Thursday, October 10, 2019

Thursday Art Date: Horror and Scary

Hello Friends :)

Welcome to Thursday's Art Date, today our theme is Horror and Scary! What keeps you tucked tightly under the covers on a dark and scary night?? :) Tweety Bird was just minding his own business, heading downstairs for a midnight snack when he heard a little creak behind him. Do you believe in the Boogeyman? Though it very well could be Sylvester trying to frighten the poor little bird!!!

Sitting in a dentist chair is a scary thing. Monday's procedure went very well with my new dentist.  I'm still not eating anything solid...but my seven and a half weeks of pain are almost over. I feel like slugging that first dentist for not noticing the infection last month. How can you trust anyone these days??? Doodling helps to displace the need for vengeance lol! πŸ˜‰ I'm a slow healer though, so I'm still taking pain killers. The antibiotics are finally done though. My body needs a break from pharmaceuticals.

When I was a kid, I used to watch Scooby Doo cartoons every Saturday morning. This episode scared me so much that I refused to go swimming that summer. I had nightmares! Reading Nancy from Little Homestead in Boise's post about her visit to a Maritime museum sparked this memory! (Don't worry Nancy, he doesn't scare me anymore!! ) 😊

I thought I'd create a scary looking deep sea diver in watercolour...maybe the ghost of one who was lost at sea! I took some time to look up the history of underwater diving and this contraption is called a "diving dress". They were used all the way back in the 1400's up until the early to mid 1900's. I'm still afraid of what's under me when I'm swimming in the lake though...

Here's a scary fella! The Wolf Man - I tried to recreate Lon Chaney's 1941 character in watercolour. Alex and I have been watching a scary movie every night so far this month and we intend to keep it up until Halloween! The movies vary from the old 1920's and 1930's classics to some very awesome B-movies from the 1960's and 1970's! We're saving the latest Halloween movie (2018) for October 31st! That's all for today folks! :) Please see the link  widget below and visit our friends to see what they've created for today's art date!!


Riding Hood - Acrylics September 2017

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  1. Lots of scary drawings today Rain, eeps. So glad you are being treated for your teeth.

  2. Rain,

    I love your spooky fun humor with your cartoon sketches, as well as your eerie more serious illustrations. I love those old Wolfman movies with Lon Chaney. Your Red Riding Hood acrylic is fabulous!

    Well, I manage to squeeze out one pencil sketch for today's prompt in my blurry state of mind but thankfully I'm feeling much better and it sounds like you're on the mend with your tooth. That's great! The infection can be hard to fight. Make sure the dentist double checks that before he covers it with a crown. I know when DH had infections like that it took two rounds of antibiotics to clear it up.

    Have a doodletastic weekend and take it easy, my dear!

  3. the wolfman takes me back to my childhood. he was so scary! but nothing comes close to the dentist!!!

  4. These are fun!
    I'm so sorry about your dental issues. sigh.

  5. My goodness Rain, you really are creative! Your comment about being in the water hits me close to home. We lived for 35 years on the water in Florida. I could never go into the water deeper than mid-thigh. I could swim in the pool for days on end, but never trusted the salt water. I can fish all day in a boat or from shore, though. I attributed my fear to being a land locked Wyoming raised Regardless, ... I’m with you on the water trust issue! No change in the pumpkin update, but only my mini decoration pumpkins are orange. The bigger ones are still green.

  6. Rain, I liked the Tweety Bird art and could well imagine Sylvester coming through the door but TB always seemed to get the better of him, so no worries there. Those earlier diving outfits did look scary and yes I remember seeing Wolfman films and also Frankenstein and Dracula, which now seem "campy" and far less scarier than current horror films, which I do not watch. That said, we will watch some movies prior to Halloween, but our choices are Beetlejuice, Ghostbusters and a couple of those old campy ones, especially anything with Vincent Price. And perhaps I will listen to Michael Jackson's Thriller a few times this month.
    Glad to read that the tooth pain has lessened.

  7. A few of those drawings are really scary, so I'm sticking with my Tweety Bird, please.(lol) Hate that you had to suffer for so long, and glad that the right dentist got it right. Sending some healing hugs your way. RO

  8. Your dental revenge art is spot on! Glad your long ordeal is starting to come to an end.

  9. Your deep sea diver is super awesome!

  10. Very scary pictures, Rain. I, too, love your deep sea diver. And Wolfman. You made a great Wolfman! :) So glad your tooth is on the mend! Seven weeks is a long time to be having tooth pain!

  11. Those are all scary! So glad your mouth is healing,,,,nothing worse than dental pain! I need to start watching "Halloween" themed everything! Enjoy!

  12. oh tweety cannot be scary to me ever dear Rain :)

    i loved your art .always so cherishing and playful :))) and brings so many memories along

    i am so glad that your tooth treatment went fine and recovery procedure is on finally !

    constant use of medication also cause other types of problems so hope once you out of this ,you will not look back them again :)

    your diver is Fantastically done ,i am so impressed and wow this wolf man has reminded me the show once again ,it was very popular here back then

    you are amazingly talented dear Rain :)

    i shared you phobia for deep water ,i was so scared of it for all my life but i don't know what happened after my parents death that i don't feel scared from anything ,this is weird

    days are getting short so i am finding little less time for laptop still i will be waiting for your brilliant sharing

  13. Oh my, I got my days mixed up and posted my scaries this morning ... if you get a chance come see :( I love your scaries and you hit it on the head, literally, with the dentist. I don't know anyone who doesn't get the willies when they have to go to the dentist. Hope you have been able to resolve your painful gum problem ... I miss your foodies :) Already started on next weeks post. Hopefully I will get it right this time.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  14. So pleased that Monday's procedure with your new dentist went well.
    Loved all of your drawings.

    Enjoy the up-coming weekend.

    All the best Jan

  15. OMG SIS , seven and a half weeks ? I am so glad to hear u are starting to feel better. Love your paintings πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒ

  16. I so enjoy your art work - very creative and wolf man - wow great sketch. Reading this brings back memories of the times I would get scared watching a movie. My favorite halloween movie of all time is the original Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis. I need to see it again.

  17. You are endlessly creative, Rain! I'm just sorry that you have had so much dental pain. Dental infections are so painful!!! I was in the dentist's chair the day you posted this. Nothing like you though!


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