Tuesday, January 1, 2019

I'm Excited About The Future!!!

Hello my friends!!!

Happy New Year to everyone! How did you ring in the new year? We had sugar OVERLOAD...chocolates, homemade Sugar Pie and Brandy Alexanders! We went outside at midnight with cocktails in hand. It was snowing...a very magical night! :) I tossed a silver coin out the door to leave the old year behind and attract prosperity for the new year. I'm a superstitious gal and I love folklore! :) 

2019 is here and I am so excited. I had some great enlightening thoughts recently on how I live my life, how I want to live my life and how I DON'T want to live my life! I discovered a lot about myself recently that I'd been hiding for some reason or another - all good stuff, so I'm very happy and my confidence is through the roof! I'm excited about 2019!! The pets are all happy and healthy, we are happy and healthy...and I am actually enjoying winter this year! Who-da-thunk-it.

I'm so happy 2018 is over, honestly. It was an up and down year for me. I experienced more stress-related illness than I have since I burned out in 2003. Most of you know that we babysat a friend's dogs for 9 months...which was supposed to be for a weekend. I personally had major issues with Pavlov and Stella's owner - constantly putting us on the back burner and waffling over and over about when he was coming to pick them up - IF EVER. It was tumultuous, yet it was wonderful. I LOVED those dogs and still miss them. They were so sweet, but it was a lot of work, a lot of stress; and due to that stress, I had issues eating and swallowing food up until a few months ago. That's how my body reacts to high stress...it basically says "Nope...no eating for you Rain...T.S." It's hard to be a food lover and not be able to eat what you cook and bake. :(

My favourite thing in the world is to be out in the woods walking the dogs. But with five, I had to put that on hold. I know that affected me very badly.

Both Jack and Charlie got very sick in 2018. Charlie had a terrible allergic reaction that we still have not determined the cause for. We assumed it was some kind of insect bite. Her face blew up and it was a scary situation. Of course it happened late on a Sunday night when we were basically helpless. 

We still don't know what happened to Jack, I really thought he was going to die. :(  Again, we felt so helpless. It was a devastating time, you guys know that Jack is my little fella and the thought of losing him was hurting so much. I am grateful every day that he pulled through. We were told he would never run, climb stairs and jump again (not true).

Pavlov and Stella got injured. The vet bills were very difficult to manage. The car had so many repairs...we started to drown in debt.

I tried to escape the stress through art. I started drawing and using pastels and it was art therapy for me!

In May, we said goodbye to Pavlov and Stella. I was relieved, but at the same time very upset. I felt as though they were taken away from me after I'd bonded with them and taken such good care of them. I'm an emotional gal and the mixed feelings of relief, heartbreak and bitterness towards their owner...it reeked havoc on me. The depression got worse and I stopped blogging regularly all summer. I stopped drawing and painting. I could barely get any food down. I ate a lot of "blender" meals believe it or not. I just didn't feel well. I know I don't talk about this publicly, it was such a rough time. It was so bad I considered going back on meds and seeking therapy. I'm glad I didn't because...

...I dove into garden therapy. I needed it and it worked. :) I started to feel better. I could eat a little more regularly. I started feeling the desire to be creative again. And I started the daily dog walks again!! :) Our experiences at the veterinary clinic motivated us to find remedies and cures at home, and to try home cooked pet food. The dogs and cats are thriving now! :) Knock on wood there hasn't been a vet visit since last April.

Then...in November, I made the final payment on my car...I saved a little more money...I paid back a little more debt...I checked my credit report and I'm in good standing...this means mortgage approval is very likely! The way things are going, my score should improve even more before the spring! :)

Unless we have arctic conditions out there, I walk Charlie almost every day in the woods. I'm convinced that before we adopted her, Charlie HAD to have been the leader of a sled team lol...she LOVES winter and the snow and loves to lead me through the woods!! Marlene and Jack don't like to get too cold so they are happy to stay home! I'm grateful for my time with Charlie each day. :)

What have I learned in the past year? Well, I learned that a part of me that for many years I thought was "negative" was actually a positive. I also learned that nothing will stop me from achieving anything I want to achieve. My friend Suzie from the blog Suzie The Foodie posted the above photo on Instagram the other day. This is a lesson everyone needs to learn - man or woman. I learned that I'm too nice, which is not a good thing. I tend to people please - put everyone else's needs above my own. I put a stop to that recently and I feel so much better.

I've learned that ME, Rain...she's my priority. :)

Another wonderful thing that touches my heart? My friends. All of you wonderful people I met through this blog. I get emotional when I think of all the love you guys have shown me. These are cards I received this Christmas from my precious friends! πŸ’– 

Things are looking up and I know this will be the best year ever! I wish the same to all of you friends! Thanks so much for all of your support, love, care and words over the last year...whether you realize it or not, it's meant the world to me! πŸ’š


  1. Rain, you all deserve better times in 2019. You've paid your dues! So exciting that you are finally looking at buying a place of your own!

  2. What a wonderful post, Rain. Wonderful, wonderful, just wonderful!

    P.S. I've always maintained that gardening is healing both physically and emotionally. Your "first" garden was a smashing success!

  3. You are going into 2019 whole in body and mind. May all your dreams come true, Rain.

  4. So very, very, very happy for you, my Dear!!!!!!

    Hugs, hugs, hugs...

  5. I am so sorry your were going through that...how awful! Your post was beautiful and so honest. I'm there any time you want to talk....I am here girlfriend. It sounds like you came through it with flying colors...literally with your art work! I pray that 2019 is YOUR year to get your land and your house and start living the dream! Hugs ~ Sam

  6. You had a tough 2018 but have become so much stronger for it. May your 2019 bring you health and happiness.

  7. Rain,

    2019 will be a good year for all of us. Stress can bring on sickness, or make you feel drained....you've dealt with enoughs stress. Good to hear your credit score is on the rise.....soon you'll be getting your new home😊

  8. Hi Rain! I am so happy for you and the future of 2019! I am so excited for you to get that property and start on your land ownership! There is a lot said for learning to say No. It is very freeing actually. We are still in Florida, and have enjoyed the family and festivities, and fishing … lol. In the quiet hours, I plan my summer garden on the ridge and am constantly studying seed, soil, and beneficial insect pest control. Dirt on my hands makes my soul hum the happy tunes of balance and heavenly creativity. And putting up the harvest brings about a whole new benefit to mind and body! I know your new year will bring better for you... it already has!

  9. Sorry to hear exactly how rough parts of 2018 were for you but clearly you have triumphed! Gardening therapy. art endeavours, reigning in debt, learning to put your needs ahead of others' expectations -- all super things! I hope all your dreams come true in 2019 -- you deserve them!

  10. I am so glad you are in a good place now. There certainly was a lot of stress to deal with in 2018. But you made it! 2019 will be an amazing year. Believe that it and it shall be. Looking forward to hearing about your home plans. Very excited for you!

  11. Sorry you had such a rough year, but so glad you have come through it and are so upbeat about 2019! Go Rain! Anyone who can catch mice and relocate them ...you are the stuff of Disneyworld I must say, who would ever want to hurt you Rain! We are here for you.

  12. Happy New Year! I hope it is a blessed one!

    Love the squirrel painting :-)

    The Brandy Alexanders look delicious... as does the sugar pie and chocolates! ha!

    And your garden looked great.... now I'm starting to get the 'itch'. Time to order some seeds!


  13. Your hope and enthusiasm is enough to lift most of the blogosphere, dear Rain. I know that I always feel better after reading your blog! Here's to an exciting year for all of us - we are pulling for you and Alex to find your own homestead!

  14. i am so excited for you to get your house and property! i can't even imagine the fun you will have with a private place of your own. here's to 2019 being your year!!!

  15. Very nice post Rain! Best wishes for 2019! Lisa

  16. I am confident it will be a great year for you Rain.

  17. Here is hoping for a happy and healthy 2019. Gardens are the best therapy.

  18. I am so proud of you Rain! And, I am so happy for you! Here's to a beautiful 2019, filled with many blessings! You deserve it! Big Hugs and Much Love!

  19. Glad you are feeling better. Working in the garden is always good therapy. Exciting to look forward to getting your own place! Nancy

  20. I hate that you were going through the rough times in 2018, and wish I could have been there to give some personal hugs. Meanwhile, I'm thrilled that things have turned around and there are lots of new things in store for 2019. So romantic to bring in the New Year with snow, drinks and goodies. I'm wishing you a very Happy New Year, Rain! Hugs...RO

  21. I can understand about being relieved and also sad at the same time when the two other monkeys left. I'm sorry 2018 wasn't as good for you but here's to a wonderful 2019 with a new home and all the wonderful fun that comes with the adventure. Cheers and boogie boogie.

  22. "We went outside at midnight with cocktails in hand. It was snowing...a very magical night!"

    That sounds wonderful!

    The saying about being safe vs. nice is so important. I remember an Oprah episode where each guest said they had had a gut feeling, but didn't want to be impolite...in each of their cases, they should have listened to their gut.

  23. Happy New Year!! I hope it is a wonderful one for you! You learned a lot last year. I did, too. Life is not always easy, is it? Glad you are doing so well now.
    We are still at the ranch and will stay another week or two I think. I was so exhausted after the holidays that to be here and get to rest is heaven.
    Looking forward to visiting with you this year! God bless you, Rain!

  24. Rain,

    You're the only person I know when stressed can't eat. I'm the opposite, I eat junk food then I feel even worse for doing that to myself. You gotta take care of yourself first before you can anyone else any good, so be good to yourself! ;)

    I think every situation we're placed in makes us a better in the end. We just need to allow time to think about the journey. I'm happy that you found your way out of depression. Getting creative, being active, keeping a routine are all positives steps toward a joy-filled life.

    Here's to a furtastic 2019 good health, happiness, and success in all you do. Great post!

  25. Belated happy new year! I love a good old sugar pie! Haven't had one in ages.

  26. Very late reading this post, but I'm so glad I did. I'm also glad you shared some of what you've been dealing with. It makes you real, Rain. It also explains how you can cook up all the amazing food you do, and not be as big as a house! You're not eating it! Or much of it.

    Bless you, friend. I hope 2019 is a very good year for you. You're a kind soul with a big heart. And yes - take care of yourself and pay attention to your needs. Thank you again for writing all this out.

  27. Loved this post, Rain. It lifted me beyond the could. You've been through so much! I hope that 2019 is much better for you. I know what it is like to be in that dark, depressed place. I'm glad that you climbed out. You're New Year's Eve sounded magical!! Sending you a big hug!

  28. You are such a good fur mom. Your garden looks great. I love what you cook.

  29. I feel terrible now because I had no idea what you were going through. I knew physically what it was but had no idea of the emotional toll it took on you. I am so sorry but everything is a lesson to be learned and if we don't learn it the first time we end up repeating it over and over until we do. At least that's what I've found and personally experienced.
    Do not blame yourself for being a people pleaser...religion and society have drilled that into women for eons. I put myself first now too and I'm so much happier. I hope you have a wonderful year ahead and it sure sounds and looks like you are off to a wonderful start!


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