Thursday, April 2, 2020

Thursday Art Date: Stencil Art, BIG Post This Week and a House Update Too!

Hello Friends! 😊

Welcome to Thursday's Art Date, today our theme is Stencil Art. I decided to turn Bugs Bunny into a stencil for this week's theme, I love how he turned out!

I had some fun colouring with my Sharpies! I dropped by the site Just Color and downloaded/printed this stencil - it reminded me a lot of Jack! That site has hundreds of free downloadable stencils for colouring. Without mentioning the obvious, life is stressful these days...add buying a house and moving to that equation...colouring is very relaxing, you should try it! Jenn, that would be a great (free) way to get the grands into art!!

What did you create this week? Please share your art and check out the link widget below to see more Stencil Art artwork!

Speaking of my baby Jack...he's recovering from a sprain. He slipped on the ice outside and the poor thing injured his hip. This is the same injury he had a few years back that kept him from walking for nearly a month. This time it wasn't so bad, he should be back to normal very soon. The plus is I get to spoil him even more and mother him unbearably! 😊

We opened up the last Jarlsberg cheese that I made in January. Look at those eyes! It's such a delicious cheese!

I had a delicious success making Baked Jelly Donuts!!!

I've been meaning to post this photo...we've been seeing a flock of wild turkeys in the backyard for a few weeks now. There are 5 of them and they just hang out back there, walking back and forth. We've noticed that they venture out of the woods into the yard on rainy days, pretty cool to see them!

Stencil Art Watercolour (2018)
Where I take my art classes for anyone interested:

Last week, Andrea asked me where I was taking my art courses. Since so many of us are staying at home these days I thought I'd share this in case anyone is interested. At the end of December, I did belong to a "virtual" online art school for a few months, but had a very devastating 😩 critique from the professor there who was pretty insensitive and flippant when I asked "did I do anything right?". It was my Caribou that he critiqued. I was publicly (by recorded video on that art school's site) told that it was "flat", "messy" and "not well thought out"...there was no "movement" and that I needed a "lot" more practice to "get it right". Oh and to boot? He critiqued it on my birthday! After a few days of balling my eyes out and contemplating my talent, I shook it off and canceled my membership. I'm actually very happy in hindsight that this happened because I realized that this particular virtual art school was bleeding me financially because of the "necessary" and very expensive supplies the teacher required for each class. I won't advertise him on my blog, but if anyone wants a cautionary warning, I'll let you know by email the name of the school. You can send me a message via the Contact Form on my sidebar.

So I ventured more into the site Patreon. It's a site where you can subscribe (or become a patron) to many artistic channels. There are a lot of very talented artists on there who offer recorded real-time tutorials, live classes and even one-on-one classes. These are the Patreon artists that I support and from whom I take classes:

Will from Unmask Art: He does coloured pencil and pastel tutorials and live lessons twice a week. I pay $5 a month and have access not only to his current classes, but dozens if not more of the past ones. He also has a great You Tube Channel with lots of free videos. He's such a nice guy and he has a wealth of art knowledge, no question is a silly one with him. I never knew I could create such wonderful art from coloured guys have seen my Aging Face, this was one of his live coloured pencil classes; and my Candles was one of his live pastel classes. This is by far my favourite channel.

Kirsty from Kirsty Partridge Art: She does charcoal, watercolour, graphite, coloured pencil, mixed media...she is a delight to listen to and her tutorials are extremely easy to follow. She has so many free You Tube videos. I pay $5 a month for her Patreon channel and again, I have access to her new classes and all of her old ones. She has no live lessons, but her recorded ones are amazing. It was because of Kirsty's channel that I started charcoal drawings, my first was her tutorial, The Elephant. I really love Kirsty's style and the way she shows you how to create art SIMPLY and without expensive materials.

I also follow Steve from The Mind of Watercolor's You Tube Channel. He offers SO MUCH free content about watercolour. I also support his Patreon channel for $1 a month to help him continue to offer great videos. He's taught me so much about watercolour, which has really improved my technique and opened up my creative style when it comes to "loose" watercolour painting. And he has a great sense of humour.

One note about Patreon: it is excruciatingly slow to load at times, and I mean "pull out your hair" excruciating....but once you're on and if you're patient, it's a delight. I have yet to discover more artists on there!

House Update: As most of you know, Alex and I bought our house. We live in Quebec, the house is in New Brunswick. What bad timing for us. Due to new provincial regulations, we can't travel from province to province without self-quarantining for 2 weeks. I was going to travel to New Brunswick to sign the deed on March 31st, stay a few days at the new house then come home. Though there really isn't any legal way to enforce this new regulation, I wanted to comply. After much discussion and research on their part, my NB lawyers deemed it perfectly legal to sign the deed by video call. Alex took this photo, that's me, very seriously signing papers while on a video call with my lawyer. I just thought that it was so neat that we could do it all virtually! As you can see, we are already well into packing up. I'm just wondering how our move next month will be affected, I guess we'll just have to wait and see. We are moving ourselves with a Uhaul...maybe it won't be so bad considering we don't have to rely on a moving company.

I've decided to link to Paint Party Friday this week in hopes that I can get back into the swing of things!!


Not quite Easter eggs, but here is a photo of a robin's nest that we found in our lilac tree last year. It was fun watching them hatch and seeing the babes learn how to fly!
April 9th: Next Thursday's theme is Easter. Click on the link for ideas and inspiration! Remember it's all about creating. You can showcase your paintings, drawings, photography, sculpting, baking, poetry...whatever you like! 🎨

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  1. Hope little Jack's hip feels better soon, he looks so sweet all tucked up. Good luck with your house move, I am interested to see more posts about your plans for your new home. Love the robin nest picture, their eggs are so beautiful. Thanks for all the art inspiration, I have a few days off work now so will come back and look at some of the links when I have spare time.

  2. I think you artwork is beautiful!

    Can't wait to hear all about moving day and the new house. 🙂

  3. Hi Rain, sounds very exciting getting ready to move, and I love that you could sign per video, that's progress! Poor Jack, hope he's soon better. Love the robin's nest, so pretty, and your food looks good as always.Thanks for the infos about the art classes. Keep well and fit, stay safe! Hugs, Valerie

  4. Mmm, I want one of your jelly donuts and a slice of that Jarlsberg cheese! When I was a kid in Manitoba, everyone called jelly donuts "jambusters" -- it's one of our "unique" provincial words. Sorry you had such a bad experience with that dick of an art teacher. You were quite right to quit giving him any more money or support. Critiques should be constructive and helpful, not just mean.

  5. What a horrible art instructor, online really imitates real life, creeps everywhere. Your work is beautiful, you are really talented just putting it out there. Your stencil art pieces are so good, always creative I was wondering about your house plans in covid, thanks for the update. Fabulous food by the way.

  6. wow, being that busy and still come up with a huge post. You are an amazing woman Rain. :)

    It was interesting to see you could sign the papers on line with a video call.
    We seem always to find ways doing things. Btw, I love your hat :)

    Great art as usual. You do so many classes. And, I do none. Just watching videos online :) Or borrow books at the library.

    Take care and stay safe. :)

  7. Oh poor Jack! He's in the best of hands with his doting mommy. It's good that you can get things done over the phone. Somehow I wonder if things are going to be more like this for the rest of our lives.

  8. Teachers of any kind can ruin their students in so many ways. Thank goodness you recovered. Good luck with the move to your new home. I can hardly wait until you are actually there and can take pictures.

  9. Came back again... I saw this butterfly and he looked like he belonged here:


  10. i think i'm going to make these donuts soon. i usually fry mine but i'm low on oil and it sure is hard to get stuff these days. these look perfect!

  11. Rain, that is such exciting news about your house! Whew! Getting the paperwork out of the way is always a relief. Now to prepare for the move!

    Thank you for posting all the online art resources. What a perfect time for folks to do something positive and creative.

  12. Poor Jack - lucky Jack. . . . . having you to 'mother' him. He's gorgeous and I hope he'll soon heal.
    Great looking Jarlsberg - I can almost taste it! Those donuts look so professional, awesome.

    Glad you were able to complete the purchase - good luck with the big move dear Rain - stay well and wishing you and Alex every happiness when settled again.

    Take care - hugs, Mary

  13. yay, you signed your paperwork!

    coloring stencils sounds like a nice meditation.
    I have done a little watercolor this week, felt so good.

    wishing you a graceful move!

  14. It was also fun for me and with you it is wonderful what has arisen from it. It's fun with bunny
    I'm sorry about Jack's injury and he has a good nurse with a heart.
    great to see your workplace busy bee is always sitting there.
    Have a good time!
    Greetings Elke

  15. Love the Buggs! That little Jack is just the sweetest love!!!! Thanks for the cheese update, as well as the move update. We are so excited for you! These are very positive things for you in these troubled times. Very Happy for you Rain!!!

  16. Rain, I dearly love that photo of you at the desk! That’s the picture that will pop in my mind whenever I read your comments on my blog! Love that hat! Congratulations! I’m glad you cancelled that class membership! Life is too short to spend that much time and energy with so little encouragement. Keep up your beautiful art!

  17. Oh my, so much to say ... first it makes me angry that someone would lash out at you that way ... he had no right and there really isn't a right and wrong way in art ... everyone is entitled to their own approach and style. I am no expert, but I love what you do ... all of it. And, he is no gentleman! Bugs is as always, cute and your little colored dog is like my stencils ... once I colored them in, it was hard to tell they were stencils, but I have to admit, I had fun with this prompt. So your cooking will be the end of me. I know, I am too far away to even think about being able to eat them ... I love cheese and have never had the pleasure of homemade ... I know I would love it. I won't even comment on your jelly rolls ... I took one look at them and went rummaging through my pantry for something sweet to eat. I found a few things, but they weren't satisfying ... I want a jelly roll! None of this virus business should be a problem with your move, especially since you are moving yourselves, but I would give the new house a good sanitizing just to make sure nothing is lurking on a surface. I can't wait to see more of your house and what you do with it. So, Thank you for listing the artists who have taught you some awesome techniques. Now that we are stuck at home it is a good time to learn something new ... but right now I am trying to set up a new computer, as mine is slowly dying. The problem is I have so many picture files, ugh, and need to sort them out before I transfer them ... a job that I should have been doing all along, but didn't so I am stuck with it now. Don't be stressed with your move ... take your time, take pictures and enjoy. Thanks for all that you do for us, Rain :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  18. Lovely stencil art, Rain. Wish I had been able to join this week, but I'm hosting a link party of my own. Sorry about your dog. I'm sure he will be better soon. Hope you are able to move next month, but I wouldn't put any money on a bet. Glad you got the papers signed at least.

  19. I forgot to mention, I played along at a FREE 52 card mixed media makeover, where we worked on two cards each week. I had NOTHING the host had and she wanted us to buy the exact products she used. I only bought one thing: a reindeer rubber stamp because I refused to play her game. I think she got a commission on what she sold through Amazon. Lessons learned all round, I would say. At least I didn't have to pay for the class!

  20. Wow. There is so much in this post.
    Poor Jack, I hope he is much better soon.
    Love your stencil and your very colourful colouring in.
    Lust after the cheese.
    Am blown away by the beauty of those eggs.
    Ditto virtual signings.
    Stay well, stay safe.

  21. i hope Jack is up on his feet very soon. What a cute photo.

  22. Hi Rain. I really loved the prompt. I don't work with stencils so was pretty happy when I remembered a project from 5 years ago. Your stencil art is awesome. I hope Jack is doing better. The wild Turkeys are my spirit animal so I am always thrilled to see them. I would gain so much weight if I lived close to you. I would have to come over every day to see what you had cooking. Donuts, yeah my down fall. Hope you are able to get into our new home soon. Be safe and Elbow hugs.

  23. Best wishes to Jack for a full recovery, although he does seem quite comfy under that blanket. Congrats on the video deed signing. Those donuts look so good😋 shat a nasty instructor and wonder how many others he bashed. Good riddance to him, Rain.

  24. Hi Rain,
    i'm so sorry to hear about Jack I do hope he's on the mend soon just look at those sweet little eyes makes me want to come give him a cuddle. I do love stencil art, it's becoming my favourite tool to use in my work love how you can use little or a lot to make a striking mark. Bugs looks very cool but I do adore your colouring, so bright and cheerful just what we all need right now.
    You look so at home at your desk, what a wonderful space you have around you, i'm back to sharing my space with my Daughter as she is back with us until we break the chains of this awful virus. Keep creative lovely, i'm so glad I will be able to link up with you all today.
    Hugs Tracey xx

  25. Rain, If you are moving yourself by U-Haul be sure to get one big enough to pack all your belongings in one trip. That self quarantine rule is killer but I do understand the need. Our "glorious" President now says 45 days instead of 30. It seems that with every week they extend the time. We are in our second week now of shelter in place lockdown. The number of cases of flu is 56 and virus 12 county wide. Good luck with the move.

  26. Best Wishes dear Rain

    much love...

  27. Oh your poor sweet pup - I always worry about mine on the ice too, especially when they go racing out the door to chase a squirrel!!

    How exciting that you signed the papers for your house - woo hoo, congratulations!!

    Now on to that cheese....oh my gosh that looks incredible, I clicked through to the recipe but it seems a little daunting....I think I need to start smaller like with a fresh mozzarella or similar. I'd love to make Burrata, oh my gosh that's one of my favorites!

    Be well...

  28. Yes, coloring can be very calming and therapeutic- fabulous coloring on your page!! Poor jack, I do hope he mends very soon. I know you are taking such good care of him:)
    Good for you being so successful with your cheeses- my they all have looked SO delicious!!
    What a shame to have experienced such a terrible teacher. Sure sounds like someone who has a chip on his shoulder and shouldn't be teaching at all. Thank you for sharing your experience and especially glad you closed that awful chapter!
    And now on to some new ones- including being able to move forward with your new home. All the best!

  29. Well, I just looked at your Caribou and he is gorgeous. I actually hate art snobs who think there is only one way to make art-Their Way! I have met a few , and been humiliated as well.
    Enough of that!!!
    You do so many exciting things-make cheese and real donuts! And Lovely art. Please stay well.

  30. Those donuts look delicious 🌈

  31. Wow! ~ Glad buying your new home is working out ~ Love that nest of robin's egg's blue eggs

    Be Well,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

    PS. ~ Ignore your bad art experience ~ art teachers can be idiots ~

  32. Love all those bright colors in your coloring page! How sweet Jack is ...I bet he enjoys the spoiling ;-) I can't believe how much snow you still have. Hope it'll be better by the time you move. It's great news that you are allowed to move. Who knows how much longer these quarantine rules will be. It wouldn't be nice to have to wait it out. Thanks for the tips concerning the art lessons. I will surely check them out. And that professor? First of all, someone who requires you to buy very expensive supplies isn't a good teacher in my opinion. And second: I think it's sad that there are still so many "official" art teachers around who think that the more negative you are about a persons'work, the more they will learn and get better. No way, it doesn't work like that. I think it's very arrogant the way he talked about your art, and not motivating at all. Good thing you cancelled your membership. You go girl! Take care and stay safe xox

  33. Sorry you had a bad experience.
    Hope the pup continues to feel better.
    What a cute photo.
    And woohoo. I'm all for baked doughnuts.
    Love, love, love, them.

  34. Wow, that is awful, Rain! What an asshat that art teacher is. I'm glad you quit. But please don't take it to heart. It's just one nasty person's worthless opinion. Keep doing what you're doing.

    I LOVE that you were wearing a hat while you signed. So adorable! And you were rockin' it.

    And Jack! Poor baby. Look at those big eyes. I hope he feels better very soon!

  35. Love your creations this week. Glad you were able to sign those papers for your new home. Hugs to your furry baby and hope he is better soon.

  36. Rain,

    I finally got around to linking up. I"m SO sorry for the late venture over to your site. Your stencil artwork is great. I love Bugs! :) Coloring is very relaxing. I loved coloring with my kiddos and the only coloring I've done in recent years is when I would hand stamp cards or fill my own drawings with color but anymore I find using Procreate my tool of choice. I'm glad to hear that the pandemic isn't stopping your move forward with the house. It'll just take a little longer than you expected and that's okay.

    The Jalsberg cheese looks fabulous. I guess you'll have to wait for things to settle down after your move to make more. Your baked donuts look superb! I showed DH and he wanted to eat my computer monitor. I had to retrain the boy so I could save your recipe. :)

    Thanks for sharing all the online art tutorials. I've watched a number of YTers whenever I find something I want to learn how to draw.

    Have a good weekend. Stay safe and healthy, my friend. Sending hugs, love, and prayers to you! xx

  37. oh that teacher sound truly insensitive and rude dear Rain ,i am sorry you had to face this but how nice you quit and saved your money either

    Wow your stencil art is absolutely SPLENDID i mean wow how incredibly done my friend :)))
    so pretty and EXQUISITE

    i am sorry for jack ,i wish and pray may he be well soon and wander around ,i can imagine it is hard to give him more time as mom when you are already indulged in many tasks

    Congratulations that you were able to sign the deed online ,what a relief :)
    i hope moving will not be an issue if you both are carrying your stuff all by yourself ,best of luck for moving and settling down specially my friend!
    i never saw turkey so it was nice to look at these :)
    stay well and blessed as always dear Rain! hugs!

  38. good luck with your move and everything! Hope doggy is feeling better soon

  39. enjoyed your whole post and the art. YOu made homemade jelly donuts. I'm impressed!
    And what a nice photo of you in the office signing your documents. I sure hope the move goes okay next month.

  40. Somehow I missed this post, Rain, but I'm so glad I found it! I am glad you shared about the online art classes you're taking. I was very curious, but knowing I didn't likely have the discipline to stick with something like this, I didn't want to bother you. So glad someone else asked - and that you shared so much detail. And even shared about the negative experience. Bah!

    Okay... I've gotta say, your colorful Jack is gorgeous. I'm so sorry he got hurt recently. I'm realizing as I type this, he may be all well by now. I hope so.

    As for your food - the cheese is making my mouth water. What a beautiful picture. And the Jelly Donuts? I don't even care for jelly as a filling, but those donuts are just so gorgeous I want to sink my teeth right into one of them. Again - a beautiful picture.

    I hope everything goes smoothly with the house closing and moving. I've known several peeps who've bought and sold houses recently, and much of the paperwork was done over the internet. Glad you're not being slowed down with progress toward getting into your new home.

  41. Your colorful doodle art is fascinating, Rain.
    Thank you sharing lovely photos as well.
    Wonderful Easter time, take care and be happy xx

  42. Hi, Rain! I'm sorry that I haven't visited in a while. It has been such a crazy time, and I've been barely covering the basics in my life. Thanks for sharing your art lesson sources. Art is somewhere in the nearer future for me. The instructor who publicly trashed you is no teacher, in my humble estimation. There are lots of positive ways to help someone improve at something they are learning, regardless of their age or level of expertise. Your Bugs Bunny "Stencil Art" is awesome. Your drawings like this tell me that you have patience, a quality I lack in many situations. And the moment I scrolled down to the colored stencil, I immediately thought of Jack. Good luck with your move. You'll work it out. My next door duplex neighbor of fifteen years moved out last week and a new neighbor moved in across the street about the same day. Sometimes people just have to move. Have masks, have gloves, have bleach wipes or substitutes. Stock up with nonperishables that can get you through two weeks quarantine before you leave. Maybe even a few perishables. I loved all the art you shared in this post. Please give sweet Jack a favorite pat or scratch for me, and all you other fur babies too. I'll be back to catch up. Hugs to you!

  43. Woo hoo! Congrats on being a new home owner. How neat you can do it that way. Love your big desk. Poor Jack Jack; I hope he heals smoothly and soon.


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