Thursday, November 19, 2020

Thursday Art Date: Antique

Hello Friends, 😊

Welcome to Thursday's Art Date, today our theme is Antique. Bugs Bunny kindly posed for me and even asked one of his sheep buddy's to sit in on the photo shoot. Mr. Sheep used to work on the set of The Flintstones. (If you're familiar with The Flintstones cartoon show, you might get my humour!) The spinning wheel was invented in the 1000's AD; it's definitely an antique yet still used today - in fact I know some Bloggers who use them, one of whom is Yarrow over at The Woodwife Blog.

The radio was invented in the late 1890's. Frankenstein's Monster and his Bride love to spend a romantic evening at home, listening to music on the radio and dancing The Tango. The Tango originated in Buenos Aires in the latter half of the 1800's. The Monsters themselves are antiques...Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein in 1818.

Speaking of radio, I love radio broadcasts! I wish I could have been around to listen to them live, but You Tube does the job now. The first radio broadcast, a Christmas Concert, hit the airwaves on Christmas Eve in 1906. 

Alex and I listen to Old Time Radio shows from the 1930's through the 1950's every night during dinner. Our favourites are the comedians: Jack Benny, Bob Hope and George Burns, who all worked for NBC during those decades. Comedy was so much better in those days - in my opinion! And so was radio...when you listen to a radio comedy or even a thriller like Suspense!, your imagination activates. Television is wonderful, I love movies...but radio is really a one of a kind listening experience. 

Critters: My "little" girl Charlie. She's a very smart husky, she knows her left from her right. Alex taught all the dogs to give either the left paw or the right paw. It comes in handy on walks when their leashes get caught up under their legs!

Some foodie highlights this week were cauliflower and green onion quiche, baked Mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce, sugar pie, baked rigatoni and smoked Cheddar fondue. To answer a question I've gotten often...we do eat healthy too! 😀 I just highlight the cheesy-comfort foods here on my blog. I don't find it interesting to photograph my broiled fish fillet with steamed asparagus!

On days when I'm feeling overwhelmed or tired, Alex takes over in the kitchen. He makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches, using Old Cheddar and Parmesan petals. When he called me for dinner, I was welcomed with this lovely meal! He made fries and ice cream sodas too! Real diner food!

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Rain the Super Girl!! (I had fun at the site!)

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  1. Oh my goodness! That Supergirl Comic-Con magazine cover is wonderful, Rain. You're a beautiful Supergirl. And quite believable - as I think you can conquer just about anything you set your mind to. Our boys grew up listening to old time radio shows on cassette and the later CD's. They know about shows I'd never even listened to. Your drawings are amazing!

  2. Great choices of antiques Rain, lovely pieces in very original settings!
    The food looks good as always.

  3. Charlie is lovely - and so well trained.
    It is coming up to dinner time and I am drooling. And sadly well aware that our meals will not measure up to your high standards.
    Love your art too.
    Thank you.

  4. Hahahahaha, love the magazine cover! Fun! And that food looks delicious. Sometimes we need to eat "unhealthy" to keep up the good spirits. "Antique" was a fun theme! Thanks for hosting, Rain!

  5. hello rain,
    the old spinning wheel staged miss bunny grin, great and Frankenstein with old music box and with the old radio stations. Great drawings.
    Charlie is a smart dog!
    It looks delicious, nice of Alex to spoil you with the food
    Have a good time, hug Elke

  6. Fun work again Rain, and your food looks divine! Have a wonderful day, hugs, Valerie

  7. The first drawing is really great.
    Charlie's video is great, you can teach a dog anything, this one is really super smart.
    The food looks delicious.
    Greetings Irma

  8. Hello,

    I love the Bugs Bunny with the sheep. I remember me and my mom watching the Bob Hope show. Today Comedy TV is not the same as it was 50 years ago. Your food always looks so good. Rain, you make an awesome Supergirl. Charlie is a smart dog, love the video. Take care, enjoy your day!

  9. Wow, Rain! You just walked me down memory lane! It was awesome, by the way ! Lol !

  10. The spinning wheel was indeed a great tool. No wonder it lasted so long. When I was young I wanted one as I also find them beautiful. Sadly I never got one. :( Love the fact Bunny is working on it :)

    Good that Charlie knows left and right side :)

    Take care. Your food looks good but as I am allergic to milk products I have a little problem :) Want to, but should not, you know!

  11. i love the super girl pic! the radio show hosts are spot on...what an incredible job you did on them! and your food! i could eat a grilled cheese right now and it's 6:30 am! charlie is such a smart girl! just don't teach her to ring doorbells. winnie drives me crazy doing that!

  12. Rain,

    I definitely understand your humor. lol I'm glad you refreshed my memory about the sheep, though. The Flintstones did a lot of funny stuff like this with animals to show how progressive those cave people were. :) Frankenstein and his bride boogieing to tunes played on an old time radio is really cool. DH's parents had an antique radio. It was beautiful and as far as I know it was still working when his late dad sold it to someone who came by to buy something else. I really hated that he did that. Had we' known he was doing things like that then we would've made an offer. My guess is he didn't want the kids knowing as he also sold the Victrola which was another gorgeous piece. Radio comedy had to be a hoot in its day. I find it difficult to follow people on the radio. Mewsic is a different story. I don't have to understand the lyrics to enjoy the melody. :) Yum, all that food sure does look good! Oh, I remember getting the Reader's Digest. lol Have a doodletastic week!

  13. Look at you as Supergirl. With all you do each day, you truly are a supergirl. The info you gave with your antique drawings was so fascinating. Thank you for that. My mom and dad grew up listening to the radio entertainment. Once they got TV they enjoyed the same comedians there. I have listened to a few radio shows from the 30's and loved them. You are correct in the fact it makes your imagination more active.

  14. You hit the spots with those pictures again my friend.

    The sheep joke is just so funny. And of course the old-time radio picture reminds me of someone who used to dance like that in the sixties. Or at least, hoped he did!
    I grew up listening to Jack Benny, Bob Hope and George Burns, sometimes radio, later the TV. Of course Gracie was just as funny as George with the cigar – a superb double act. I think you should picture them both in a sketch next week. The thing they all had in common was that they were genuinely funny guys with brilliant timing who didn’t need to employ crudity or filth to make people laugh.

    I don’t know of sugar pie but it looks OK while sounding a little unhealthy.

    As for next week, I don’t know of anyone who might think me a superhero, least of all my missus Sue.

    Keep up the art work Rain.

  15. Do you make your own pie crusts? If am going to make my own this Thanksgiving. 😃 Do you have a recipe you recommend? These look good!

  16. Hi Rain, I love your antique post today. I am sorry I don't have one this week. I love the food section of your post. Can I come live with you? ha ha ha. Be safe over there. Hugs N.

  17. Your foodie highlights are rocking my world! And I laughed out loud at Bug at the spinning wheel. Thanks for the smiles.

  18. Cute drawings! Love them. As for radio, I used to listen to soap operas with my mother when I was little. So funny back then. We could hear actual footsteps to signify that a character was walking with high heels. The door slammed shut and we could hear that, too. This was long before we bought a TV.

  19. Your art salute to radio comedy is great! And I always love your Bugs Bunny cartoons too. Next week's theme inspires me . . . but will I actually get off my ass and try to produce something for it? We'll see!

  20. I do love the old radio shows and miss them. You did a bang up job with that drawing. And your food is looking pretty tasty as well.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  21. Fabulous art,
    Delicious food,
    Super video clip,
    ... and fish fillet with steamed asparagus sounds wonderful :)

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  22. Lovely pictures as always Rain.

    I do wish radio shows had a resurgence. I think they would be a lot of fun to do.

  23. Old time radio! I'm old enough to remember most of them haha I really loved some of the Garrison Keillor shows on PBS can't remember the name of the program. Just the old time radio stories, songs, ads. And that cheese looks great!

  24. I love your first drawing of Bugs. I love the photos of all the yummy things you make to eat. They look healthy enough to me!

  25. Oh Rain, I am so sorry for being so late visiting. I was SO sick last night, I didn't even link up for at least two hours. Still not well, but feeling guilty, so wanted to stop by and admire how amazing your art is this week.

    I loved the spinning wheel and the radio personalities you drew. They are wonderful. Sadly, I have never heard any of these radio broadcasts.

    I wish I felt better, because normally, I would be drooling over the food you shared, even the wonderful lunch Alex prepared.

    Charlie is one smart dog and Alex is great at teaching her that trick, too. Hope you have a great week and MY good news is I was able to add you to my left sidebar after Blogger fixed their glitch.

  26. Rain, I used to spin yarn with a bunny on my lap. But sheep's wool has to be cleaned of the lanolin before spinning. Thanks, now I've got that Monster Mask song going off in my head.

  27. I do indeed share your humour and I love your cartoon :) I have been decorating my bedroom and left it too late to join in but will enjoy visiting the other participants to see what they created. I don't have any antiques here but there is a grandmother clock in the family for the last 150+ years or so - it's painted with the sun, moon and stars, it always goes to the oldest female in my family, my cousin owns it (I will be the next owner one day), it is very special and all our family have at some time or other sat and listened to it's comforting tick and chimes when visiting the relatives who have owned it. I love seeing your pets, had never thought of teaching a dog left from right but it certainly is a good idea.

  28. That was so nice for him to cook for you. Food all looks amazing as always. Have a great week.

  29. It just can't be that you are anywhere near my age group, but you seem to be pulling from the things that I remember oh so well. Jack Benny, Bob Hope, George Burns, they were so much fun when radio was the way to the outside world. Surely you weren't there for that, right? So your smart dogs has a smart trainer as well. My Izzi knows left from right because of her Agility experience. We used hand signals most of the time, but if she wasn't looking, I would say "left" and she would know what to do. Dogs are far smarter that people realize and even cats can turn your head now and then. Speaking of head turning ... how about that Bugs being able to pull yarn right off of that sleepy eyed lamb. Love the spinning wheel and the old radio. This was truly a fun prompt. As for your food, I don't want to talk about it ... it is nearing lunch time and I am already hungry. Your food all looks so good and I would have loved the fish and asparagus too. Having a back up cook doesn't hurt either ... my husband can only burn lunch meat ... I know, not too appetizing. He used to do my laundry until he became ill and lost a good portion of his lung fields. Now I do the washing and he hangs the cloths in the closet when they are dry. So great post as usual ... next week you will be your real superwoman self. I don't think you even have to put on a costume to achieve the look. Stay well, Rain ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  30. Your artwork is always great, Rain! I especially love all the Bugs Bunny stuff. Charlie is adorable! And what a smart girl she is. I'm old enough to really appreciate radio. It was a big thing back when I was a youngster. Times are so different now.

  31. what fun it is to visit each time you post!! Always a kick to see the cartoon illustrations, they always make me smile:):) Your pencil and charcoal drawings are just fab. And well, the food- YUM!!!

  32. Your art is amazing, Rain. Bugs is always a delight! Super, Supergirl!

  33. Oh dear! Now I'm hungry!
    And I had to LOL seeing your Bugy Bunny + the sheep at the spinning wheel:-DDD
    Hugs & happy weekend

  34. Hello Rain,

    Cute image of Bugs Bunny at the spinning wheel with the sheep. Your food looks so yummy, the baked rigatoni is one of my favorites. The pie looks delicious! Charlie is so smart, good dog! Love your art work!
    Thank you for linking up and sharing your post! Take care,enjoy your day! Have a happy weekend! PS, thanks so much for leaving me a comment.

  35. Rain - as usual, your drawings are fab! I do think comedians from the "old days" were more talented - they had to be truly funny rather than rely on profanity or sex to be entertaining. And radio, without the visual, is even more challenging! I love quiche almost as much as I love soup - never met one I didn't like! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I am so grateful that you have become a regular member of the Mosaic Monday family!

  36. haha
    i absolutely LOVED the super girl Rain dear Rain :) you look really super heroin to me as i am already fan of how you smart and active you are :) simply all rounder :)

    oh your food brings water in my mouth always ,how nice Alex cooks for you when you are tired ,sign of true companionship :)

    loved the video ,your girl is fast learner indeed :)
    art is lovely as always humor made it nicer
    i am radio lover and your love for radio sounds precious to me ,i agree that it activates one's imagination so true
    more love and blessings to your world my friend!

  37. Fun drawings; I love Rescue Girl.
    Poor Charlie. So good that she is feeling better now.
    I can’t get over how much you accomplish. Wow!
    Enjoy the weekend, Rain.

  38. How lovely to have a husband who can take over now and then in the kitchen.


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