Thursday, September 10, 2020

Thursday Art Date: Eyes and Ears

Hello Friends, 😊

Welcome to Thursday's Art Date, today our theme is Eyes and Ears. It was Bugs Bunny's idea to dress up like Disney's Dumbo this week! He had to lay off the carrot juice for a few days to fit into Dumbo's little costume though! 😊

Oh I had to share this! My friend Dorothy, many of you know her blog The Frog and PenguINN...sent me a card and look at the stamps she chose! Talk about knowing me well huh? Thanks Dorothy! 😊

This is a collage of four pen and ink drawings I did this week. I saw something like this on an internet image and I wanted to do my take on what my eye sees each season.

This study really got my imagination going and I was able to relax while I did a little drawing each day. Taking time for myself and practicing self-love is SO healing. I told Alex that all I want to do with my life is draw/paint, cook, eat, drink wine, make cheese and love him and the furries. Simple life. 😊

House Update, we're knocking things off the list!!!

Alex got up on the roof and fixed the leak around the chimney flashing...NO MORE LEAKS!!! But...the roof needs to be replaced - that'll be next year. This is the year of the bandaid...we're thinking of getting rid of the shingles and replacing them with a tin roof.

I got my office all unboxed and organized. I'm SO happy and I feel so much more calm and creative now. Clutter is horrible for me! I think I spent 4 days in a row just focusing on art, and it was amazing. For those interested, I put all of the upcoming themes for the rest of 2020 on my sidebar along with a page that describes the theme and gives some inspiration. You can also find those themes and a link to the pages here: Thursday Art Date With Rain. I'll be thinking of the 2021 themes too this month! 😊

Baby Oscar (now a 6-year old "baby") has developed feline asthma...we had to bring him to the vet because he started wheezing so badly we thought he might suffocate. He's on steroids and also antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection. Oh my gosh, how did this happen? Poor sweetie. He's been on the meds for a week now and he's doing much better.

It's getting cold overnight...Jack has to wear his hoodie every morning now!

That's all for now folks. Please check out the link gadget below to see more Eyes and Ears artwork! I'll be back to visit you all in October! πŸŽƒπŸŽƒ

PS: πŸŽ…πŸŽ…πŸŽ… I will be adding this to my posts for a few more weeks: Please contact me via my contact form on the right side bar of my blog if you want to be on my Christmas card list! Send me your address and I'll send you mine! And also please contact me if you have been previously so I can give you my new address! πŸŽ…πŸŽ…πŸŽ…


My Attempt At A Frank Lloyd Wright Architectural Draft!

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  1. I just love your eyes on the seasons, Rain. Very clever and charming and whimsical.

  2. Bugs is SO cute in that Dumbo outfit, but those EYES through each season are simply incredible. You have created sheer beauty, as well as your take on a Frank Lloyd Wright drawing. Thanks, too for the TADs through the end of the year.

    Good luck with that roof. I can see it's a bandaid. Of course, the roof will not fall this winter, but might be unsafe next winter. Love seeing your finished craft space.

    Hope Oscar doesn't have to stay on steroids the rest of his life. The dogs are so cute and Jack looks good in a hoodie!

  3. Hello Rain,
    sweet and funny Bunny Dumbo creation and the stamps!
    The pen drawings are great, I like them!
    A good resolution for now and for the future, congratulations !!! Alex must have been pleased.
    Have you been busy and Alex!
    Now you feel at home again!
    Oscar I wish you a speedy recovery, there is always something going on.
    I wish you all all the best, stay safe and sound, everyone, hug Elke

  4. As always I adore and am awed by your art.
    And am super impressed at your achievements.
    Stay well, stay safe.

  5. Good Morning Rain, what interesting Post. I love your cat Baby. He is a beauty ...

    ...and the artworks with the eyes are fantastic.

    Have a good week.

  6. Lovely art. Sorry about your little cat having problems. Keep resting! Hugs, Valerie

  7. dear Rain, I love your art work this week, the halloween eye picture is really inspiring. I am so glad for you that you feel creative and have had some time for your artwork. That roof looks like it's really had its lifespan! a tin roof would be fun as you will hear the rain on it which I think would be fabulous - and economical but it might make the place hot in summer :) Your pets are so sweet and I totally understand how concerned you must be for them, I love Jack wearing his hoody and I hope your kitty responds well to the meds. We have been trying to rehome a cat since ours passed on during lockdown (cancer) age 18, all the rescue places have waiting lists for people! probably first time in history this has happened - so many people now working from home so we are back of the queue I think. Blessings to you and Alex and your pets. Betty x

  8. You have been busy with your ink. Love all of it. You are very talented on this kind of artwork. And I love black and white. They are beautiful art all of them. And of course, everyone loves Dumbo. :)

    If Oscar has asthma you have to figure out what triggers it. We have asthma and allergies in my family and it is not an easy task to figure out what is the trigger. :( I love the color of his fur. He seem to fit well in your home.

    Take care!

  9. Hi everyone
    Have a nice Thursday


  10. Hello,

    Your artwork is lovely. I loved all your drawings. Your dogs are so cute. I hope your kitty is feeling better. I would love to have a tin roof. Your office looks nice. Take care, enjoy your day!

  11. The eyes changing with the season is very creative ~ Love jacks hoodie, that's really cute! I hope Oscar feels better after the antibiotics, poor big guy that's rough for everyone.
    Great life goals too ~ sounds like a beautiful plan full of love, minimalism, & simplicity ~ Enjoy!

  12. Rain,

    Your Bugz and Dumbo mashup is good but your eye on the seasons series is fabulous. Nicely done, my friend, nicely done!

    I hope the roof bandaid holds up through the winter. We've fixed repairs like that, but honestly we probably need a new roof. It's expensive to keep up a home, isn't it?

    Hooray for getting your office unboxed for a more enjoyable, creative environment. Let the sketching begin! :)

    Have a good rest of the week knocking off chores from your to-do list. Have a doodletastic day, my dear!

  13. Very fun theme this week. Your pen and inks are really interesting! The kind of work you just want to look at for a long time and take in.

    Your office looks great! And what a lovely view - very inspiring.

    Good for Alex for fixing the leak. That's important! Everything else is slow but steady.

  14. Rain: You have such talent. Your art is beautiful. It must have felt wonderful to get your office unpacked and organized. You'll be much more relaxed now that things are in their proper place. That roof does need to be replaced, and a metal roof would be a good choice. It is more expensive, but lasts so much longer. Good to see Alex tied himself off with that rope before venturing up. Hope Oscar gets better soon and you can figure out why he has developed asthma. And....that Jack dog! I love him from here!!! Hounds have my heart.

  15. Wow on the seasonal eyes they are masterpieces and Dumbo’s ears are such fun!

    Beautiful workspace!

  16. Your pen and ink drawings are wonderful!

    Decluttering is hard; living without clutter is peaceful and allows us to be creative.

  17. Your pen and ink drawings are wonderful.

    Glad that Alex is getting to fix some leaks before the cold starts. I just want cool, not cold.

  18. Popped over here from Bleubeard and Elizabeth's. You both are inspiring my creative juices which have been lacking lately.

    Also I am now following you as a fellow Canadian.

    This is the year of staying home so we are getting some projects done as well.

  19. Glad to hear that you have no more leaks. Asphalt shingles are probably the least desirable type of roof. Metal is terrific but not cheap! Great series of drawings, by the way.

  20. Poor Oscar! I didn't even know cats could GET asthma!

  21. What a clever way to draw eyes, and I'm madly in love with those stamps. So adorable. Any you already know that the office is just perfect! Hugs, RO

  22. Those "eyes on the seasons" are gorgeous, Rain! YOu are so talented in everything you attempt. I love your office. I've been working on my craft room still. Poor Oscar! That's terrible for anything or anyone. Thank goodness you got him to the vet and he is recovering. Jack is so funny....that boy could have a blog all to himself! He's so cute! I love his spots with the striped hoody...what a hoot! Good for Alex fixing the leak! Yes, the roof looks pretty bad....big expense too.
    What happened to the garden? Take care and enjoy your week! Send some co ol air down here's hotter than hades!

  23. Bugs is so cute with his dumbo costume.

    Your four-season drawings are wonderful. I like the turtle/summer one the best even though I'm more of a rabbit person. I think the pattern in the summer version appeals to me more.

    Have a lovely day.

  24. Do you really think Bugs is too big to fit in Dumbo's costume ... hmmmm. I think he would have been swamped in it, but doesn't matter because he looks, well, uhhh ... strange as an elephant and humorous. I did LOL when I saw it.
    Your cleverness shows through again. As for your ink drawings ... they are wonderful. If you could work in a little red and green they would make great Christmas cards or just do the one "Eye on Winter" ... Anyway, I could never find the time to do that much detail ... maybe I am just impatient. Your commitment is showing through :) And Poor Baby Oscar ... I am so glad you were able to get him to the Vet. He does look a little tired in the picture. He also looks like my 4 year old baby Buffy. We seem to go for the orange kitties and the gray kitties ... really, all said, all kitties :) Jack looks cute in his little hoody ... Izzi lives for cooler weather. She has such a heavy coat that summer is really uncomfortable for her. We have a cooling bed which she uses some of the time, but mostly she just stays in as much as she can until it gets cold again. Looking forward to next week ... Frank Lloyd Wright has always been a favorite. My Mother loved his designs and passed it on to me. There are many FLW homes in the Chicago area and some are open to the public ... you can guess that I took advantage of that, right? So Glad you are getting your projects done and still finding time for yourself. See you next week, Rain ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  25. You are so busy as usual. That art is just amazing. Yes, it is so important to find a happy place. With all the fires here and my town being in hazardous air quality it has been a tough week. All of OR is burning and towns have burnt to the ground. I am heart sick about it. I did find a happy place today though.

  26. Lovely art ...

    I do hope Oscar improves soon and you can figure out why he has developed asthma.

    All the best Jan

  27. You are such a wonderful artist. I like the eyes for the seasons. Wish I had a little talent and could join it. I can't even draw a stick doll. :) Your office looks amazing. So happy you and Alex are enjoying your new place. It's so perfect. I love it! Hope your kitty cat will be fine.

  28. You have been busy with art and home improvements. Sorry that your cat is having problems with breathing. Hoping for a speedy recovery.

  29. Everything here makes me smile today -- your fun Bugs, Dorothy's collage but more than anything your sweet Marmelade, Oscar. I have a big soft spot for ginger boys (my blog was named for my ginger Gypsy) and I hope his asthma eases up soon. I wonder if they are susceptible to some of the same fall allergies we are?

  30. I obviously support the rabbit drawing above all others.

    Get a metal roof. They can be pricey but will really be the long term solution you want. Also great for rain water harvesting.

  31. Glad you can knock things off your list and get the house ready for winter. I made it to TAD this week again, after leaving out for some time. No inspiration! *LOL* Have a great weekend!

  32. Loved the series on season, so creative. You actually put life to an idea. WOW!

  33. Another lovely post. Poor baby - feline asthma ..never knew such a thing existed. Love the stamps and of course your art. I saw those beautiful black and white pen sketches at instagram - they are so so beautiful. I agree with all you want to do - sounds like me except for the cooking....but I love eating.

  34. Hi Rain, I knew you would enjoy the stamps and honestly got so excited when I saw them at the post office because I knew WHO to send them to. Thanks for the shout-out and you are so welcome. The pen and ink drawings were wonderful and so glad you are feeling decluttered in your new space. A tin roof would most likely be the best long-term solution. Good to read that you and Alex are crossing things off the to-do list. Hope the meds help Oscar's asthma as I didn't know felines had it as well as humans. And, it's getting chilly enough for jackets here too.

  35. i had to laugh at the bugs appearance dear Rain
    you are FANTASTIC artist
    and yes NEVER SAW SUCH GLORIOUS collage like your seasonal eyes ,it was hard to remove eyes from them
    congratulations for incredibly done art WOW!!!!!!!!!!!
    best of luck for all you up to to knock off the list ,images were wonderful :)

    oh your office is absolutely outstanding ,what a lovely place to feel free to drive out your beauty within :)))
    sorry about oscer ,i hope he gets better soon
    more joys and peace to you and your's my friend!

  36. Good for you getting things done! I know I'm feeling like winter is just around the corner. I've been watching the series Seeing Canada on our Public broadcasting station. They were having an episode this morning on New Brunswick Nova Scotia and Quebec. It's a pretty cool series I don't know if you seen it? Brandy Yanchtk is the host and she does a great job. Should another great show called Seeing the USA that has been on as well. Pretty cool! She's also really nice. I reached out to her on Facebook and told her how much I enjoyed our shows and we were able to chat a bit. Hope your projects keep coming along nicely and glad your dog is doing better


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