Sunday, July 19, 2020

Cold Showers - But At Least We Have Water!!

I have my front lawn back!

Happy Sunday Everyone! 😊

I hope you're all doing well and having a nice weekend. The well trench has been filled in!

Here's the "before" photo.

Bill came by the other day and filled the trench. Now I just have to figure out what to plant here, or if I even have time this year. It may go to next spring actually. I like the idea of a bed of chamomile flowers!

The cement-wall-to-nowhere was causing too much pressure on the foundation of the house. The whole basement wall was warped. Bill and his friend Mike jacked up the side of the house then used the backhoe to push that cement wall over. My video editing skills kind of suck, but at about 8 seconds into the 10 second video, you can see the house settling down off the jack. It's kind of weird when your whole house moves like that!  Mike fixed the crack in the foundation and it will take another afternoon some time this summer to saw that cement wall down. The house needs to settle a little first, we're getting it done slowly but surely! Bill said he moved the foundation wall about an entire inch, which is very good news! (Here's the You Tube link in case the video doesn't show up.)

Alex saved another terrified little critter who was trying to hop out of the trench!

Well friends, are you tired of hearing about my bad luck?? Our water heater stopped working a few days ago - this was during the time we were shocking the well. We had to turn off the heater for a few days and the darn thing never turned back on. We had an electrician come by yesterday morning and he said it was the top heating element. Luckily we are renting the water heater from NB Power so they will fix/replace it for no charge, but they are only showing up sometime this afternoon to fix it.  Susie, you are still the front runner for a string of bad luck, but I think I'm a close second these days! I'm trying to stay very positive despite the struggles and challenges! But I have to say, cold showers are not welcome...we've been boiling water and using my watering can as a shower head. I never intended to be SUCH a pioneer woman! Hopefully we'll be able to take a hot shower tonight and fingers crossed our water woes are DONE.

We used our burn barrel for the first time two nights ago! I made a gif from photos I took. It was nice and warm by the fire!

My container basil and buttercrunch lettuce is growing very well. I can't wait to eat some fresh, homegrown lettuce!

The potatoes are going gangbusters! I don't have any more planks of wood, so I won't be able to add more height to the raised beds to "hill" them further. The last few years, I grew my potatoes in garbage bins and stacked tires, I was able to "hill" them (add dirt) to about 3 feet high. These are only half that, so it'll be interesting to see what kind of crop I get. The radishes are starting to bust out of the soil as well.

I discovered an old logging road right across the road from our house. I've been walking here with Charlie every morning. The "return" trip is about a 45 minute walk. I've seen all sorts of critter scat along this logging road. We've seen deer every morning during our walks.

(Please click to enlarge)

Here's a panorama photo I took near the end of the logging road. It's so peaceful here...I never see a soul. But...I have heard gunshots every morning. I don't think we're in danger walking here, the gunshots seem to be coming from a neighbour's house far down the road - target practice maybe?

The "Twins" - Marlene and Jack

I don't take Marlene and Jack on the logging road walk because they are both getting older...we figure they are both about 14 years old. The terrain is hard for them (lots of rocks and gravel); and if we ever ran into a coyote, moose or a bear, I'd prefer to have Charlie with me. She's still a pup at 6 years old and she's more intimidating than the two oldies! Plus she and I can run faster if we have to! 😊 

I don't want to worry anyone! Safety is a very important issue for me when I walk the dogs. I know that we are living rural, I know that there are large critters sharing this land. I carry an air horn with me at all times. I also carry my cell phone. I know how to make myself look large and I know how to look submissive if I have to and walk gently away. In my life, I've encountered wolves, coyotes, black bears and wild turkeys (one chased me back in 2005!!). It's scary but I know how to handle myself. Moose though...that's a new one for me. I've seen them, but never encountered one in the woods. 

I've been looking at ideas for a decorative well pipe cover, here are some I found online:

I'm kind of partial to the lighthouse! Whichever decoration I choose, I'll build it myself. I'm aiming to get this done before the winter. Which one do you like best, or do you have any other ideas? I also need to build some kind of cover for the septic tank opening. Right now there is a large piece of sheet metal on top of it...I'd like something a little nicer! Maybe the mini outhouse would be appropriate for that! 😁

Thanks for reading Friends! Please join me on Thursday for our art date, the theme is A Face On An Object.


  1. Huge thanks to Alex for saving the froggy friend.
    I hope you do get warm water back again soon. A hot shower is luxury and bliss when you have been without one.
    I like the idea of a wishing well decoration - but will be intrigued/impressed by whatever you decide on.
    Stay well, stay safe.

  2. You DO seem to run into lots of bad luck, but at least you are finally getting to the point where you can settle down and make a real home for yourselves. As soon as you get a hot shower that is (grin).

    Like you, I've planted potatoes in trash cans and tires, but never had them sit above the soil before. I am curious to see how that works out and what kind of crop you will have. It's so hot here, lettuce won't grow. Lettuce for me is a cool weather crop and summer is devastating here with daily temps over 41+ C every day. Nights are in the mid to high 30s C, too. Great for basil and tomatoes, but deadly for lettuce.

    Glad to see the trench has been covered. I think you have SO much on your plate right now, you should wait till next spring or late autumn if planting bulbs, to add flowers to that area. And you still have that pipe cover and septic tank to worry about, too. I like the lighthouse, personally. Whatever you choose, I know it will be well done. Hope you have a great week and I'll see you on Thursday, dear.

  3. Glad things have improved a bit -next step, warm showers! Good luck with it all, Valerie

  4. the bird bath!! please choose the bird bath - you will get visitors all year round and can easily lift it off when you need to. Easy to make too and will get mossy and old looking very quickly.

  5. Rain: I have enjoyed reading your blog. It took some guts to pick up and move so far to a new place. I'm happy for you, that you found 'the place'. I can relate a bit, as we packed up and moved a good distance away from all that had been familiar for 30 years. We are very at home now, going in to our third year here. You'll settle in and get to know your area and the good people around. Happy exploring!

  6. lots of thing is going on at your place. That´s great.

    We have moose where I live even if it was two years since I was close to any. Mostly they just stay still watching you. When bored they start eating again or leave the place. I never been chased by any. But I don´t know how they eact to dogs though. And as with all animals, don´t get between the cow and the calf. :)
    When I was a kid my mother always has us picking chamomile flowers. She dried them in the oven and used them as shampoo, They made the hair soft and enhanced her brownish color. :) Smelled good to. :)

  7. OMG - so much has been going on, and you and Alex have been such troopers! I would have been crying and crawling by now(lol) Your plants look lovely, and thanks to Alex for saving a critter along the way. Please, please stay safe!!!!! We love you! Hugs, RO

  8. Always look forward to your updates, fantastic work by Bill and
    friend. I like the traditional wooden well house but also the whimsical lighthouse.

  9. Rain, I have been thinking of you. I did tell my daughter Liz about that new well. My gosh girl. A new water heater. I am to the point where I rue the day we moved here. I liked my old house in town. I long to be back in town. As soon as Ted is well enough to help with sorting and packing....Then I see all we have gathered here and I feel doomed. Honey, I am praying for you ...that you do not need any thing else replaced. That you get a good break. Me too. :) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  10. Rain, the only things I can offer as hope is that eventually, you run out of things to go wrong or replace.

    As my father, a very wise man told me about used cars (true about used homes as well), "You will end up paying money for them. It is just with new cars, you do not have to pay right away."

    Spirits up! It will soon be in the rear view mirror.

  11. Oh boy! You're about due for some good luck now. I'm glad you carry that stuff with you when you go for walks, just in case. -Jenn

  12. You had me laughing when you wrote you never meant to be a pioneer woman. Hahahaha!!!

  13. There's an old saying that "If it wasn't for bad luck you wouldn't have any luck at all". lol I am sorry you have had so many trials lately---things have to start looking up soon! xo Diana

  14. I wasn't concerned (until you mentioned it) that you might be (literal) fodder for bears or coyotes, but rather I was mostly concerned while reading this you may get yourself shot. Please innumerate how you are making yourself seen, dear Rain. I'm sorry... but if you're going to tell us these things, you can't expect us to sleep soundly without knowing you've got this one covered as best you can.

    This is written (slightly) tongue in cheek. We've grown to love you and your little family so you've got us needing reassurance from time to time that you're safe.

    Okay, now I'll go content myself reading yarny blogs. Nothing terribly dangerous there.

  15. I don't think you're having bad luck. It's just that the previous owners didn't keep it up, did they? Like the well. Oh my.

    You are an amazing woman! I hope all works out.
    Our well topper was a wishing well thingie. They had to break it in February in order to dig it out and replace the pipe that year. I haven'r really replaced it. That's just my inertia!

    I hope you're ready for today's storm. Take care!!!

  16. Things are starting to come together, even with the occasional little setback -- good for you guys! I agree -- the lighthouse for the well cap, and the mini-outhouse for the septic tank!

  17. wow ...another glitch. You're amazing - you're still sounding good, taking good walks and grateful it appears. that's nice to read.
    i would love to walk along that trail.
    and ..what will build the lighthouse

  18. Mainly you don't give up and it goes on that's the most important thing!
    So this is really an adventure again and again no matter what.
    Soagr your vegetable beds as they grow great and everything else. With the wild animals oh I think you're covered how you do that. The journey of discovery continues in your area! The lighthouse looks great but also a wooden fountain. I'm curious to see how it looks at the end.
    I wish you all the luck in the world!
    Greetings Elke

  19. Yeah to Alex for saving that frog as we are partial to them😀Nice to see the well trench covered over but boo hoo on the water heater crapping out, Nice to know it will be replaced and Free is always good news! I am partial to one of the wells for a well head cover as it just seemed more to the point - a well for a well cover? The garden is looking really good, Rain.

  20. Hey Rain... sending the magic wand wave in your direction... better luck is coming! ...Lol ..! We tore out an old stump when we first moved to the ridge farm, and it looked really bad. It was toward the end of summer, and I was certain nothing would grow being that close to the end of our grow season, so I stuck a bird bath in the spot... that was three years ago, and I have lawn around it now, but the birdbath gives us so much entertainment, that I have never moved it. Thanks for sharing your adventure, and wait for that wand breeze... it’s a coming!!!

  21. Ohhhhhh.... It is just one thing after another. Are you smudging?????
    When we lived in N. Idaho we had to put a new foundation in our 1917 home. A company came in and jacked up our entire house. We could hear the house crack and moan. They leveled and then put in a foundation thingy. What a different when they were done. I love reading your adventures and discoveries. I think I told you I lived remote in AK and then Mr. M. and I lived remote in N. Idaho for 3 years. So you being a remote woman is nice to hear. As for the moose, they are more dangerous than the bear. Yah need a gun when you go walking. Your garden is doing excellently and in such a short time. I like all the choices you are looking at for the decoration. I am partial to one of the wells, maybe as a planter. I look forward to seeing your choice and how you made it. Hot showers are coming, just breath and go with it. Happy Sunday to you.

  22. I'm glad Alex saved the tiny frog. Boy, you two have been through so much. One thing about it, you sure have learned a lot. You're brave to walk that old road. I am such a fraidy cat...scared of everything! If a dog runs out and barks I panic. I love the stone and wood well cover, large picture on the left. Of course, that would take a lot of work! Also like the outhouse, and the stone birdbath. Hope you get hot water soon.

  23. I'm so sorry you are having so many problems with your new home. Thank goodness you've found reliable and helpful professionals. Your garden is doing great! I like the well-house" look with the stone and the bucket like a real well but that might be overkill. The first one is nice. Take care and I love to hear what you are doing and/or overcoming on your homestead! Good luck and stay safe!

  24. I want to see a moose, but people tell me they are bigger than you think. Hmm. Maybe it is good not to.

    "I know how to make myself look large."

    Carbohydrates help with that!



  25. You continue to amaze me - facing all these set-backs but still keeping a sense of humor - Rain, you are the best, Alex too of course.
    I like the stone bird bath for the well cover, anything that brings birds close to the house brings hours of song, color, twittering and interest.

  26. This house sure has given you a lot of surprises. I am so happy that you are finding the help that you need. Your garden is looking beautiful.

  27. Rain,

    Cold showers aren't fun but at least you have water. Things haven't gone exactly smooth for you but you've been extremely blessed to meet just the right person at the right time. Your garden is doing wonderful. Everything you do this year, you'll benefit from next and can plan better. I'm amazed at all you've accomplished in such a short time. I don't think I could do as well as you. The lighthouse or well would be my first picks for the well pipe cover. My great grandparents had stone well with cover and bucket. The water we pulled from it was icy cold in the middle of summer's heat. It was so refreshing! The outhouse deco would be a good one for the septic tank. :) Keep plugging on, y'all are doing a fab job!

  28. One of these days, you will be able to kick back and think of all the knowledge you gained from this experience. You might even get a chuckle or two out of it.

  29. What an experience you are having, I do admire you.

    I like the idea of a lighthouse :)

    Take care.

    All the best Jan

  30. Wow, Rain! You have had a run of bad luck, but you're working through it. Think of it this way ~ What a life rich in adventure and challenges! Your produce looks scrumptious!


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