)

That's all for now folks! Please check out the link widget below for more "Being Watched" creations! See you soon!!! πŸ’— πŸ’— 


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  1. Nice work on the being watched pieces Rain! Your Thanksgiving meal looks so good.

  2. Love your cape - and your Thanksgiving feast looks delicious.

  3. Hi Rain, I like your red cape - that will keep you snug. Your pets all look happy, I suppose they dont feel the cold as much as we do. The theme is fun this week, I often feel I am being watched! In fact I never feel alone - sounds a bit creepy but it's true :) Your Thanksgiving food looks wholesome.

  4. Hi Rain, lots of fabulous art and photos again today. I hope to be able to join in again next week, got a lot on my plate just now, and am feeling bad on op o it all. Love your fabulous cape! Hugs, Valerie

  5. Oh how exciting! Thanks so much for choosing my art journal page from last week :)

  6. Bugs looks scared being watched. :)
    I love your Red Riding Hood outfit. What a great idea, and it seems beautiful as well. :)

    Take care and glad you have your furred friends to scare bad ones away.

  7. That's a great Thanksgiving dinner, Rain. It really is an "eat too much" festival and we now need to get out and walk it off! We made our start yesterday and will be back at it again today. Enjoy the weekend coming up.

  8. Hello, Rain

    Your Bugs art is always cool. I love the image of you being watched in your new red-riding hood cape. Your furbabies are all adorable. I am glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving, the food looks delicious. Take care, enjoy your day!

  9. Good Thursday. Luv today's prompt Rain


  10. Your Thanksgiving feast looks delicious, I believe each loved it. Your paintings are very creepy πŸ˜‚πŸ™‹πŸ»‍♀️πŸπŸ‚πŸ

    Have a good week, stay healthy and well, dear Blogfriend.

  11. what a thanksgiving spread! yum! i love the pic of you in that cape!

  12. Rain,

    That's why I don't like watching the really creepy, scary movies with real monsters in them. Give me ghouls, vampires, zombies, and such any day for a few frights but not horror flicks where people are evil, evil, evil. I liked the Bugs sketch, though. You did a fabulous job capturing just how scared he is. Why just look his hare (couldn't resist) is standing on ends? Ahhh, you can be Little Red Riding Hood this Halloween. I love the looks of a long flowing cape! Great still photo and I liked your inspired charcoal piece. We watched The Wolfman a few months back and thought it was an excellent remake. I just Anthony Hopkins! I've wanted to watch this for a long time and then I found it on one of our streaming services. I think it was Epix when we did their 99 cent trial offer through Amazon Prime. I'm glad that we got to see and definitely recommend this movie for a good Halloween feature. Yum, your Thanksgiving feast looks delicious. I like how you decorated your pumpkin pie. I ought to do something like that this year. Thanks for the idea! ;) Well, I'm not linking up but I do have an illustration today. I don't have time to make a lot of rounds since I'm trying to get many things done before our staycation. Perhaps once I return to my normal blogging schedule again mid-November I can join again. Thanks for hosting the fun, my dear. Have a good week!

  13. I love the look on Bugs' face, LOL! And your Thanksgiving feast looks dee-lish!

  14. Good art, good videos, and good looking food! Thanks Rain!

  15. make a great Red Riding Hood!

  16. I love your post and the red cape. It looks awesome. Great spread too. I swear I checked 2 or 3 times to see what the theme was for this week and my eyes went to broomsticks. So I am off a week. Gees old eyes they just don't work like they once did.

  17. Love the little red riding hood cape and your Thanksgiving dinner looks delicious - I love caulifower! Love the photos of the kitties and dogs looking cosy, mine are glued to the radiators at the moment, and look accusingly at me if they are not turned on lol. Elle/EOTC xx

  18. Hi Rain, great drawing, love the new cape and WOW, what a nice table you set, Happy Belated Canadian Thanksgiving to you. xoxo

  19. I have never watched any of those Halloween scary, spooky, or frightening movies, so I didn't "get" the connection, but I can sure tell Bubs has been spooked by the look on his face.

    I think your cape is beautiful. All you need now is a basket with a red and white checkered cloth to go with it!!

    You and the werewolf are stunning. I don't own any charcoals, and I can't draw, but I sure like what you created.

    I want a Thanksgiving meal just like yours, Rain. I could eat all the mashed potatoes myself in a single setting. I'll pass on the cranberries, but the rest would be wonderful. It all looks SO good, too.

    So nice to see you and all your "family" keeping warm. Have a brilliant week, dear. Hope to see you next week, if time permits.

  20. Your TG food looks fantastic, Rain! And there is my favourite hound looking right at the camera! Love Jack.

  21. Michael Myers is really not someone i'd like to be watching me, no wonder poor Bugz looks spooked. Your cape looks amazing Rain, I must try and catch up on some video's internet has been a pain this week. Jack made me smile with his warm coat, they all look so cosy and warm, with the smells from all that delightful food it must be so homely.
    Sending hugs & creative wishes your way Tracey xx

  22. Lovely art ...
    Your Thanksgiving meal looks delicious, especially the cauliflower cheese.

    Enjoy the week ahead.

    All the best Jan

  23. The Being Watched is very creepy - dare I say "Well done" to something that gives me chills?

  24. You are a marvellous cook, and artist! Amazing.

  25. wow your being watched art is spooky and amazing indeed dear Rain :)

    actually after reading your post and visiting sites i was writing quite a comment two and half hours ago i think and then door knocked and i had to get up ,now previous comment is echoing in my head but i am not sure if i had published it or left incomplete ,i have to wait until i see if it is published after approving oops

  26. Your piece looks great! And it's getting cold here too 32 degrees this morning. Do you guys get much snow up in the area you moved to? How are your grocery prices and things doing up there? Starting to see if there's some shortages here and there and predictions of natural gas going way up which is what we use for our furnace. I've been bugging hubby for a wood stove for years but not happening. He worked in the industry in the seventies and still keeps thinking they're all yucky and filthy. Luckily I did buy some propane heaters so we'll see what the winter brings

  27. That is a beautiful red cape. Love it. Your food looks excellent. I can't believe you made it all yourself. Awesome!

  28. Hi, Rain! I've posted alien worlds, granted a week late. I had a lot of fun with it. I love you in your Red Riding Hood cape! You reminded me that I can now get into my Uhura uniform. You are brilliant with Bugs! I don't know how you portray so much info in so few strokes! I would never want to be as close to a wolf man as you are in your scary portrait. Your Thanksgiving feast looks delicious. I don't celebrate it because I celebrate American Thanksgiving now. Actually on Canadian Thanksgiving I was at my doctor's having more blood tests. I think we now know what has happened to me over the past few months. My "perfect" thyroid suddenly went into hyperdrive, and I likely have Graves Disease. And I thought the 18 pounds I've lost since mid-April was because I finally had food figured out after Terry's heart attack ~ LOL! Hence the Uhura uniform. I go to the hospital as an outpatient for two days next week for a radioactive iodine test and that should determine what happened to my thyroid. But I have five weeks to go until I see an endocrinologist. So I'll likely reach my target weight ~ LOL! My latest lovely symptom: tremors. But I am doing okay! Hugs to you!

  29. I really enjoyed seeing you in your red cape, Rain, perfect for the season and this post! Belated Happy Thanksgiving to you and Alex and the pets and your dinner sounded delicious just from the description and the photos. We have no idea of where we will celebrate ours in Nov. most likely a quiet one at home and then starting some holiday film watching.

  30. WOW! What creative talent you have. It is always fun to visit you...great post! xo Diana

  31. Thanks for your comments everyone!! I'm just catching up!

    @Nancy from Little Homestead in Boise: I'm just below the "snow belt" according to my neighbour. Last winter was cold but we didn't get much snow, I only had to plow 5 times all winter! But that was my first winter, I'll see if it's the same this year! And grocery prices, yeah, they're going up, but not radically! I'm thankful for Costco!


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