Thursday, September 12, 2019

Thursday Art Date: Harvest

Bugs Bunny's Pumpkin Harvest - Prismacolor Pencils

Hello Friends!

Welcome to Thursday's Art Date! Our theme today is Harvest. Although I always love having Bugs Bunny model for my was really getting to me when he kept boasting about his HUGE pumpkin harvest! Ugh! What a terrible gardening season I've had! But there's always next year right? Dreams of heated greenhouses are dancing in my head! :)

I'll be harvesting this little sugar pumpkin (hopefully!) in a month or so. It's starting to turn orange. Just to give you an idea, this is the size of a large softball.

I found another tiny little pumpkin growing, I don't think it'll make it before the frost though!

Alien - Sharpies and Acrylic Gel Pen

Before I say anything...does anyone know why I chose an alien for this theme? Hollywood would have us believe that aliens come to earth to harvest humans...and apparently aliens all look like this! ;) I started this with a black Sharpie and a white acrylic gel pen, then decided to do a second alien with acrylic paints.

Alien - Acrylics

I have to say that I'm extremely happy with this painting! I really took my time doing it and did many layers of acrylic on it. (Can you tell I'm getting into the Halloween spirit lately with my art???) 🎃

The cherry tomatoes are finally starting to ripen! I cut these up and added some olive oil and Balsamic vinegar.

Slim pickins for the potatoes this year! Mind you, I did plant a lot less, but they are so small!

This is it for the root veggies too. Beats, carrots and turnips. I was surprised how many turnips I got actually, I planted these in containers. With some of the potatoes, these will go into the slow cooker for a Harvest Stew. :)

I have three pots of green onions left, which is nice!

My green tomatoes.

Look what I forgot about! Chives, baby Romaine and Oregano! When I was cleaning up my window garden (now the cat sunbathing area)...I had put these starter pots on a little table outside near the pumpkin patches and really did forget about them. They're doing pretty well considering!

How is your harvest going? Better than mine?

I wanted to share this with you! Cinnamon Buns (From Leanna's Recipe). Oh my gosh these are so good! And the house smells terrific, just what an autumn cozy home should smell like! :)


This is a watercolour I painted, then added salt for texture

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  1. Rain, you are so good with gardening!!!! I wonder what would make the potatoes grow bigger.

    The blue salt painting looks kind of like the aliens, don't you think? 👽

  2. Rain,

    Bugz is cute! I figured you'd draw him with a pumpkin. That's great!! WOW, you sure do have the harvest! Everything looks so good, especially those tomatoes diced up. Mmm, that sounds so good olive oil and Balsamic vinegar. Yum! And, what a way to finish off your harvest feast with cinnamon rolls! Did you airdrop me some of these? :D Thanks for hosting the creative fun, my friend. You're the best!

  3. Cute harvest bunny! Eww on harvesting humans though! Sorry your personal harvest didn't go well but it looks good from here.

  4. well, you have more pumpkins growing than i do! those aliens are sooo spooky! next time i make cinnamon rolls, i am trying this recipe.

  5. Your gardens are spectacular and harvest, indeed you do. I would never have thought of an alien harvesting humans, but I know that, at least in the movies, they do ... not a pleasant thought :0 And so next week is texture and I used texture this week ... hmmmm, hope I can come up with some new texture ideas. September 12 is a special day at my house as my husband and I have been married 55 years today ... oh my, it seems like just yesterday. And If I were near to you I would help myself to one of those wonderful cinnamon Buns. If they smell as good as they look ... heavenly :) Until next week, Rain ... be well!

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  6. You have been having a lot of HaRvEsT days....that is so awesome. I love that you have that garden and you are so knowledgable at putting it up, how to preserve it all, art, cheese making, and so much more. I played along again today!

  7. I love seeing your harvest! We plan to grow lots of pumpkins and watermelon next year! Louis Dean will start getting the fancy up and the ground ready this fall.
    Love your alien! So good!

  8. Oh i LOVED the bugs with harvesting pumpkin :))) you share my love for loonytoons how lovely he looks :)

    Happy harvest dear Rain :) this is such a delightful harvest and it's images have filled my heart with joy my friend it seems yesterday when you showed your newly sowed garden and hoped for good growth and now see you have all the delicious veggies :) congratulations Rain!!!!

    your aliens are incredible and wonderful ,amazingly done specially second with hollow eyes gives me shiver ,yes Hollywood has almost convinced us that alien exist and they will be enemy instead friendly which i think is unfair though and i am not certain that alien of all planets will look same or horrible
    may be they will look prettier than humans can't they ?

    these buns look absolutely mouthwatering as it is almost teatime here (5:17)

    watercolor lady is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you are soooo talented dear Rain!
    and tomatoes with olive oil look so delicious !
    lots of best wishes for your next ventures my wonderful friend :) hugs!

  9. You are such a great artist! Those cut up tomatoes look delicious! I finished the last of our tomatoes one day last week, much the same way. Cut up with olive oil and red wine vinegar. So delicious! Yes, there's always next year. That's what I said about our garden. Our okra and peppers did awful. We can dream and plan for next year.

  10. Thanks Sandi :) The potatoes are tiny this season because we had such a late spring. Last year they were much bigger because they had a longer season to grow, and also because we didn't have as much rain as this year. We had more hot nights too. Overall it was a crappy gardening season! And yes! I see the alien face in the blue salt painting! That's very cool!! :)

  11. Thanks Cathy :) We both did pumpkins! :) Ha know, there was nothing left to air drop!! :) I was hoping for a bigger harvest, but Nature wouldn't allow it this year! :)

  12. Thanks Christine :) The veggies I was able to harvest are in great condition! It's just the amount, it was such a short summer wasn't it?

  13. Thanks Joyce :) The cinnamon roll recipe is so good. As you know, they can double for dessert or dinner, I think your Blog Tech will appreciate that! :)

  14. Thanks Andrea :) I am obsessed with those "found footage" alien movies...they just seem to realistic then I have to remember it's HOLLYWOOD, not reality lol...Congratulations Andrea!!! 55 years together is a reason to celebrate!! See you on Thursday! :)

  15. Thanks Pam :) I'm so glad you joined in! :) I love the term putting it up, I've been learning over the years and I still have lots more to learn. I hope one day to be able to put up for the whole winter!

  16. Thanks Linda :) I would love to grow watermelons!!! I don't think we have the climate for it here though, maybe where we intend to move it'll be slightly milder. All sorts of melons would be so nice to grow! I can barely get a strawberry here!

  17. Thanks Baili :)) I'm very grateful for the veggies we got this year! I just would have liked to have MORE!!! :) Root veggies seem to thrive in this climate. The tomatoes though...well, there will be lots of green tomato salsa I think lol! :) I don't think they'll get red on the vine, but I can always pick them and put them in a sunny window to ripen!

    I don't like to think that other life beings on other planets or galaxies are IMMEDIATELY evil...but I guess that's how Hollywood sells their movies! :)

  18. Thanks Henny Penny :) Those tomatoes are so good with vinegar and oil! We do the same with fresh bread, we dip them in olive oil and Balsamic and it's so delicious, we got that idea when we went to an Italian restaurant, that's what they served instead of the usual bread basket. That's too bad about your okra and peppers. I tried (for the first time) to grow green peppers and it was a disaster!!!

  19. HAHA.....OH my gosh, yes, thank you for looking out after me cause I totally forgot to link in to your blog!!! DUH, DUH, DUH.....yep, thats me! THanks

  20. I just finished writing an update and wrote in there about my harvest. It was a bad garden year here. First too dry and then way too much rain.
    I love the picture of your potatoes. So colourful.
    The alien painting is awesome. 6 weeks til Halloween :)

  21. Great pictures Rain, and those cinnnamon buns look delicious, my favourites. I was getting Autumnal but in true French style Summer has popped back up!!!

  22. Thanks Sis :) The harvest was pathetic this year huh? We need year round greenhouses!!! I'll go check out your blog today! :)

  23. Thanks Yarrow :) I'm kind of hoping summer pops back up for a while too!

  24. Home grown food is so good, nice to see yours.
    Those cinnamon buns look scrumptious :)

    All the best Jan

  25. Thanks Jan :) The cinnamon buns are really very good!!

  26. My most favorite image in this post is your soulful Jack in his beautiful new sweater, followed very closely by Alex's bouquet. And the kitty is so sweet! Love your Harvest Moon photos ~ Apparently we won't have another full moon on Friday 13th for about 20 years. The last one of the trio is my favorite because of the complex layers of light. I'm afraid all of the others had me drooling!!!! LOL! I tried my first pizza crust made from scratch last Saturday night. It's been so long since I used yeast ~ decades, and I had forgotten how easy it is. I'll have to try your pizza crust recipe on an upcoming Saturday night. You just bubble over with creativity!

  27. I thought your photos of your garden produce were lovely, Rain, even if the harvest was skimpier than you had hoped. You should have kept those potato tires, which intrigue to this day. But, of course, I remember that you were thinking you would move back then. Speaking of intrigued; I didn't know that you could put salt in a watercolor painting to add texture. I look forward to all the creations in your texture post tomorrow. I'm still so crunched. Art will have to wait a little longer for me! Sigh!

  28. Thanks Louise :) Jack is very sweet in his sweater, and you have it right, he's very soulful. What a wonderful little hound dog we found at the shelter! :) The pizza crust I use it really good for thin crusts and it's easy to make. I find a lot of the pizza dough recipes have too much flour in them, this one works really well! Oh the tater tires lol...yeah, those were awesome and they produced a lot of potatoes, but they were not easy to dig up! I think you could basically use anything as a way to create texture in your paintings if you're willing to experiment!


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