Sunday, September 29, 2019

Sunday Food and Pets Post - Angry Tooth 😩

Hi Everyone,

I had a great week of meals planned and I was going to share a bunch of yummy recipes...but I've only eaten a few times this week and it's mostly been soup. I have a dental issue that feels like lightning bolts going through my gums and jaw! I've been to two dentists so far and I'm on my way back tomorrow hopefully. I can't handle the pain anymore. I have an exposed nerve from a receding gum line and it's brutal. Wish me strength friends!

I'll still share some great news though! Alex and I opened the Jarlsberg cheese a few days ago and it's PERFECT!! It looks, tastes and smells just like a sweet Swiss cheese! (I posted a 3-minute video of us opening it and tasting it on Rainy Day Cheese Making) I made it at the beginning of August. Look at those beautiful "eyes"!!! :)))

We made a fondue last night with the Jarlsberg. Pain or no pain, I wasn't missing out on a cheese fondue! Alex cut the crusts off my bread cubes, it was a lot easier to eat that way! Delicious, I'm so happy I started cheese making again!

It's apple season! I made some apple spice muffins - I basically took my Pumpkin Spice Muffins and replaced the pumpkin purée with homemade apple sauce. This recipe is so versatile!

I had some leftover frozen puff pastry and caramel sauce, so I made a Caramel Apple Strudel. I didn't eat any but Alex said it was really delicious! I become incapacitated at times from the pain and completely lose my appetite. Alex is taking such good care of me that I want to make sure he always has a sweet treat to eat. (I'm a poet and I don't know it) ;)

Loyal Hound Dog Jack - he sits by the bedroom door every morning waiting for Alex to get up.

Dana - he never seems to sleep, he's always observing!

Leo, following the sun rays across the room.

Sweet Charlie - giving me her bedroom eyes!

Big nose Marlene, she has a polar bear face!

Big ball of Baby Oscar :)

Misty River

It's dipping to freezing overnight pretty much every night now. Last year we got snow in mid-October, I'm hoping for a late fall this year!

See you on Thursday for Rain's Art Date! Our theme is Ghosts and Ghouls...I may have to draw some kind of evil tooth ghoul for this theme!!


  1. Teeth! They're so small and yet can cause such brutal pain. I hope your dental issue is resolved soon.

    I just bought some Jarlsberg cheese a couple of weeks ago for a recipe. So nutty and yummy! Yours looks wonderful!

    You take such compelling photos of your pets. Always a pleasure to see them!

  2. I had your pain two weeks ago .So awful.Antibiotics sorted me out.I could not eat but I could drink wine so I did not lose any weight.Such a shame!

  3. Oh Rain, I hope you get some relief soon!!! Leave it to you to still make incredible food regardless of how you feel :) -Jenn

  4. I am trying to get started on my Ghost piece! Best of luck with the tooth, I feel your pain! Lovely photos of all your babies and congrats on the success of your cheese making!

  5. Hope you feel better soon! Interesting round ball in your lake photo on the top left!

  6. So sorry your tooth is being a pain. Hopefully you get relief this week. Your Jarlberg cheese looks fantastic. Congrats in that. I just love the photos you take of your fur babies. What personalities they all have.

  7. Dear Rain, I hate that you are suffering with tooth pain. I fear the dentist and truly hate going. Tooth pain is the worst and so hard to find the source at times. Blessings to you , xoxo, Susie

  8. Tooth pain is just not good! Hope the dentist sorts it for you quickly.

    Your cheese looks gorgeous, as do all your animals … great photographs.

    All the best Jan

  9. The Jarlsberg looks great! Congratulations. And sorry about the tooth - that can be the worst kind of pain.

    What kind of dog is Charlie? She looks just like our dog, Poppy.

  10. Love the big nose polar bear! they are all lovely - in fact they all have the most loving, gentle expressions. I have had similar tooth problems to yours, but it is easily fixed if you are brave, nowadays the dentist is pretty much pain free :)

  11. I need to muster up some nerve and go to the dentist to get a cavity taken care of. I hate dentists because of the pain and the money it costs. Your fur babies are soooo sweet. I was thinking when you said you wanted to make a scary tooth looking monster, do you remember the big hairy monster in Bugs Bunny and the haunted house. Bugs did his nails and hair at one time in the cartoon. Well, he's shaped like a hairy tooth.

  12. Oooh... I hope you get the hurting tooth resolved soon, Rain. I have had teeth issues over the years and I know how insidiously a tooth can begin to hurt and suddenly you're in undeniable pain. Let us know how you get along!

  13. Hi Rain, I hope you can get help with your tooth soon. Been there, done that. Ugh. Today I had teeth cleaned, new crown and a filling put in the crown that the tooth was so abscessed. I am losing my crown as one of the teeth it is connected to has a fractured root so Wed. I have to have it pulled. Ugh again. I hope you do better with yours! Nancy

  14. Oh i am sorry dear Rain for the toothache
    i have suffered with it once and it was brutal ,it was expensive and long treatment either :(

    i hope you visit to your doctor while i am writing my comment and you will be back with smile of gratitude :) by the grace of lord!

    please let us hear that you feel better !

    your passion for cheese is amazing as it was able to make you forget your pain and this is true strength of love indeed :)
    this is blessings that we can do what we want to do Rain ,you spend your time so wisely and so beautifully as each corner you choose ,reflects you deep devotion and honesty and above all THE LOVE :)

    oh these are precious adorable faces :) so nicely captured
    i really appreciate how Alex helps you with everything ,there exist divine bond of love between you two :)))

    i hope snow take while to reach your town and you enjoy your gorgeous weather more my friend!
    sending you lots and lots of healing energy ,hugs and love !

  15. Cheese! I hate that you're in that type of pain Rain, and despite that, you still keep up with cooking and your daily day, which is pretty amazing. I'm sending lots of healing hugs your way! RO

  16. Rain,

    I'm sorry about your dental problems. DH has dealt with quite a few issues over the years so I empathize with the ordeal you're facing. I hope the dentist is able to take care of the problem soon. The cheese looks fabulous. We haven't had Jarlsberg in a long time. I might have to buy some of that again soon. We normally just eat it with some crackers. It's good like that, too. Freezing temperatures at night. Ooo, that's cold! I'd like for it be a little cooler here right now but freezing? Nope, I'm not ready for it to be that cool! I'll see you on Thursday. I might be late since I'm having a colonoscopy tomorrow. That always throws me off a bit. :) Have a good afternoon!

  17. That sounds horrible, I hope the next dentist can help!
    The cheese and everything else looks amazing! Cold at night here too and SNOW! Not as much snow as southern Alberta but still too soon! Take care!

  18. Hello,

    Is your mouth better? I sure hope so. Nerve pain is no fun at all. Can even inspire a for of craziness!

    Looks like you are preparing foods that are nice for cold weather. Congrats on your beautiful cheese.

  19. Hi Rain.

    If the tooth is only painful due to recession or some abrasion... you could try a paste called Clinpro 5000. It is expensive, but not nearly as expensive as dental procedures, especially if you don't really need them. It is about $20 per tube, but you need very little each application. Not all drugstores carry it and you need to ask for it as it is kept behind the counter.

    Do have an x-ray though on the tooth or teeth in question, as they will be able to see if any abscessing is taking place at the root tip. If not..give the paste a try for a few days and you may see vast improvement. I did. I managed to cancel my dental appointment and still have not done anything other than use the paste. I do have an appointment for some x-rays next week to check on 3 separate areas must be done.

    It's been a year.

  20. Hi Everyone :))

    I apologize for the global response! I've been sleeping a lot and haven't found the time or ability to respond to comments or visit my friends' blogs! I may only be back to myself by end of next week. Bah, I hate this.

    I just wanted to let you all know that my new dentist found an infection beneath my back tooth and he thinks it has spread all the way down my gum to my front teeth. It's "severe" he said. So I'm on a very potent antibiotic and painkillers that make me drowsy. I've been on the antibiotic since Monday afternoon and today (Wednesday) I'd say that the pain has reduced about 50%. By tomorrow I hope to be able to eat again! I'm going for a follow up on Monday and then I should be fine again.

    My teeth are like CHALK...they are so brittle and so fragile despite how well I take care of them, my gosh.

    Thanks so much for all of your well wishes and advice, and for sharing your stories! Sending love and hugs right back to all of you!! xx

    Just to answer a few questions and respond to a few comments:

    Busybusybeejay: I'm dying for a glass of wine too! :)

    Nancy (Little Homestead in Boise): I hadn't even seen that!! It must have been a drop of water or something!!

    TB: Charlie is a pure bred husky! :)

    Leanna: I remember that character!! He does look like a tooth and he definitely has the same attitude as mine does lately!

    Tammie: Thank you! Yes, a wee bit, but I'm still in's a bad infection and yes I'm nearly batty with the pain lately.

    BumbleVee: Thanks for all of your advice! The dentist did find an infection after all so I'm going back for treatment on Monday. I hate it. I jealous that you could cancel your appointment! Mine is too far gone at this point!

  21. I am so sorry about your tooth! I hope everything gets fixed soon!
    Loving all your cheese and food!!! So good!
    Give your fur babies hugs from me! Big Hugs!

  22. I can't believe you've been to the dentist twice and they couldn't do anything to relieve your pain? That's terrible! Your cheese looks so good! I cannot imagine what a feeling of satisfaction it gives you. You're amazing woman! I want to be like you when I grow up!

  23. What a gorgeous post, Rain, from the beautiful Jaarlsberg, to the scrumptious sweets, to your beautiful pets, and that lovely "Misty River" scene. We'll ignore the angry tooth one. I don't know how you are functioning, let alone baking. I become almost catatonic when I am hit with dental pain ~ when I'm not sobbing. Focus on Monday and that amazing moment when the pain stops. It is truly wonderful. Take care!

  24. Rain, I am a bit late in reading this post but certainly know about dental issues and the discomfort they can cause. Like you, I also have spent many recent dental visits and also had an extraction because of an infection. I was relieved to read that your new dentist diagnosed the cause of your pain and hope those antibiotics will ease the discomfort. Next month and thru Dec and into Jan, I have a series of appointments myself for a false tooth because the extracted tooth was in the middle of 2 others. Thankfully, I no longer have any pain, just a large hole. By the way, that Jarlsburg cheese looked so good in your video, kudos to you!

  25. Oh no sis. I really hope that you got rid of the pain by now. Teeth can cause such pain ... hugs.


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