Sunday, October 13, 2019

Sunday Food and Pets Post - Sore Tooth Diet

"Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet" 😕

Hi Friends :)

How is your Sunday going? I finally had a great night's sleep and I'm going to try to eat some solid food today, yippee!

🍁🍁Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends🍁🍁

Alex and I have decided we are postponing Thanksgiving dinner for a few days until I can really eat again. I've been on the "sore tooth diet" (coined by Joyce!) since September 25th. It's been brothy soups and milked-down pudding with the occasional herb tea - I haven't had cheese for 19 days...oh, the humanity... ME without cheese... on the plus side, so to speak, I lost 9 pounds, but I know I'll gain it all back as soon as I get back to my regular diet of comfort food!!! :) I hope next Sunday's post will be filled with delicious goodies!

This whole ordeal got me thinking about those crazy fad diets from my youth. I know these types of diets started many decades ago, but I remember a lot of them from the 1980's.

Hmmm...I would totally follow the "Wine and Cheese" diet if I could get away with it! Did you ever try any of these fad diets? 

I never did these diets, but I did eat Slim Fast bars for breakfast and lunch and Snackwells cookies for dinner! I did this a few times a week to keep my weight down. Gosh how unhealthy! Now I eat whatever I want and I cook much healthier meals; but limit my calories a few times a week to keep my weight at a healthy level.

I'm so glad I never fell for these! They are dangerous!

I was aerobics-obsessed too. I had every Jane Fonda workout, either on cassette or on video tape!

Does anyone remember the "20-Minute Workout" that ran on television in the 1980's? It was a Canadian show, so I don't know if it made it to the U.S. networks or not. I did this workout nearly every day. I have to say, it was a great workout but these women lol...they were exercising AND selling sex as they say! They were scantily dressed and the poses were so provocative! They often had that "come hither" look on their faces as they stretched out, it was a riot!

I have a gentler approach to fitness now though - walking, rebounder jogging, gentle stretching and yoga. I had to cut out the dumbbells while my sciatica was flaring up, but after my mouth is all healed, I intend to restart a weight workout three times a week. What do you do to keep healthy and active?

Marlene, Jack and Baby Oscar - is it me or do they look like they're up to something???

Another secret conference with Baby Oscar and Jack! These two are joined at the hip, it's adorable.

See you on Thursday for Rain's Art Date - our theme is Creatures In The Night!


  1. What a relief to have your tooth on the mend, yes? You will enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner all the more for waiting!

    It seems there is always a fad diet or two around. So many of them are just not healthy. What's the matter with self-control??? lol

    Such sweet fur baby shots. They look like they're expecting something!

  2. I think the Lucky Strikes would help! Ha ha...but totally not worth it. Yikes.

    All these diets. Wow. Is this the first time in history people have had to try really hard not to eat too much? It seems like for most of human history mankind has had to work really hard not to starve.

  3. Oh my, I remember Ayds candies. My mom had them and I was a bit of a chunky kid, so I used to try them too. Later, I had so many exercise videos - Jane Fonda, Cher, some of them were step videos. I'm so glad you aren't in pain anymore (or less pain?). Not a fun way to lose nine pounds! -Jenn

  4. I can remember almost all those diets. There was a new one weekly it seemed. My mom did the grapefruit diet for a while. It did not work LOL. It is all about how many calories go in vs how many calories get used. You have the right idea. Your photos of your 'kids' are great. Jack and Baby Oscar look like the are enlisting Marlene into some trouble yet to be revealed. I do remember the aerobics workouts they had on TV. Man, we all wanted to have leotards and tights and Reebok tennis shoes to look just like those 'ladies'. What a hoot. Glad to hear that tooth is on the mend. Did you have to have any work done on it or just the antibiotics? Happy Thanksgiving to you and Alex. Enjoy your meal when you finally have it.

  5. those three look guilty as hell! what were they up to? jane fonda has been making us feel crappy about ourselves for years...haha...she is my hero! she just got arrested in front of the capitol yesterday for protesting climate change. she still rocks it at 80!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Canada!
    I actually exercised with the "20 Minute Workout Whores", at least that's what I called them. Working out with them did do a lot for my figure but not much for my back. You can still go on Youtube and see them. I'm betting they are in their 60's with backaches and whatever. Your fur babies are so damned cute!

  7. You poor thing. I'm glad you're getting to the end of it. Gosh.
    I didn't do any of those diets. I did do that awful workout and hurt my back. I've lived with it ever since. That was 1983!

  8. What terrible lies have been peddled to women over the years! I remember Snackwell's Cookies and I chewed those stupid AYDS candies when I was an adolescent. Never fell for Jane Fonda and the workout craze though. I remember an old auntie of mine was a devotee of the oranges-and-metamucil diet. She was whip thin but I think it was more anorexia than anything.

  9. Your fur babies are adorable.

    I remember those diets. I wasn't fat at all but back then I was always on a diet. I remember drinking TAB for lunch. That was it.

  10. So sorry about your teeth Rain. That last photo could be a Christmas card it is adorable. Jane Fonda sure was a looker. And fad diets continue.

  11. Oh I wouldn't mind that ice cream diet at all. LOL. I once upon a time look good in leg warmers. LOL. Gaa, about a hundred years ago. I hope your teeth are better honey. I have sensitive teeth since i had a root canal that had to be done twice..can you even believe that. I think dental work should be guaranteed. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  12. Oh- I hope your mouth is all better soon. I have a sore tooth but they think it is from a sinus infection...and not much they can do about it. Just finishing antibiotics so we'll see!

    I did several of those 'diets', too. sigh....I don't think they helped much even back then. lol

    Hope you have a great week. xo Diana

  13. We do Thanksgiving as well. Did ours yesterday. Here's to you eating! Happy Thanksgiving and Google gobble.

  14. Sorry you are still dealing with that sore tooth. Well, postponed or not, no matter what you'll still get to eat a Thanksgiving dinner, yeah! Yay for that. Love seeing your fur babies.

  15. Hope you will feel 100 percent soon, your pets look like they get on really well together, i love seeing pictures of them, more please!

  16. All those crazy diets! I've never followed any. I just eat healthy, exercise regularly and try to keep stress (and stressful people) out of my life! Keeping the stress, especially stressful people, as far away as possible seems to be the greatest contribution to feeling good :)

    Oh, your pets! They are adorable. I love when you share photos of them. Keep it coming!

    Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend!

  17. Happy Thanksgiving! Yes, they do look like they are up to something. I have not followed diets but am on a gluten free diet now because a biopsy showed I am allergic to wheat, rye and barley. I was breaking out in itchys and rashes. Nancy

  18. Enjoyed the walk down memory lane. I remember those AYDS candies. Don't know if it was an older sister or my mother who had those around, but I distinctly remember them. The only diet (pictured) I remember hearing about was the Cabbage Soup diet. Someone above mentioned TAB. Oh, my... I can't believe I used to think that stuff tasted good. A few years back it was reintroduced and I was curious to try it. Oh my goodness! It was truly awful!!! I can't believe I drank it as a teenager.

  19. I've never managed a "come hither" look while exercising ~ LOL! I adore the photos you share of your wonderful pets, Rain. Sorry that you have to postpone your Thanksgiving dinner. Yesterday I made bread pudding with leftover hotdog buns (frozen, from July 4th). I hated the thought of throwing them out, and I thought, "What the heck?" OMG ~ It was so good! Sometimes channeling my inner Newfie works. May your mouth feel 100% soon!

  20. Glad to read that the tooth ache may be a thing of the past soon, Rain, and a belated Happy Thanksgiving to you and Alex. Good idea to postpone until you can enjoy eating again. It's amazing how easy it is to lose weight when only eating soups and such, sadly no cheese or comfort food. I do recall some of those diets and foods, but the only thing I tried was Slin-Fast and only the liquid product. Never cared to Jane Fonda so none of her workouts for me, but what about Richard Simmons?

  21. oh this is relief to know that finally you started to recover
    i am so happy for you believe me :)
    it is quite long since you did not eat properly and nine pounds are big target if i want to loose i mean i want to loose but i cannot lol

    here either such weight loss passion was on when i was in school ,girls were always up to something for having perfect figure .luckily i was out of the race because of my weird careless nature which was irritating for mom ,my sister and my girlfriends lol

    specially when i was about to get married my cousins were suggesting me for the mission impossible :)

    yes exercise was my thing since always though i started properly when i needed it badly right after birth of second child i had worse backache ,so i started to follow lady on t.v show and it worked miraculously :)

    oh these three are SWEET HEART :)))
    look at the Marlene ,she looks cool and wise :) Jack seems as innocent baby and oscer so observing :)
    wishing you a perfect health my dear Rain !
    have blessed hea;thy happy days ahead ,amen!

  22. I remember a lot of those 'fads' but I have never dieted in my life. I was always slim and could eat what I wanted plus I was riding horses and staying in shape with that and farm chores UNTIL they took out my thyroid and then I blossomed! LOL! I refuse to diet and I stay pretty much the same and I am a bit overweight but I eat healthy and to me that is what counts.
    I am so sorry to hear how much you have suffered with your mouth issues. Was it an abcess? It seems like it has taken a long time to heal. My heart goes out to you, Rain. We both love our food! I don't blame you and Alex for postponing Thanksgiving. You could celebrate with us Americans! LOL!
    Your photos of the animals are a stitch....they are so expressive and darn cute! They do look like they are up to something! LOL!
    Take care of yourself and I pray you are totally recovered SOON!!! Hugs ~ Sam

  23. wow hope you mend up quick and can enjoy your turkey dinner. Wow, haven't thought of Jane's workouts in years.

  24. I did that Jane Fonda. I would like to blame my wonky knees on her. Look at that hyperextension.

  25. I do remember most of those crazy diets, but never really tried any of them. Yes, those three cutie pies look like they are up to something. All three are adorable! So glad you're feeling better. Teeth problems are awful, and I have had my share. Henny

  26. I think there will always be so many diets to choose from!

    It's really a healthy lifestyle that needs to be considered, that suits our way of life.
    What we eat, if we have any allergies, how we exercise, the amount of sleep etc. etc.

    We all 'own' our choice!

    All the best Jan

  27. Rain,

    I was hooked on aerobics back in the day. These days, I just use my elliptical. If I had a bigger living room I'd still like to use my exercise videos. I miss doing Zumba routines.


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