Sunday, June 14, 2020

Things Are Growing!

Baby Oscar sleeping in the freezer.

Hello Friends!!  😊😊

How are you all doing? I hope everyone is safe and sound out there. We are all happy and healthy here - though we STILL don't have a's been 5 weeks now. If you read a previous post, you would have seen that we bought a beautifully HUGE fridge in mid-May. We spent a week or so taking it apart and cleaning it because frankly, it reeked! We boiled it down to maybe a mix of bbq sauce, ketchup and curry lol...not a good combo! πŸ˜•  When we finally plugged it in, the fridge compartment actually froze to -22C (-7F). The second-hand store where we bought the fridge said they knew of the problem, but changed the sensor. They didn't know what the problem could be so they offered a full refund...but we want to try to fix it. So the repair man is coming tomorrow. I hope he can fix it!!

Luckily we have our little bar fridge (aka the Cheese Cave) we have some refrigeration. We're still enjoying evenings playing board games, this one is called Rummikub, have you ever played it?

We had our monthly fondue night last night. I made an apple cider/Cheddar fondue. Yum!

The garden is growing already!!

That mix of organic garden soil and compost is really good stuff.

I have no idea if this is broccoli or cauliflower growing...I labeled my little popsicle sticks but of course the rain washed the ink off, we'll just have to wait and see!! πŸ˜‹

Here is a quick video of Jack running around the yard. I made the video before I put the raised beds in. He loves to grab his leash and run with it!

Thanks for dropping by! See on you Thursday for our art date, the theme is A Magical World!


  1. The game you call Rummikub I know as Tile Rummy -- and yes, it's fun! I hope you have your big fridge running soon!

  2. Wow, that is a long time to go without a refrigerator. We have gone up to a week without one but we had a backup unit in the garage.

    Yay plants! That is always part of the fun for me as well at the beginning, trying to figure out what actually made it.

  3. Good luck getting the fridge fixed!
    Jack was having a great time...what energy :)
    Nice garden you have starting.

    Have great day and stay safe ☕🌷🌞

  4. I love rummikub, used to play with a friend every week. Lovely video of your cuties. The food looks wonderful. Hope your fridge will soon be working. Have a great week, hugs, Valerie

  5. That's a shame about the fridge. I hope you're able to fix it! Seedlings coming up in your garden! Very exciting! -Jenn

  6. The vegetables should grow really fast now, wonderful! Fingers crossed for the freezer.

  7. Jack looks so happy! πŸ˜ƒ

  8. Rummikub is new to me - but looks like heap of fun. As did the treats which went with it.
    Loving your gardens and your blissed out furry friends.
    Good luck with the freezer. And hooray for a company which will (if needed) give refunds.

  9. Fingers crossed they fridge can be repaired. I have played Rummikub but it has been years. I love games but huh by is not a fan...other than cribbage. Your garden is coming along nicely. Congrats on that. Jack cracks me up. Charlie has the best idea..
    .enjoying the nice cool shade.

  10. I just love your cheese, crackers and olives set. Lovely and I bet it was tasty, too. You made me laugh when you wrote that the rain had washed the ink off the sticks.

  11. We have Rummicub! Haven't played it in ages though. I'm sorry about the fridge problem but happy to see your seeds starting to grow!

  12. Really hoping the repair man can fix that fridge for you, I bet you would love a cold drink with ice cubes! I haven't played that game, I am trying to learn chess but it's hard and I am not doing well :) Nice to see your pets having so much space to play. Good luck with the veg, I hope you can rig up a hose that reaches your raised beds with little holes so you can just turn on a tap (or pump) and they will water for you - everything looks hard work but worthwhile.

  13. How exciting to see the garden growing! ~ I'm sorry to hear about your fridge, I hope he can fix it. Enjoy the week ahead :)

  14. I hope you can get the fridge fixed.
    It's lovely to see your garden is beginning to grow already :)
    Lovely video.

    Have a good week.

    All the best Jan

  15. I love LOVE love that little video snippet!! You have the sweetest voice! Your Jack is so cute!
    Hope you get your fridge working. It's always something, isn't it but I love your attitude!
    Wish Louis Dean liked playing games.....

  16. I've had Rummikub forever. I still play it with friends now and then. Your snacks look so much better than the ones I would have served.

    I hope the repair person can fix the fridge for you, because it is the design I would get if I could afford it. Got my fingers crossed for you.

    From reading your blog, I know you are the cheese lady. Do you ever make fondue that is not just cheese? Yours sounds delicious. The reason I asked is because I used to host fondue parties and I'd start with cheese fondue for the appetizer, then go to the main course, which would use chicken broth in place of oil, then the dessert course, which was chocolate.

    Your garden is coming along nicely. I had to laugh at the broccoli or cauliflower conundrum. I have the same problem with one of my herbs. Now I can't remember what I planted. At least you have it down to a choice of two.

    Jack is definitely an active pup. You have a great menagerie.

    Sorry I can't play this Thursday, but I'll be back the week after. Maybe I can find a way to change my second Thursday (yes I am going to be a week late again this month) Tutorial to a different day.

  17. Oh, look at your garden!!! And JAck, running around! I've never seen him so happy! That cheese fondue looks so yummy. I've never played that game. I play a few games on my tablet....mostly farming! I've actually never been much of a game player. I hope you get your fridge fixed! Have a great week!


  18. I also know Rummikub a great game. Such a shit with this fridge hope it can be repaired and the cat loves it laughingly, but there is still delicious food. The cat loves him laughing
    What comes out afterwards is also something to eat. Small plants are already floating out there, great.
    Great video with your dogs.
    Despite all of this, you are doing well, I am pleased and I am also doing well!
    I wish you a good week, hugs Elke

  19. Oscar seem to have found a great place for a nap :)
    Glad to see plants are growing :)

    Take care all of you!

  20. Bummer about your fridge but at least they offered you a full refund so they're standing behind their stuff. Hopefully the repair guy will get it all up and running. Looks like your dogs are enjoying the weather! Congrats on your seeds and things coming up so fast. We're always fighting our heavy clay soil here even with lots and lots of compost added for 10 plus years. Enjoy the weather! It's been raining here

  21. Yah!!!! You got a garden started! We've had rain, rain, and more rain. It let's u a few hours to check the gardens and tend the chickens. Sounds like you are settling in fine.

  22. Hi Rain, yes we have that game and have only played it once with friends came to visit. Now I will have to check out the rules and get it off the shelf to try again. The fondue looked wonderful as did that cheese and cracker and olive board. Bummer about the used fridge, but hopefully the repair person can get it working and hopefully you will still get the store's refund? That would come in handy to pay for the repair. Your garden is looking good but do you still hav to hand water all the beds, which can't be easy. Charlie does have fun with his leash.

  23. Sorry about the fridge. The garden looks great. Thanks for your encouragement about my container garden.It is doing very well considering the rain we have had. OMGosh this month of June is a record rain since 1942. Today we had a bit of sunshine and the next few days are suppose to be nice so we will see how much the garden likes it. Jack is so cute. I am happy for you two. It is nice to have your own place.

  24. Rain,

    I hope you guys get your refrigerator fixed soon. I know how difficult it is having little to no refrigeration. We have Rummikub but haven't played in quite a long time. I loved our board game sessions! Technology has replaced this entertainment. We both sit in the living room frequently messing with our iPads. WOW, y'all have quite the garden! That's going to be fantastic. :) I love fresh veggies!!

  25. So sorry about the fridge, Rain. That's a real pain in the behind. I hope you get it fixed. We are in a heat wave right now and venturing out as little as possible. I hope it's better for you!

  26. I love Jack! And it's fun to see him playing around. We used to play Rummikub, but it's been so long that I don't remember the rules. I hope your resolve your refrigerator woes soon. Living without one is no fun. You have an ability to make everything homey no matter what, Rain!

  27. Love Jack Jack! Seeing your cat made me LOL. I can it eats well just like our Minnie and Mortie.

  28. I remember when we went several weeks without an air conditioner. But .. it was winter so that helped. Love the playing outside video and the long leash.

  29. Thank God you have old fridge dear Rain
    Hope you will have your new fridge soon

    I am happy for your plantation, it will help you to create your new bonding with new place surly :)

    Oh am loving your new area and surrounding is so green and serene :)
    More blessings to your beautiful world!


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