Thursday, June 11, 2020

Thursday Art Date: Summer Plans

Hello Friends! 😊😊😊

Welcome to Thursday's Art Date, today our theme is Summer Plans. Tweety Bird is doing what I WISH I was doing right now - visiting the Hopewell Rocks!!! I've been waiting ten years to revisit this area that I love so much. I will have to wait a little longer!

The Rocks in Hopewell Cape NB, off the Fundy Bay, is home to the highest tides in the world. It's can walk the beach in the morning, then kayak the same area that afternoon. I did that in 2010 during a trip East. When I lived in this area as a teenager, I often visited The Rocks. I don't know why, but I'm very drawn to the Fundy Bay...I feel at home here. I can't wait to visit again.

Watercolour Popsicles

Another summer plan is to eat LOTS of icy treats!! 

Watercolour Spruce

Getting back to my art is a big plan for the summer. I managed to get a few watercolour paintings done in the last week and I have to admit...I felt rusty!

Getting the garden planted was something I spent a lot of time on in the last week as well. With the amount of garden soil I ordered (3 cubic yards), I managed to make 10 raised beds in total! I mentioned in my last post that I planted tomatoes, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, herbs, lettuces and strawberries. On Tuesday I finished up this year's garden with 2 types of pumpkins, butternut squash, spaghetti squash, radish, spinach, more herbs and green onions.

I discovered we have wild strawberries growing along our driveway.

And this is a fun sight! My first ever asparagus! I know I can't touch the crop for a year or two so I'll be patient this year and let them grow.

Alex and I have been enjoying our evenings watching old movies, sitting in the Sun Room listening to the frogs and birds...and playing board games by candlelight! How do you spend your summer evenings?

Thanks for popping in! That's all for now folks! Please check out the link widget below to see more Summer Plans artwork! 


There is magic all around you! Look up into the sky, what do you see? I saw a panther roaring that hot summer afternoon!

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  1. Wow, you're going to have a lot of vegetables! I hope everything grows well for you! -Jenn

  2. The last time we were in the Maritimes (about 5 years ago), we visited the Hopewell Rocks. It was my first time seeing them. So magnificent!

    I love your two watercolours! I must get back to practising too. I've let my art slide, since I'm not taking actual classes now because of the pandemic.

  3. Hi Rain, lovely art and photos. The rocks at Fundy Bay remind me of a huge dinosaur or monster cowering there, wow, I would love to be there, too! Glad your plants are taking well, and hope the strawberries taste good. Ad the clouds really look like a roaring panther. Good that you taking time for painting again, that's a good sign. Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

  4. I watched that on TV these Hopewell Rocks. A great goal.
    Eating ice cream I would be there too and beautiful these pictures, you will not come in to paint, everything at once is not possible, the head must be switched off! Wait until next year, patience is required for your beds. Sweet the strawberries on the edge. You will still be able to discover a lot in your new surroundings.
    We also like to sit on the balcony if the weather permits and before that we ride a round bike.
    I wish you nice days, hugs Elke

  5. Wow.
    You have been stunningly busy - and productive. Your first asparagus already? Amazing.
    Love your art - and that cloud is an absolute beauty.

  6. I see a face in your clouds. But a human face :)

    I totally understand why you like those rocks. We have similar ones on Öland but with dark rocks, not orange. So, yours are more beautiful and ours ...more wild I guess.

    Wow, that garden will surly keep you busy for years :)

    Take care, stay safe.

  7. Rain I love your art, your tree is beautiful and the ice lollies. I don't paint much these days but you have inspired me to get mine out again - I would like to join in next week - with the theme being magic no wood fairy could resist! Your asparagus has come up so quickly, I have never grown it but know it can be temperamental so you have done well. Good luck with everything growing in the garden, your evenings by candlelight sound fun. Betty x

  8. now that's a garden!!! how many people live in your house? haha! let the canning begin. maybe you should just turn the basement into your food storage room. your asparagus already looks better than mine and i've had it for 4 years. i ate one piece of asparagus from my bed this year.

  9. Extremely hard good work on the beds. Love your art pieces Tweety having fun at the Hopewell rocks.

  10. Those watercolor popsicles looked good enough to eat, Rain. Congrats on the budding asparagus plants and how great your first crop will be in time. It’s the waiting time that would get to me. After seeing those photos of the Bay of Fundy it’s clearly a great place. We have been spending our evenings watchung vintage classic films, either from our own collection or ones I have been able to get from the local library by way of curbside pickup as the library remains closed. We have been playing dominoes weekly with another couple at their home on Sat.

  11. your popsicles are so good! Pretty there Rain, hope it is everything you wanted it to be... asparagus... I'd love to see those popping up in my garden

  12. Beautiful watercolors! Rusty? I don't think so! Your garden looks great and wild strawberries? What a treat! The Bay of Fundy is gorgeous.

  13. I love those rocks and the water and tides. You have so much energy gardening and watching the asparagus grow and everything else.

  14. I am so happy for you that things are settling down.
    You have worked amazingly hard.
    Keep up the great work!

  15. Hi Rain. I want those popsicles. I also love the tree. How did you get asparagus to grow already? You have been very busy and it shows. Nothing like having a nice evening with hubby at the end of a long day.

  16. Happy gardening! More garden beds is a great investment. :)

  17. You're so dedicated to gardening! Good for you! I thought of you last night when I watched "The Healer" on Netflix, filmed in Nova Scotia, gorgeous locations! I always have wanted to visit Alberta and NB and NS. Gorgeous and rugged for sure. How are your pets adapting? Doing ok?

  18. These rocks look amazing. I hope you will publish many pictures during your visit. Have a nice time there!

  19. You will have an amazing garden of fruits and veggies Rain - perhaps I'll move to New Brunswick, be your neighbor, and help in the garden! I'd love that!
    Right now I feel like a move to a safer place would be soo good - but, and there are so 'buts', guess we're stuck here!
    Love the watercolors.

  20. You should have so many homegrown vegetables … wonderful.
    I think Fundy Bay looks fabulous.
    That cloud does look like a panther.

    Happy Wishes as you continue settling into your new home.

    All the best Jan

  21. Asparagus is fun to watch grow. I have read it needs 2-3 years before you can take a crop. I am shocked how high mine can get.

  22. You did get a lot planted in the garden. I need to grow asparagus. Yours looks good already! Your artwork is amazing. Oh, and that cloud is amazing...I see an unusual face in the cloud.

  23. I spend my summer evenings either in the garden or with the ponies or doing chores in the barn. Once all the little people are sleeping the fun time begins ;)
    I always wanted to visit the bay of fundy. Maybe I will still one day :)
    Those strawberries look delicious. You're spoiled, wild strawberries are the best. I weeded my berry patch today. Rasberry shoots and grass had taken over everything. I got lots of gooseberries and currents this year.
    10 garden beds !!! Woohoooo !!! What a great start intonthe gardening season at your new home ❤ yay you !!!

  24. I would love to have your ambition ... 10 raised gardens! I struggle to maintain my little flower gardens. Though I can use being an old poop as an excuse, the truth is that this last three months with my daughter's issues. pet issues, virus issues and political issues I don't have the energy I used to have. Nope, not giving up ... going to get it all back in spite of everything and watching what you have accomplished makes me even more determined. You are an awesome lady, Rain and I am so grateful to have your Thursday Date to look forward to each week ... it may well be what keeps my head above water :) As for what I do in the evening ... my husband and I watch mysteries on TV ... we call it our escape time. Time when our minds are in another place and we don't have to think about all the hard things that are going on. I know, TV has never been a favorite of mine, but for now, it is working for me. Stay well, Rain ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  25. I've been watching Night on Earth on Netflix while knitting. I love your watercolors. The popsicles would make a great card design. That bay is so neat; the rock formations are unique. I've never tried kayaking; would love to.

  26. So much joy, as always, in your posts, Rain! I think you have found your little slice of heaven on earth. I can't tell you how much I hope I make it out there some day to see you!

  27. Coyotes are not as big a problem for you as a bear would be. Coyotes usually avoid humans, but in the spring and summer when they are raising pups, they can be more aggressive. Later on they all go their separate ways and hunt alone, but you were right that the dogs and cats(if they go outside) will have to be protected, they are prey to a coyote. We had them where we used to live so I understand your concerns. And a fence won't cut it either. I have seen them jump a 6 foot fence without any difficulty. As for the hair cut ... good for you. I was cutting mine for months, but my hair dresser opened last week. She had a very strenuous protocol and she only has one client in at a time so I risked it and got my hair cut yesterday ... oh my it feels good. Your new place sounds wonderful and you are doing so much to make it a home ... you are awesome, Rain, I hope you know that!

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  28. I am positive I left you a comment on Thursday. It would have been unlike me to not let you know how much I liked your summer plans and how lucky you were to find the wild strawberries. You are also lucky to get asparagus coming up so quickly. Yes, I remember having it as a child. I remember waiting, too.

    I adore your popsicles. They are fabulous.

    Again, I apologize. I actually came back to see the upcoming themes and saw either my comment never got posted, or I didn't post it before I published it.

  29. You have been busy and productive! Impressive!
    In fact after this comment I am going to work on some art.

    Your tree is beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing so many aspects of your life. It is looking good.

  30. Rain,

    I've seen photos of Hopewell but I don't think I knew where it was until now. The landscape is so interesting. I'd love to see this place. Who knows maybe if we ever make another trip to Maine then perhaps we can cross into Canada to see some sights. :) That'll give me something to think about now. Yum, icy treats to beat the summer heat! Yours are so pretty and colorful. I can almost taste the cherry, grape, and orange flavors of your pops. Beautiful tall pine tree, too. I love the scent of pine! I remember our first trip to Maine. We crossed the state line and stopped at a visitor center. The second we opened our car doors our nostrils took in whiffs of woodsy evergreen aroma. It was a refreshingly chilly June morning as we stood there enjoying the moment. Ahhh, what a fun memory!

  31. I knew right where Tweety Bird was! I know what you mean about the Bay of Fundy. That's why I chose the online name of Fundy Blue too many years ago. You're so talented, Rain, in all sorts of media. I think you are an especially fine watercolor artist.


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