Thursday, August 27, 2020

Thursday Art Date: Still Life and Paint Party Friday!

Hello Friends, 😊

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Welcome to Thursday's Art Date, today our theme is Still Life. I caught Bugs Bunny in a very artsy moment while he drew and painted his version of Still Life. I guess this is his idea of a nice, quiet evening. 😊

I'm also linking up with Paint Party Friday tomorrow.

I watch a lot of the show "Moonshiners"...and thought that those guys basically lead the Still Life...ha ha...a little play on words. I did this doodle with pigment liner pens. The thought did occur to me that one day I'd love to try my hand at making whisky. I's not quite legal and probably very dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. I drew this last weekend before this happened:

Those of my Friends who follow me on Instagram know it's been an emotional week here. Our neighbour's house burned down on Monday. I was on my way out to get some groceries when I saw that billowing black cloud. I called 911 immediately. It's been so dry here...and his house isn't more than about 300 meters from ours, our acreages meet in the back forest...I was terrified the fire would start a forest fire and we'd lose our home. I wasn't the only one. Neighbours from about 1 km in each direction showed up...all of us with worried faces. Not only were we concerned for our neighbours, but understandably for ourselves too.

Apparently Robert was working on his car, welding, when a spark flew out of his open garage and set a pile of wood on fire very quickly. It spread to the forest and became a blaze. Luckily there was very little wind that day. There were fire trucks from three counties that arrived. In two of those counties, the firemen are all volunteers, bless them 💕. But the water trucks kept running out of water and they had to speed off to the river and pond to refill over and over. Robert and his wife had burns on their arms but they are okay. They lost everything though. 

The fire was supposed to be out but a few hours later a neighbour called to say that it started again and the fire department had to come back. All of the neighbours gathered around again. This time the firemen doused it with water and fire retardant. A helpful neighbour drove his giant backhoe to the scene and helped to dig through the debris to make sure there weren't any embers. After weeks of drought, it finally rained on day late for those poor people. We all breathed a sigh of relief though.

I was walking the dogs this morning, trying to work through my overwhelming feelings of empathy...when I saw this rock shaped like a broken heart. I always carry matches with me, and I decided to create a still life piece out of Nature. I fiddled with the photo for the effect in Photo Explosion. This expresses how I feel these days! 

Despite the tragedy, life goes on. The clouds reflected a beautiful sunset that night.

Last night I saw a rainbow...actually it was a double, there is a second one just above the first one, this brought hope to my heart. 💓

So, that's all for now folks. Please check out the link gadget below to see more Still Life art; and join me on Sunday for my food, pets and home post. And please stay safe, check your smoke alarm batteries and always practice diligent fire safety!


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  1. Lovely art and photos again, great selection. So sorry to hear about the fire at your neighbour's place, that must have been terrifying. I'm glad the fire brigade people were able to put it out and that no lives were lost, but sorry the have lost their house this way. We have had lots of rainbows here, too, more in the past few weeks that sometimes in a whole year. Have a good week, stay safe, look after yourself! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Oh Rain, how terrible for YOU and your neighbor. I'm glad the fire is now out, at least.

    I love what Bugs did. I had trouble with this one, especially since I don't draw (simply NOT in my wheelhouse). Your lovely still life from nature turned out great, too. It's certainly poignant. Hope this next week is filled with better days.

    Thanks for next month's themes. I'm trying to stay with Legacy Blogger as long as possible, because I'm not loving that new blogger at all. From what I'm reading, you're not in love with it either.

  3. I forgot to mention how beautiful that double rainbow is you captured.

  4. OMG, this is horrible! So glad, that nothing worse happened and that your neighbors are alive. No lives were lost! And YAY for those firefighters! Hope they can recover quickly from this disaster. Still life got me thinking hard. Maybe I can do something with my linocut fruit stamps I cut some weeks ago. Used them for printing fabric, but they might make a good still life, too. Stay safe and have a nice day, Rain!

  5. I am so very sorry for your neighbours - and thankful that the fire didn't spread.
    Love your broken heart rock - and any day with a rainbow in it is immediately made better. A double rainbow is more than twice as good.

  6. Still Life - nice play on words and a fabulous depiction. I am really very sorry to hear about your neighbour's house. Unthinkable and devastating. Rainbow embodies hope, doesn't it?! Take care, Rain!


  7. Bugs Bunny the picture is great, he had fun drawing on it!
    To burn whiskey myself I had to smile, that's really Rain!
    I can imagine how you were afraid of losing your home and I'm so glad that it didn't turn out that way and Robert and his wife are doing so well, the poor people I'm so sorry.
    This broken heart symbol is so fitting!
    Beloved, comforting hug from me, recover well from this terrible experience, Elke

  8. Hello Rain,

    I am sorry to hear about the fire, I am glad you and your neighbors were ok. Love the still life and the broken heart image. I am thankful to the firemen, they do risk their lives. The sky and rainbow captures are beautiful. Take care, enjoy your day!

  9. What a very scary situation! So glad everyone is safe. Last summer we were in drought conditions and under a total fire ban, and any whiff of smoke was worry inducing, living in the middle of the bush as we are. This August, (dare I say it?) we are getting almost too much rain. Its raining again right now. Wish I could send it your way!

  10. These are dangerous times. I hear California is on fire as well. You are somewhere above them, aren´t you? So, be careful with fires. And never leave windows or doors open to let embers into the house.
    In Sweden we only had one started as I know of. But many trees dies of bark beetle infestation and dies so they become a hazard if unlucky.

    Love your Still life art. Those clouds are stunning and rainbows always a treat.
    Making Whiskey?? That will take years. :) I used to make my own wine. But that is faster :)

    Take care.

  11. Rain,

    It looks like Bugs is filling in for you today. :) What a cute painting! Your doodle of the still is good. I had moonshine when I was a young teenager. That stuff is horrible. I don't know anyone can drink it. :) Alcoholic beverages never really appealed to me so if it doesn't taste good then why bother? I make up for those lost calories through my love for ice cream, chocolates, and other sweets. :D

    That's terrible your neighbor's home burned to the ground. I know how concerned everyone was that the fire might spread and with good reason because that could've easily happened. I'm thankful that it didn't but sorry for these poor people. I hope they were insured. Money can't replace memories but it will help to rebuild their home.

    The double rainbow is amazing. It's not often one see this but it's a special treat when you do. Thanks for sharing. I love pretty clouds!

    Thanks for hosting the art challenge, my dear. It's a treat to push myself in different directions. Have a doodletastic day, my friend! {{hugs}}

  12. We have always had forest fires, but their frequency and intensity has magnified so greatly in recent years. It seems that half the continent burns each year. Stay safe!

  13. Absolutely gorgeous art and photos! I'm so sorry to hear about your neighbors, that is so scary and so sad. I'm glad it didn't spread further and that nobody was seriously injured.

  14. Such a mixed post, beauty and joy mixed with tragic loss. It seems this year is throwing bad news at us non-stop. But you balanced it with lovely images and thoughts, life does go on. I adore your painting, it tells a creation story. Also, you still life as semblance of nature. It took Wonderful imagination!

  15. So very sorry to hear if this fire I am hoping they have insurance and same for you.

    Your art knows no bounds you are so talented and creative. Excellent pieces. That broken heart rock photo is outstanding and for what it represents, so much feeling.

  16. Oh my gosh, I can’t imagine your fear when you saw that smoke billowing above your. I am so glad to read that the fire was contained and the homeowners will be physically OK. My heart goes out to them for all they will have to go through in the coming months.

  17. Fire is terrifying because it spreads so quickly. It can always be so much worse.

    "The Still Life" appeals to the pun side of me.

  18. Wow that is so sad ~ I'm glad you and your home were spared. Your moonshine drawing is very creative as well as bug's still life. Blessings to you and your neighbors

  19. That is devastating! It's so overwhelming to see smoke from a big fire and wondering what it is. Good for you calling 911 as soon as you saw it. Does the family have somewhere to live? I'm so glad it didn't spread, but feel awful for them. That could have been us, as husband is regularly grinding or welding something or other in the garage, and at this time of year, with the door open. -Jenn

  20. Rain, I am sorry to hear your neighbors lost their home. They are fortunate to have made it out. I like how you found solace in the heart rock and rainbows and shared them with us. Blessings.


  21. What a tragedy for your neighbors to lose their house and their valuables. I pray for them.

  22. Oh my goodness, Rain, what a sad story ... though in the end they were blessed that no one lost their life. Fire is scary and it is causing horrible damage in California and all over the world ... the droughts and Climate Change are real and sadly the people who are paying the price are not those who would call it a hoax and ignore it. I am grateful that the fire didn't spread and you are still safe in your home.
    Your Still Life with the Bugs Bunny carrots is excellent :) as is you Still life with the Still. I might suggest that wine is a safer endeavor than whisky and, in my mind, more enjoyable :)
    Your picture with the broken heart is awesome and how many of us are feeling these days. In the US, so many people are dying needlessly. It does break my heart and I feel helpless. Having been a nurse in my past, staying home doesn't suit me, but as an old poop, I am too high risk to get involved. Life can be cruel, but we must stay positive and do what we can do to keep things going and help from a distance. Stay safe and by all means, be careful of sparks and fires (and Momma bears with their cubs :) Stay well, dear Rain ...

    Andrea # From the Sol

  23. Ohhhh Rain that is just too close. I am truly sorry for your neighbors. As always you have shared your life with us. Still.... uh not so much LOL The art is great and your photos always a point of view. Be safe out there.

  24. Sorry, I thought you were on the Pacific side, now I see it is the Atlantic side. :)

  25. Thank you for your nice comment... sorry, for my late answering. I must visit some doctors.

    Very funny to see Bugs Bunny, I love this comics.

    Terrible reading about the fire next door. We have had similiar many years ago here. I remember!

    Stay healthy and well.

  26. It's so sad when you lose everything to a fire. I do hope they had fire insurance. It's sad that there are no fire hydrants around. I love your photographs. You have a wonderful eye.

  27. Rain, I looked over your previous posts...I loved seeing what you see. The rainbows are awesome. The smoke would scare me so badly living near forest. Please always be safe. Blessings to you and your sweetie. xoxo, Susie

  28. so sad about your neighbors and how scary that was for all of you! I hope they can rebuild and that's kind of a scary proposition with it so dry in a rural area but at least you have a volunteer Fire Group

  29. i was following the progress of the fire over at instagram and so glad to hear you are okay but sad about your neighor's loss and injuries. i like your still life and that sweet.

  30. So tragic. It is gratifying to hear how neighbors rallied to provide support in their loss. Your photo of the broken heart speaks so well of how we feel. BTW I loved your "still life." My brother distills his own whisky but I will not tell where he lives! He actually is not much of a drinker but loves to give it away.

  31. You've shared some wonderful art and photographs, the rainbows are amazing.

    I was so sorry to read about the fire at your neighbour's. How frightening for you all. So pleased no lives were lost but my heart goes out to your neighbours losing a house is just awful. Saying a prayer for all as you take time to adjust to what has happened.

    Look after yourselves.

    All the best Jan

  32. I'm so sorry to hear of your neighbor's fire. But at the same time, I'm relieved for the rest of you. I imagine the trauma is felt by you all on some level. I'm just very sorry.

  33. That's the problem with brush fires,they will often start back up again. Good thing y'all were watching it.

    I haven't seen a double rainbow in years. For us it's been rainy. One tropical storm will blow west and hit us, then a remainders of a hurricane will blow east and we'll be hit twice with rain.

  34. Thank goodness you are a community who care for each other, so sorry for your poor neighbour, but it could have been so much worse. I hope nothing like this ever happens again. I love the heart stone you found, it looks special, I hope you keep it, maybe you can fix it to the door or wall of the house.
    Your art is fun as always, you must have your mind on so many things, thanks for keeping this regular weekly event going, sorry I don't contribute, I am lacking mojo at the present time :)

  35. A stay safe creative weekend to all

    much love

  36. Oh my goodness...what an emotional post. I am so sorry for your neighbor and so moved by a community that cares for one another. Through the tough times, the rainbow at the end just seems to say that everything is going to be alright.

  37. I am sorry to hear about your neighbor. Your still life is wonderful. Love rainbow photos! And a double is so special.

  38. You've done a great job there Bugs.
    The fire sounds terrifying.
    Stay safe.

  39. This story is heartbreaking, Rain! I'm glad that your neighbors weren't injured more, but I can't imagine how devastated they must be. I had a very busy week and didn't even get to Instagram, so I wasn't aware of what was going on. (I still can't figure Instagram out.) Poor you, after all you've been through! Perhaps I can come up with a photo for next Thursday, although the Old Masters theme could be interpreted so many ways. I hope that you and Alex check into fire mitigation practices and make sure the area around your house is well cleared. Also maybe a rain catchment tank for water. But, of course, you're likely lightyears ahead of me in thought, research, and action. Please take care, my friend! We often get double rainbows here, but there has been a bad drought and few rainbows this summer.

  40. I see your widget gadget works through Sunday. Maybe I can tack something artistic onto my Friday post next week.

  41. I don't know if you've already seen this website-

    Has great Newfoundland recipes, etc!

  42. I feel for you and your poor neighbors.
    What a terrible thing to happen to anyone. I feel pretty safe when it comes to natural desasters here in my little corner of the world but fires are always big in our region. It is scary to think of the consequences when a fire moves into your comfort zone ...
    I am glad everyone is safe !!!

  43. Thanks to everyone for your comments!

    I'm sorry, my mood is still very melancholy and I can't find it in me to answer each comment this week, but I will try to work through this crazy sadness I feel...what's up with that? I wasn't affected by the fire personally!

    I keep revisiting that scene when I first drove up and saw Robert and his wife, panicking and trying to throw water on the trees...then quickly realizing they had to run away. I was torn between calling 911 and running in to help them...Alex is trying to reassure me that I did the right thing, that if I'd gone in there, I could have been burned or worse...They were so desperate and helpless. Jenn, I heard that they are staying with their kids for now. I hope they have insurance.

    Eegad, any tips on how to deal with this kind of overwhelming empathy Friends? Is it a form of survivor's guilt? I think I'm over-analyzing this!! You guys are amazing. xx

  44. Definitely a form of survivor guilt. Empathy is a double edged sword isn't it?
    When I can (and I fail more often that I like to admit) I try and concentrate my energies on the things I can change. And focus on beauty.
    Look after yourself please.

  45. Lots of healing energy hugs for your neighbor and you too ~ fire is terrifying ~ Wonderful artwork and photos here ~ Rainbows too!

    Live each day with love,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  46. Oh my goodness, Rain. I'm so sorry for your neighbor. That is devastating.

    Thank you for visiting my blog, it's always nice to meet a fellow blogger!

  47. Sorry to hear about your friend's loss, Rain, and I can understand how you ere conflicted on wanting to go and help. I asked my former firefighter husband the question you asked about "what should you have done?" and he said you did the best thing you could if that's any consolation. The broken heart still life perfectly summarizes how you are feeling.

  48. Such a sorry situation but thank God things did not turn too ugly and everyone was safe. You took a wonderful decision in such a situation. Applauds for the fire-fighters too!!
    Such tough situations stay in our minds for a while as The 'if's and but's ' of the situation keep pricking us but you will definitely come through it over time.
    Take care and Stay safe!!

  49. uggh! that is such a sad news but then all ended up safe is what counts.Quite a tough situation as the the incident does not leave one alone for quite some time. Take care and remember you did the best you could.

  50. I love the details in your drawing!

    And this is so very sad about your neighbor's home. It sounds like a freak accident and while I'm glad everyone is safe, I'm sure it feels quite devastating to them. It sounds like you have many good neighbors willing to help. And I'm so glad you finally had rain.

  51. I'm so sorry about the house fire at your neighbours.. so sad.. I had a house fire/complete loss when my children were young... it takes a lot out of a person.. I hope they will be ok. (I love your memorial)

  52. this is truly heartbreaking news about your poor neighbors dear Rain
    i strongly felt for them !
    i hope they are treated well ( consolation price) by the authorities and move on for new start ?

    your broken heart rock made my eyes teary ,so genuine and sad indeed

    lovely images of sky and rainbow though

    stay safe and strong!

  53. Fire is so scary. Glad it's all out now. Glad you had a community of neighbors for support.


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