Thursday, October 3, 2019

Thursday Art Date: Ghosts and Ghouls

Hello Friends :)

Welcome to Thursday's Art Date, today our theme is Ghosts and Ghouls. Daffy was bragging to everyone he knew that he had this Super Hero audition "in the bag" - that the producers would see how courageous he was and he'd make the perfect Super Hero! Then Bugs showed up, the stinker! I did this with Sharpies, Prismacolor Pencils and a little watercolour for the background. What did you come up with for our Ghosts and Ghouls theme?

I was inspired to paint this ghost ship after reading the legend of The Flying Dutchman - a ghost ship that is cursed to sail the oceans forever. It's said that any sailor who sees this ghost ship is doomed to the sea.

This was fun to paint! A ghoulish Reaper seeking his next victim! I painted this with watercolour.

My Old Dentist

Thanks SO MUCH to all of you who wished me well in the last post! Between going back and forth to the dentist and just the general upkeep of the house and taking care of the pets...I'm just pooped and haven't had a free moment to answer comments! But I read all of them and my heart is full of gratitude for such a wonderful community of caring people!!  💖

I basically have had nothing else going on in my life but dentistry, antibiotics, painkillers and lots of sleep. I saw the new dentist again and all should be resolved next Monday! Gosh I can't wait to be out of pain. You want a prisoner to talk? Mess with his teeth! 😧  Now that's torture...I'd sing like a canary! See you on Sunday for my weekly food and pet post (minus the food probably, I've been living on soup and pudding!)


My Favourite Fictional Characters: The Headless Horseman, The Raven, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (January 2018, acrylics)

October 10th: Next Thursday's theme is Horror and Scary. Click on the link for ideas and inspiration! Remember it's all about creating. You can showcase your paintings, drawings, photography, sculpting, baking, poetry...whatever you like! :)

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  1. So sorry about your teeth! I'm like pain is the worst! I hope all is fixed soon. Love your drawings/art work! You just get better and better. Practice makes perfect is so true in your case!

  2. My fave is your watercolour Reaper! Love the light from his lantern -- searching, searching . . . .

  3. Sleep is good for healing! Take it easy. We're off to a big medical appointment in the city. It tires me, and I'm the healthy one.

  4. Hope so much all your dental troubles will be over soon dear - it's so miserable when one's teeth hurt - nobody really wants to 'sing like a canary'!!!!!
    These pieces today are so interesting - perhaps due to your pain. . . .and a diet of soup and pudding!
    Be well soon dear Rain.

  5. You are right about dental pain; it is horrible. Glad to read that things will be better next week.

  6. Rain,

    I got your last two emails but haven't had a chance to respond. I did add the html code to my site for your Mr. Linky. It works beautifully! :)

    I love all of your ghosts & ghouls inspired artwork. Your Daffy and Bugs illustrations are always such fun to see. You're so clever fitting theme into your weekly theme. The ghoulish reaper is super spooky. WOW, you're totally getting in the Halloween spirit with your paintings. I wanted to do the Headless Horseman but didn't have time. Perhaps, I'll find time before the month expires and I can share it.

    Thanks for hosting and I'm so happy to hear that you found a dentist who knows what's going on. Soon, this pain will be behind you. Rest, take it easy! Sending love, hugs, & prayers your way, darlin'!

  7. Wonderful ghoulish pieces Rain! Glad you are surviving the dental treatment.

  8. Oh my goodness, nerve pain is awful and dental nerve pain is the worst. I do hope your dentist can, at very least, relieve the pain. And yet, you were still able to come up with a scary group of ghosts and ghouls. I love the Bugs Bunny ghost ... you made me laugh which is a wonderful medicine in itself. I know you post all week with goodies that I miss. Somehow, I never seem to have time to peruse the internet, but I will try to stop buy more often than Thursday. I feel for you ... I hate that you have to wait until Monday to be pain free ... have you tried orejel? Be well, Rain ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  9. You are the third blogger that I've read that has tooth pain and needs a dentist. I do too. I hate dentists because the charge outlandish prices and because I just hate them probing around in my mouth looking for an excuse to do more work on me. But I really need to get this done. It's my front top tooth.
    When I was 16 I did some very spooky acrylic paintings of Halloween trick or treaters. They were so cute.

  10. you win the art date contest for all eternity for producing and publishing when you are in such pain! hang in there! monday is on the horizon!

  11. Oh, love all your art - ...a lot!

    Don't get me started on dentists, yikes...

    hope you have a rapid recovery.

  12. Hello Rain, and let me start by saying that I am sorry you are having tooth pain. I absolutely believe that tooth pain and ear pain are the two worse pains that there is. We have been smokin busy here on the ridge... black walnuts are falling daily now and they have to be processed the day they fall. We are finally going to be cooler in the next couple of days... it’s been in the 90’s and it’s really difficult to keep energy up! We put up the second planting of corn this week and the freezer is getting full! Pumpkin update: 4 bigger than soccer balls, 3 softball size and 6 golf ball size... and 6 mini decoration pumpkins. Have a better week end and please take care. Praying for you.

  13. I do like your Ghosts and Ghouls art pieces …

    Hope your tooth is all resolved next Monday, my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  14. oh i will be praying for early arrival of monday dear Rain !!!

    i wonder about people of olden times who had no doctors and medicines in their life but only herbal home applied treatments

    either i have had strong and unbreakable connection with doctors and meds throughout my life and most of people i know are same

    bugs brag blew away so nicely by director lol
    i think he will have to change the character :)

    your ghost ship story is scary ,beautifully told by your lovely art ,so is the water color work amazingly done

    i will be waiting for your next post to know how you feeling my dear friend Rain!
    saty strong as you are always :)

  15. Oh so sorry you have not been doing so well. Teeth pain is HORRIBLE....but you know that I am sure. Loving the art! Great job.

  16. Hi, Rain! I'll be catching up backwards, again! Your paintings are wonderful ~ You express artistic talent in multiple mediums and styles. I'm in awe. You have my utter sympathy regarding your dental issue. Dental pain is excruciating. I see mine next week. Ugh! Wishing you rest and relief asap. And sending you a big hug!!!

  17. Dr. Whoopsy! Hahhahahhaha 😂

  18. Thanks for the dental update, Rain. Despite your discomfort, you always manage to post wonderful art creations. The first one made me smile and the others were right in keeping with this time of year.

  19. Sorry you've been in so much pain. Dental issues are no fun.


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