Thursday, March 26, 2020

Thursday Art Date: In Like A Lamb, Out Like A Lion

Hello Friends! 😊😊

Welcome to Thursday's Art Date, today our theme is based on March's weather lore: In Like A Lamb, Out Like A Lion. I'm hoping that March will go out like a LAMB!!! It sure came in like a LION!! Actually we still have a lot of snow and my logical side knows it ain't over yet!

To represent the lamb part of our theme, I drew a Looney Tunes scene based on the short "Steal Wool" from 1957. (Click on the link to watch the short!) Sam Sheep Dog and Ralph Wolf are always at odds during their work day. Sam guards the sheep/lamb while Ralph tries to steal them.

Ralph looks suspiciously like Wile E. Coyote, but according to Mel Blanc's book, the two differences are their accents and the colour of their noses! Ralph Wolf has a blue-collar accent with a red nose; Wile E. Coyote has a proper upper-class accent with a black nose.

Check out my Lion Fish, done with Prismacolor pencils. What fun this was!!! At first I turned my head at this course, it seemed way too difficult, but once I got started, I really enjoyed it! You can see the texture of the paper through the dark blue, which I'm not crazy about. Next time I'll use the smoother side of the paper to help the colours blend better.

Here is a little video of Charlie, she has spring fever, she's about to start her heat and she's shedding. I've had lots of different breeds of dogs throughout my life but my gosh, the amount of fur that the huskies shed is unreal, I could build another dog with what she's shed so's a hairy situation! 😲

Thanks for popping in! That's all for now folks! But please check out the link widget below to see more In Like A Lamb, Out Like A Lion artwork! 


Watercolour stencil art I did a few years ago

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  1. Cute cartoon love, your lion fish. Charlie is well trained you have so much snow still. Thanks for hosting Rain!

  2. Hi Rain, fun theme and beautiful art from you again. Love the Looney Tunes piece. And the lion fish is a great take on the theme. Great video of Charlie, too. Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

  3. Your art is coming on in leaps and bounds. I like the texture which shows through on the lion fish - I think it adds something.
    And I am super impressed at how well Charlie responds to instruction. Well done you.
    Stay safe, stay well.

  4. Ironically, March came in like a lamb where I live. In our week long forecasts, it looks like it will go out like a lion with threats of tornadoes, high winds, and fire danger. I'd gladly take some of your snow to put out those fires.

    I got to meet Mel Blanc when he spoke at my undergrad college. I asked for his autograph. He was a very sweet man and will be sorely missed. He died about a year (maybe two) after he gave his talk.

    I absolutely ADORE your lion fish. I think it's gorgeous. I actually like the texture. It gave the appearance of movement.

    I'm going to try to play as much as possible in April, although I offer a recycled project every day from April 1 through April 22. Therefore, I'll have to try to figure a way to make the art I create work to match your theme. Thanks for hosting, Rain.

  5. Hello Rain,
    the Coyote this is one that I had looked at with my children, laugh your matching drawing.The lionfish with the Prismacolor pencils has become so beautiful, I like it very much, but I also find this rough paper fits great!Charlie's fur is so beautiful but he needs it for the cold. Great video to experience it like this!
    I wish you all the best and stay healthy everyone!!!
    Hugs, Elke

  6. Hi Rain. I actually like how the paper shines through the blue color of the scary fish :) It looks like pearls. Could be used for a girls beautiful dress. :)

    Hope this day finds you safe and nicely planning your move.
    Stay safe!


  7. Wow! You have your dogs trained so well. I thought mine were good but of course as they aged.....arthritis made it hard to sit and it took a few minutes. Yes, I remember the shedding especially Nitty....her body looked like a relief map with chunks of hair missing and you could just pull hunks of it out.
    your artwork just gets better and better! HAve a great week!

  8. Love the lion fish. You do have a lot of snow left. Spring will come.

  9. charlie listens so well! i'm not sure mine are as obedient! that fish is awesome!

  10. I've been trying to get my girls to do some art. You'd be surprised how busy we are!

  11. I loved Ralph and Sam when I was a kid. I always thought it was Wile E. Coyote too. And what a terrific Lion Fish!

  12. Cute cartoon. You could make a nice living as a professional cartoonist. Do look into it.

  13. Hi Rain, this is a great post. I realllllly love your Lion Fish. Your artistic brain is amazing. Have a good day, Elbow Hugs.

  14. Well, I seem to have reversed my take on the prompt. I did "In like a Lion , Out like a Lamb" which, in spite of the lore, seems to be more like what happens at least in my neck of the woods. I do remember Steal Wool and especially Sam Sheep Dog. That was a fun take and love your cartoons. You are amazingly good at cartoon drawing ... you should get a job at Disney. Your Lion Fish is Awesome and I really don't mind the texture in the blue ... it is amazing. Have you told us where you are taking these courses and I missed it? I would be interested now that I am stuck at home forever, it would seem. I know you are out in the boonies and away from crowds of people so I hope you are safe from this horrible virus. Be careful when you go to town and when you are closing on your house and working with movers ... keep 6 feet away if at all possible. Thank you Rain for inspiring all of us to do things we love doing as, for me, it gives me something to look forward to each week.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  15. Weather wise, March came here in Pennsylvania like a spring lamb and is going out the same. However, a monster appeared and we are hoping that it also will go away. Meanwhile, I am enjoying all the sunny days I have.

    I loved your Looney Tune, Rain.

  16. Rain,

    I love those old cartoons and you do such a good job illustrating them, too. :)

    How have you been? Are y'all having to stay home because of the virus threat? We're under a 'Safe at Home' order which means DH now works from home and we can still do the essentials - grocery shop, doctor appointments, etc. Our schools are closed until at least the end of April. I've had one doctor appointment to cancel and pushed out a couple of weeks. This is a strain for everyone and an event none of us will soon forget. Let's hope folks are more vigilant with practicing good hygiene and veering clear of sick people to prevent the spread of germs.

    I shared a drawing today for last week's theme but I didn't join the linky party because I don't feel right about doing that if I'm not following your theme suggestion.

    Oh, yeah how's the house moving going? Has the health crisis caused any delays? Y'all stay healthy and safe, dear friend! Sending love, hugs, and prayers your way!

  17. Love the Lionfish! And very happy with the rabbit (of course).

    March actually blew in more like a nuclear blast and is leaving as the same. Maybe April will leave as a lamb.

  18. Oh my - I love your Lion Fish, Rain. And Charlie... so obedient! Love the video, as always.

  19. Once again, Rain, terrific creativity! That snow is pretty darn high! Will your new place get as much snow as you are getting now? I really know what you mean about that hairy situation! I have found that the broom and vacuum are my two favorite friends this time of year! Lol.

  20. Your Lion fish is Gorgeous
    Happy Friday

    much love...

  21. what a cute sketch - I like it and will check out the short you mentioned. Enjoyed seeing your Huskie walking in the snow - burr, cold!! We had a huskie at our house with one of our sons got one. I loved "Bear dog" which was his name and missed him when they moved. Hope all is going well with the house and nice sketch you did, i like seeing the texture of the paper underneath.

  22. Hey, Rain! Your artwork is pretty awesome, as always. We're hoping the nice weather comes very soon. Lots of work to do outside and we'd like to walk more, bike more and go out to take photographs more. That's about all we can do now that this virus is around!

  23. Incredibly Talented And So Creative - Outstanding - Already Fell In Love With Charlie Girl - Such A Cute Little Video - And Your Hyde & Hare 1955 Drawing Is Absolutely Remarkable - Very Impressive

    Enjoy Your Weekend,

  24. I do like your lion fish.
    I enjoyed the video of Charlie you've shared here.

    Hope you are staying safe and keeping well.

    All the best Jan

  25. Glad some of your snow is finally melting, Rain. Lion fish are so colorful and a good subject and really liked your rendition. Charlie seems happy in the snow and maybe you could make another dog with all the fur?

  26. I loved watching the Charlie video - and hearing your voice Rain - and just hope you have a good vacuum cleaner at the ready with all that fur to deal with!
    Great art - I love the yellow tulips and bunny. Guess it will be a quiet Easter everywhere this year, sad.
    Do stay well, Alex too - hoping your area is virus-free. With so much snow still and being remote, you may be safer than here.
    Hugs - Mary

  27. charlie is amazing! How responsive. Milo is going thru some phase where he basically looks at me to say you aren't the boss of me! Now give me a treat!

    Charlie is made to run on snow so it's her happy place!

  28. Great drawings as normal. If they ever need a replacement for the folks that draw out the Bugs characters, you would be perfect.


  29. oh my i JUST LOVED THE VIDEO ,such a sweet pet and the way she followed orders wow she is amazing :)))

    dear Rain your lion fish is inspiring ,i am in awe as it seems quite tricky but you did it so beautifully with such perfection ,astonishing job my wonderful friend!

    loved the first art as well as toons are my childhood friends and it makes me feel good to stay connected through your painting
    your older watercolor art is so delightful!
    stay blessed and positive my friend!

  30. Wow! That LionFish is pretty amazing! I can see the texture and almost feel it on the screen. I sure wish I could learn something like that! Cute cartoon picture and you know I'm all in with the snow! Hope you're doing well, and I'm sending some air hugs your way. RO

  31. Like you, Rain, I know better than to think snow is done for the year. We're expecting snow on Easter Sunday, and I know we're often not clear of snow until after Mother's Day. Then maybe I'll let my guard down. I really like your lion fish, but I agree with you about the texture. Take care!


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