Thursday, April 16, 2020

Thursday Art Date: Bubbles and Bubbly and Requesting Some Foodie Help!

Hello Friends! 😊

Welcome to Thursday's Art Date, today our theme is Bubbles and Bubbly. Bugs is exploring the Coral Reef today and enjoying life under the sea. I really enjoyed drawing helped me disconnect a little bit! 😊

This was a very challenging week. Alex and I are trying to fit our entire lives into a fifteen-foot truck! Well, we don't have the U-Haul truck yet, but we've taped off the size of it in our living room and we're trying to play Tetris with our belongings to make sure everything fits!

πŸ’Œ THANKS so much to everyone who is visiting!!! Every night before bed, I read comments and blogs, and I'm sorry I haven't been commenting much. My life is topsy turvy at the moment 😲, we are leaving in about 3 weeks time and there is just so much to do.

To add to the madness, we have to quarantine in New Brunswick for 2 weeks when we get there with the moving van. The RCMP is taking down license plates at the border of Quebec and NB. If we get caught on the road before the 2-week quarantine is up, we will get fined from 2k to 10k. We are allowed to stop for gas as long as we pay at the pump; but we can't even stop for groceries. It's going to be a 12 hour (minimum) drive. Christine you gifted me a Timmie's gift card a few years back that we were saving for our move...I don't even think we'll be able to use it yet!!!

This means preparing 14 days worth of food, snacks, sweets, beverages and pet food, all packed in the moving van BEFORE getting there...I wasn't expecting this! There is a stove at the new place, but it's iffy; and we won't have a fridge. It's going to be challenging.

❣️❣️❣️ A REQUEST FOR HELP!!! ❣️❣️❣️ 

If anyone has ideas for vegetarian "meals in a jar" that I can either pressure-can or water-bath can, please let me know in the comments or send me an email, there is a contact form on my side bar!!! Without refrigeration, it all has to be canned! And these meals can only be either reheated in the microwave or on the stove top. So far I plan to can spaghetti sauce, a few different types of soups, some salsa that we can put on tortillas and some pizza sauce (with hopes the oven works so I can bake the dough). Since I started cheese making, I've learned that some cheeses can be left on the counter so I have a few wheels of cheese I'm bringing that we will be able to use the first week (without refrigeration). I have my pantry staples such as flour, sugar and salt. I bought packets of yeast so they don't have to be refrigerated... I'm bringing a big bag of potatoes, canned juices, pre-packaged pasta, rice, oatmeal, tea and coffee. We can't tolerate beans too much, which is a shame, that would have been a great addition! Beyond that and despite exhaustive internet searches, my mind is completely out of ideas. Next week I plan to do my last run at the grocery stores and I hope I can find powdered/dehydrated milk. DOES ANYONE KNOW IF I CAN PRESSURE CAN MILK AND BUTTER? I'm cringing at the fact that I will be buying processed cookies/chips for snacks...but I don't know if I'll be able to bake while I'm there, so I want to be prepared. I did find instructions on how to microwave popcorn so that'll be a nice snack popped with coconut oil. I'm OPEN TO ALL SUGGESTIONS!! You all have been there for me through thick and thin and I would love to hear your ideas!!!  πŸ’™πŸ’™


It is nearly impossible to take a nap these days. Once I lie down, the dogs get extremely curious...

I think that Charlie has the biggest staring problem of them all! Every time I look up from what I'm doing, her big husky eyes are on me!

The pets are a bit nervous these days, with all of the packing and boxes. Here's a quick video of them quiet and relaxed. I'm so grateful to have so much love in the house!

A few nights ago, we had our last fondue dinner in Quebec! The fondue pot is packed away now! This was a lovely Swiss Cheese Fondue. Yum!

Alex had an old cotton shirt that we were going to cut up for rags, instead I made five face masks out of them. I followed this You Tube Tutorial. It was so easy, each one took between 15 and 20 minutes.

I'm not taking any chances of getting sick before we move...I haven't had a cold in over 5 years and I want to keep it that way!

It remains to be seen if we will have internet when we move. The company is sending a modem in the mail, but we have no clue if the wiring is there or if it is functional. So as of next week, I'll be scheduling my Thursday posts until mid-June. I won't be drawing too much, but I will definitely include photography as my contribution!! The art date WILL continue!!! 😊😊😊 Thanks for popping in! That's all for now folks! But please check out the link widget below to see more Bubbles and Bubbly artwork! 


A delicious messy potato, salsa and Cheddar fajita!

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  1. Sorry you are facing such problems, it sounds like the first weeks will be hard. I can't help you with regard to things you can can, I have no experience of stuff like that. Is there nobody at the new place who could stock up for you before you move in? Thanks for sharing the lovely photos of you and your furry companions, always so gorgeous! And your food always looks a dream. Stay safe, hugs, Valerie

  2. I am sending oceans of caring and good wishes your way, at this simultaneously exciting and challenging time.
    I am sorry (despite being a vegetarian) my mind has gone blank. If it comes back to me I will post some meal suggestions.
    Good luck - and stay safe.

  3. Hello Rain,
    *wow* I thought so but not so blatant. I believe and hope for you and Alex with the animals that everything will go well. Pure chaos now for the last time until it starts and that you are well received and can live there for 14 days. Sure the animals notice the excitement and with everything. Sweet as they all sleep on the video.
    The drawing is great, also had this idea with the underwater world.
    Delicious the Swiss fondue!
    Great your sewn mask!
    I wish you all the best and some bloggers who can give you recipes until the move. Stay healthy and take care of yourself I think of you !!!
    Big hug Elke

  4. Good luck with your move, it sounds quite a challenge and an adventure! I don't know if you can buy the kind of food I would use but if you have a microwave I would buy a lot of those long life pouches of flavoured rice (we can get Uncle Bens Mexican) I would add lots of beans from tins, also tinned chestnuts are delicious just eaten straight from the tin and if you have a microwave you will be able to make porridge in the microwave with long life cartons of milk and some good quality oats, just a few things from a veggie non-cook type of person!

  5. o, dear, you really have some challenging weeks ahead of you. Playing TETRIS with your belongings? Sound fun but probably isn´t.
    I really hope it will all work for you. Sadly I am of no help for you :(

    Love how Bugs are swimming among the corals. Your mask is good looking. My self I avoid them if I can as I wear glasses and always get steam on the glasses and can´t see a damn thing. ;(
    Take care and stay safe.

  6. Morning Rain! Wow, are you ever in for some challenging days! I have used evaporated milk in the can, and watered it down half can milk and half water, which makes a milk that tastes pretty good. We have used powdered eggs in the past, which aren’t bad, as long as you add veggies and cheese. I don’t know if you and Alex like chili, but we always put the dry ingredients and elbow macaroni in a quart jar, and seal it up, then you can add your tomato, etc when you are putting it together in the sauce pan. Do you have meatless crumbles up there? We use them for meals when we go up hunting in WYOMING, because they travel well, and can be added to a lot of goulash, spaghetti, chili type of meals, which can be prepared in a microwave. You can also put your veggies together for soup, and water bath can them, Travel food always includes egg sandwiches for us, as you can bag them, and stick them in a cooler with your drinks. If I think of something more, I will email you. Good luck, and we will be sending prayers to you, Alex, and all your babies, for safe travel - good homecoming!!

  7. Bugs underwater adventure is sweet ~ I'm not good with food suggestions I'm sorry to say...the only thing I can think of is fresh apples ~ great source of fiber and they fill you up and last a long time without refrigeration -oranges too- Your mask turned out great!

  8. You are a very efficient person and I have no doubt that you will get this all done and any hiccups along the way will be figured out. I wish you the best of luck and many happy times in your new abode.

  9. it really will be like camping for 2 weeks! yikes! do you have one of those camp stoves to use as a backup in case the stove doesn't work? i've never canned meals so i'm not sure about that. this sure will be an adventure!

  10. I have to think on those food choices you have already some good ideas. Super Bugs and bubbles art. You look cute in your mask. How will the pets do on that journey wow. Will be thinking of you both.

  11. darn it I never have anything to link up but let's talk about your move. MY GOSH this is one for the story books. What a challenge
    2 weeks of food and everything in the one van. When we left MD to move here it took half a big moving van, but then we didn't need all the stuff we brought. We wish we'd brought more, and needed to move less.

    Good luck to you all to survive the trip, you have such a good spirit, as do your critters, and you all work together as a big family so it will be fine. I love how strict Canada is being actually... found out yesterday the state Governor of South Dakota is letting her citizens die because she won't shut things down. It's a crime.

  12. Cute cartoon! Good luck figuring out how to pack everything in your van. I hope all goes well.

  13. Wow ... two weeks of quarantine! That is really putting the pressure on you ... like moving isn't hard enough. Well, you of all people will be able to pull this off as you are very independent of needs outside of the home. When you say "Vegetarian" does that exclude all meats or can you eat fish or chicken as some Vegetarians I know do? If you can, there is canned tuna, shrimp, oysters and even chicken. If not I think you have covered all of the bases. I am using a lot of noodle dishes because I can make them stretch over several days. No refrigeration is a bummer ... I will put my thinking cap on and if any good ideas pop into my head, I will be in touch. If you have a cooler, you could fill it with ice and put some things in it that require refrigeration and just eat those things first as the ice melts and you lose your cooling. If you keep it closed and covered with a thermal blanket, it could last for several days ... you should be able to tell when it is no longer working. Boy, I don't envy you. Moving during this pandemic makes everything more difficult. What about freeze dried fruits and vegetables, they would take up less space in your packing dilema. Oh my, now you have my brain buzzing ... also, our grocery stores and pharmacies and restaurants are delivering food to the home ... is that a possibility? Make sure you have disinfectants wipes so you can wipe off anything you bring in from a store. Well, before I forget, I love Bug's visit to the coral reef. My son scuba dives and I have seen many pictures including those of the reefs that are dying ... so sad and a serious problem, but for today, Bug's reef is teeming with life :) Enough for now ... love your choice of next weeks Art Date. It seems appropriate :) I will be thinking of you Rain and will be in touch if I get any ideas ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  14. Hi Rain, thank for this catch-up on the move, packing and the unfortunate required quanrantine. I only wish that I could provide some helpful answers to your questions, but unfortunately I don't have any suggestions other than as many packaged treats as possible. I'm not sure if you mentioned that you had any coolers to use, but then they wouldn't keep things chilled for 2 weeks (duh). I know how excited you both are to be starting anew, even if the pets are curious. Great idea about laying everything out to see IF it will all fit in the truck and hopefully it will. I expect you are also mapping out areas for the pets and wonder how that will go with them traveling. No worries about posting comments as your fellow bloggers know and understand that you have a lot going on, any and all photos would be most welcomed to see.

  15. Just an idea for you regarding veggies.
    We live in Africa (part time) and we never have a refrigerator or if we do it is small and holds milk and leftovers.Our single gas powered burner cooks everything.
    Eggs (we buy them in the 2.5 dozen crate) sit out. All our veggies sit out. I am trying to do that now because I'm not going to the store.
    Our temps in Africa are 80-90 always. My thought if veggies can live for weeks on a counter, then buy up as many as possible. Lettuce is probably your most fragile but a head of lettuce is much more tolerant to heat than prepackaged lettuce.
    Hope this gives you a few more options.
    Cheers and hope everything works out.

  16. Oh, I hope your move goes better than imagined. You seem pretty organized, so that is good. That is hard not being able to buy groceries at a time like this. wishing you the best.

  17. Wishing you the best of luck with the move and the immediate 2 week quarantine! Wow, what a time we live in.

  18. I've heard of oven canning butter, not use about milk. We in the US can buy canned "table cream" by Nestle, works great for cream or thin down for milk. Any way you can buy a "mini fridge" and take with you, the kind they use in college dorms???

  19. This is a great post. My daughter did the same thing when they moved, taping off how my space for the moving truck. It worked too. Your art, your food, and your sewing all excellent. That is a huge fine if you don't follow the rules. I wish "they" would do that here. So many just think this is not real.

  20. Rain here are my ideas

    1) have a can opener readily accessible

    nuts such as almonds peanuts cashews
    dried fruit
    KD easymac (microwaveable)
    cans of sweetened condensed milk
    Ovaltine biscuits
    instant oatmeal packs
    granola bars
    peanut butter
    canned soups
    canned fruit
    canned vegetables, mushrooms
    jello puddings, regular jello
    coffee powder creamer
    root vegetables like beets, carrots, yams

    Hope some of these help!

  21. You are all incredible, thanks so much for your comments and the food suggestions!!! Amazing!

  22. Oh my gosh, Rain. You guys have so much going on. How about jarred potatoes? Is that possible? To jar like a potato salad? You mentioned beans don't do well. How about a bean-free chili with walnuts crushed on top? Can you do lentils? How about baby oranges? They are on super sale here and easy to store and I find, last awhile. Same with organic apples oh, oh, and dried fruits, nuts and seeds. No in can but easy to travel with.

  23. Moving is stressful. I'm sure you'll lots of great recs. Good luck!

  24. Dear Rain Best Wishes with your new challange. Dont panic. Heed the quarentines. Stay safe


  25. you are amazingly brave to stay as energetic and sweet during all the moving rush dear Rain !!!

    this is good that you can move within weeks eventually ,i know it is tough time due to all this strict rules around ,i am sure this time will pass and you will have happy times in your new beautiful home !

    i have no experience for preserving as much food for such long period as due to stomach disturbance i only eat stuff which is made at present day
    i can see how your pets are intrigued by the situation ,i think new wider and more comfortable home will make them forget all the stress
    loved your art and i bet everything is going to better and better including your art and other skills in your new home,amen!

  26. Hello Rain.

    Thinking of you and hoping all goes well.
    Don't know if you may find this link helpful?

    By the way I do like your art here :)

    All the best Jan

  27. Wow, things are moving so quickly now! I'm excited for you and hope the move goes smoothly. It's crazy times but I just know you'll do great. I am drawing a blank for food ideas. I'd probably survive on peanut butter and fruits that last long :)

  28. Yes Rain, you can pressure can milk and butter! It's not recommended, but I was doing with goat's milk from my old homestead and when I caught butter on sale.

    There are some excellent YouTube videos on the subject.

  29. Rain, Email me for vegan/vegetarian recipes for meals in a jar. If you still need them

  30. Continued thanks my friends!!! I'm taking all suggestions! Jo I'm going to email you!!

  31. Oh wow...i sincerely hope all goes well for you ... you are a trooper love your cute art piece this week. I'm behind on visiting blogs too - for various reasons. i think this is one of those things when one day at a time works....

  32. Hey Beautiful Soul, wishing you, your fur babies, and Alex all the best!! We love you and will be here for you! You guys will be ok! I know it! Thanks for the happy art! Big Hugs!

  33. I forgot to say, you look beautiful in your mask!


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